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How Do You Bypass an Immobilizer?

How Do You Bypass an Immobilizer?

Sometimes, the immobilizer in your car stops working, and you have to bypass it to start the vehicle. However, you can deal with this problem within 5 to 7 minutes.

How Do You Bypass an Immobilizer? You can bypass an immobilizer by using the Keyless Entry Start/Stop Kit and Bypass Module without using keys. In addition, use the extraction immobilizer codes by flashing a blank key towards the transceiver slot or putting it in the ignition. Furthermore, it is beneficial when you have lost your key or have some technical issues with it.

It is an electronic device that can protect your vehicle from an intruder’s attack. 

What is an Immobilizer?

It is a modern anti-theft gadget that is present inside the smart key fob. It throws out some specific signals towards the signal reading slot located in the car.

Moreover, the vehicle starts to move when it identifies a particular signal and reads the code accordingly.

You can move to any place freely by parking your vehicle safely. However, no one can start your vehicle without this remote-like instrument because it senses a particular code.

The device throws light or specific signals towards the transceiver present inside its cabin that detects a particular signal frequency and allows the vehicle to start.

Furthermore, it is not possible to start an automobile without pressing the button on the transponder tool.

What is the mechanism of action of an Immobilizer?

It works by developing a connection between a transponder chip present on the key fob and the indication reader present inside the vehicle.

The signal light emits from the transponder chip present on the smart remote.

The reading slots present close to the steering assembly recognize these signals, turn on the light, and produce a beep sound.

You can send the specific signal to the radiation reading component by flashing the security remote towards the vehicle.

After that, the automatic computer system recognizes the code and starts your car immediately.

However, the vehicle’s computer system stops the ignition process by discontinuing the fuel supply when the entered code is incorrect.

A wrong code or a non-specific signal can stop engine function, and the vehicle will not start.

How do you bypass an immobilizer without a key?

You can use different methods to unlock the automobile when your immobilizer is not working.

Use of keyless entry kit

Install the keyless entry system in your car and take out the transponder chip from the remote. Mold the clay over the ignition switch and place that chip aligning the ignition position.

Then, take it off and cut an extra amount of the clay sideways, and let it dry for one day. Finally, place that mold over the starting switch and secure it with masking tape.

Cover that part with a start/stop kit and turn on the starting knob to accelerate your car within seconds.

Use of Bypass Module

A bypass module is a hardware wedge that copies the vehicle’s key. Using this method, you can program the bypass module with its key.

The module release the same specific signals as the transmitter’s chip, and it starts using this system without disconnecting any of the functions.

The connected module provides unique codes as the transponder chip in the automobile by programming in a certain way. Furthermore, the cost of the Bypass module is around $50 to $150.

What are the different procedures to bypass an immobilizer with a key?

Here are two different procedures to start your car that involves inserting the key in the ignition and extracting its codes.

Extraction of immobilizer codes

Identify the vehicle’s specific code and, take a blank key, flash it with the transceiver slot.

By doing so, it catches the unique code of your car, and a new program is installed in the remote starter. Then you can unlock the vehicle with the new remote.

Inserting the key into the keyhole

Identify the four-digit code number that is Emergency Key Access (EKA). Next, insert the key in the driver’s door slot, open it, and close it.

Lock its door and then turn it to unlock position to the number of times required by the code’s first digit. After that, you have to rotate it to lock position the same number of times.

Repeat the same process with the left three required numbers of the code. Then by opening the door, you see that the light is off.

Now start its engine simply by putting it into the ignition switch. This is the easiest trick to start the engine of your vehicle.

Why would you bypass an immobilizer?

You can bypass it for many reasons, and a few of them are the unavailability of the key and when your car is facing any technical issue.

Unavailability of key

Sometimes the problem you are facing is that you lost the key, but you have to start the vehicle urgently.

 Now you need some alternative solutions to start the engine.

Technical issue in immobilizer

Sometimes you can face technical issues related to this device, and it is costly to change that at the very moment. 

So you have to need some shortcut through which you can easily start the automobile.

How to remove immobilizer from ECU?

You can disconnect the ECU from the immobilizer by using a few easy steps. 

Search out the exact location of the emergency control unit and remove it accordingly.

Locate the ECU 

Look out for the black box present in the car on the right side of the steering wheel and open it to get easier access to the emergency control unit.

Few plugs are attached to it through which the ignition slot and it connect each other.

Disconnect the ECU

Pluck out the three connected wires and open the screws to disconnect the ECU from the system.

 After that, you have to pull out the four screws right below the steering wheel to break down the steering assembly. 

You can now easily disconnect the emergency control unit from this device by pulling out the green wire attached to it.

How long does it take to bypass an immobilizer?

The time required depends upon the method you choose to do this task. For example, it takes a bit longer to bypass the procedure if you are new to this problem.

It takes almost 4 to 6 minutes to use the keyless method to fix the problem. However, it can take around 7 to 8 minutes if you use the key.

 Probably, you need more time than a professional driver.

What is the disadvantage of bypassing an immobilizer?

It offers many benefits, but you have to face some problems in terms of security.

It is not easy to reconnect once you bypass this device.

It is disconnected from the car after bypassing and makes it less secure. 

It is challenging to manage it once it detaches from the vehicle, and it can never be the same again.

It allows thieves to damage or steal your car because it has no proper security system to ring an alarm that informs you about it.

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