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How to Reset Ford F150 Oil Change Light?

How to Reset Ford F150 Oil Change Light?

When you see lights on the dashboard, then this means that there is something wrong. This light blinks and warns you to maintain the oil pressure on time. This light also illuminates due to the low pressure of oil, and there is oil leakage.

How to Reset Ford F150 Oil Change Light? You can easily reset the oil change light on Ford F150 by pressing the button on the steering wheel. First, select the settings, and scroll down to the vehicle maintenance by pushing the button. Now select and hold the oil life reset until it is equal to 100%.

This light blinks when the oil in the engine is dirty. The oil in the engine does not remain the same, but its quality decreases after driving.

Therefore, when the lights show, you should change the oil from the engine.

How to Reset Ford F150 Oil Change Light?

You should reset the engine oil light after changing because it is essential to reset it. But do not reset the light without changing the oil. This is because the ford oil system depends on the algorithm that tells about the frequency of oil changes.

Insert ignition key

Take the ignition key and insert it in the truck. But do not start the engine because it only needs to display on the screen.

Some trucks have a button to start the engine, and you can easily reset the oil life.

Press the SELECT on your dashboard and hold it until the oil reset does not show on the screen.

You can also use the pads on the screen and select the settings.

Press the reset button

Press the RESET for 3 to 4 seconds until the oil percentage comes to 100%.

In the second method, after settings, select the vehicle and then oil life. Next, choose the percentage of oil which you choose then the oil life reset automatically.

Turn off the key

Turn off the ignition after rest the oil life. Now turn ON the engine to check the oil indicator that sets to 100%.

If there is some problem, then check the sensor and oil pump.

The engine picks dirt and dust during driving that stuck and built up in it, and blockage occurs.

Therefore, check oil conditions properly that it is free from dust and if it is not in good condition, then change it with time.

Model 2001 Ford

When the light is ON in the dashboard then, press the RESET and hold it. The options come such as, oil life which displays the remaining life of the oil.

To reset the oil change in model 2001, these are the following steps

Press the select button and release, it shows

  • Oil percentage
  • Door status
  • Brakes system

Hold it and set it to new then, press the select button to reset the oil percentage for 2 to 3 seconds, and release it.

Model 2002 Ford F150

The reset process of the oil change light takes 4 to 5 minutes; therefore, sit on the driver side and turn to the display screen. Now select the engine information, press it, and release.

Select OK, press the button, and move down. Next, hold the OK for 5 seconds and release them. Now you see the message on the screen for reset oil, and after this light shut down.

After this process, you can drive a truck without any oil problems.

Model 2003

Press the SETUP, and this access to the functions to check the system. Press the RESET, release it, and then it displays OIL LIFE XXX%.

Use the pad that is present on the steering wheel and push the SETTINGS in the menu. Next, press the reset and hold it until it is 100%.

Model 2004 to 2008 Ford F150

When your truck needs to change engine oil, then the light on the dashboard is ON.

Press the button and select the RESET SETUP MENU. Next, push the button and hold it, then the oil life appears on the screen. Now press the button for few seconds until oil life reset.

2009 to 2011 Ford F150

Press the select button to scroll the MENU and release it, and the setup menu appears. Next, press the select and hold it for 3 to 4 seconds until reset appears on the screen.

Now press the select for 5 to 6 seconds until oils life sets to 100%.

Press the arrow button on the steering wheel on the left side and scroll the MENU.

Now click on DISPLAY MODE and press the right arrow and select ENGINE INFORMATION. Now press the reset option and holds it for few seconds until it becomes 100.

In the third method, press the icon and select TRUCK INFORMATION. Now press ENGINE INFORMATION and hold it to reset the oil.

Model 2012 to 2014

It has 3 ways to reset the oil life by using

  • Trip button
  • Navigation button
  • Display control

You use the trip button and turn on the ignition key but do not start the engine. Instead, press it until the setup menu appears, then release it.

Press the icon to enter the menu and hold reset for the oil change life. Now press the reset button for 4 to 6 seconds until the oil life to 100%.

Now press the setup until its percentage appears on the screen. Now press the reset button until its life is 100 percent.

For the navigation, the button turns ON the ignition key without starting the engine. Press the navigation and select the menu, and come in settings.

 Now press the OK then, select oil life reset. Again press the OK and hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds until oil life comes to 100%

Model 2015 to 2018

It has 3 methods for reset the oil on the ford.

Start the truck without starting the engine. Press the START and bush the arrow downwards and find the settings.

Now push the OK and come in the menu, then select the oil life reset. Now press the OK button and hold it for few seconds to reset the oil.

In the second method, sit on the driving seat and turn ON the ignition key but stop the engine. Then, go back to the MENU by pressing the left button on the vehicle.

Open the display mode, scroll it down and search the engine information. Now press OK on the screen and hold it to reset the oil then, release. It fills all the bars in the option after a complete reset of oil.

In the third method, you use the steering wheel by pressing the keypad on the left side. After entering the MENU, you can see 6 options and select the ENGINE INFORMATION.

Now select the oil reset option and press it for 3 to 6 seconds until it becomes 100%.

2019 to 2020 Ford F150

The oil change light reminds you to reset the truck system and access the menu in the clusters. I share the procedure to reset the oil system of model 2019 to 2020.

Type 1 cluster

Select the START option and push it to power the truck. Now scroll in the menu and select the SETTINGS.

After this, scroll down and select the ADVANCED SETTINGS the select the vehicle. Now scroll it and enter it in the OIL LIFE RESET until it becomes 100%.

Type 2 cluster

Select the START and push it to power ON the display. Now press the left and enter the MENU, then go to SETTINGS.

 After this, press the VEHICLE and select the OIL LIFE RESET option. Now press the button and hold it until it becomes 100%.

Reset oil change light in 2021 to 2022 Ford F150

It is the latest generation of the Ford F-150, and it has 3 types of screens. First, push the start then you see everything on the screen.

12-inch display screen

Press the START icon to turn on the truck. Now push the button and select the MENU, then scroll it to the TRUCK INFO.

 After this, press the ENGINE INFORMATION that comes in the OIL LIFE RESET. Then, finally, hold it until it reset to 100%.

8-inch display screen

Press the start and release it when the truck power ON. Next, select the MENU on the steering wheel, and then press SETTINGS.

 Now scroll down and select the vehicle maintenance and push them. After this, select the OIL LIFE RESET button and hold it until it becomes 100%.

4-inch display screen

Push the start to power ON the truck dashboard screen. Now press MENU and scroll it to get TRUCK INFO.

After this, select the OIL LIFE and then select RESET. Next, push it and hold it until it becomes equal to 100%.

Why is the reset oil change light ON if the oil is in good condition?

When the oil light blinks, it does not mean that the oil is dirty, low pressure, and leaks. There is also something wrong with your oil pressure sensor.

 The sensor is a small plug that checks the pressure of oil and senses it drops from its limit. When the dashboard light ON, and there is no problem with the oil, then it means that your sensor is not well.

The light in the dashboard also blinks when there is some problem with the oil pump. 

What happens if we do not change the engine oil in Ford F150?

You should change the engine oil every 4000 to 6000 miles and also check the filter. If you do not change it, then it becomes a dirty gel that damages your engine parts.

The dust and debris make it more viscous that is dangerous to your ford. In addition, the oil protects your vehicle parts and lubricates them; therefore, it is essential to change them after regular intervals of time.

 If you do not change, friction produces in the truck parts, and the engine becomes heat. If you drive long without changing them, then the truck engine fails.

Due to the engine failure, the efficiency of the truck decreases. In addition, bad oil increases the pressure on it, and excessive oil leakage starts.

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