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How to Reset Blend Door Actuator on Ford F150?

How to Reset Blend Door Actuator on Ford F150?

Resetting the blend door actuator on Ford F150 is mainly associated with its replacement after any mechanical or electrical fault. 

How to Reset Blend Door Actuator on Ford F150? In general, you can reset the blend door actuator on a Ford F150 by removing the fuse providing power to the HVAC control module and turn ON the truck. First, complete the HVAC cycle from full hot to cold settings. Next, you turn it OFF and reinstall the fuse. Finally, turn the ignition to the ON position, and the blend door actuator will calibrate to find its proper position.

You have to reset it in case of a fault or replace it with a new one to calibrate its position.

How to Reset Blend Door Actuator on Ford F150?

The blend door actuator has a compact assembly consisting of a small motor, a worm gear, and a couple of pinion gears connecting the motor output with a geared shaft that controls its system.

When you change the temperature settings on the dashboard, it blends air from the heater and evaporator to the vent inside the cabin. 

A couple of copper fingers on the back of the output shaft make contact with the copper tracks on the surface of the actuator cover.

They keep records of the blend door position and send that information to the climate control module. The module keeps on sending the signal to the motor according to the temperature settings selected. 

Access the actuator assembly

According to its model, your Ford F150 can have 1 or 2 blend door assemblies on the driver and passenger’s side. You can locate them behind the radio setup in the center of the dashboard. Therefore, it is essential to check its operational status. 

First, you have to remove the center console by removing two bolts on its side. Next,

remove the shifter, its electrical connections, and linkage with the transmission. Lastly, remove the radio/stereo unit and its wiring, and you will reach the actuator assembly.

Make sure to examine the faulty one by turning ON the climate control system of the truck and checking the air on both driver and passenger’s side.

Replace the faulty device with a new one if necessary in physical damage or loose electrical connections. 

Align it with the blend door

The actuator’s output shaft has gears, and its alignment is essential for its movement.

Therefore, rotate it with your hand until both align, and you observe a smooth motion. Misalignment can result in broken gears teeth and the same situation as before the replacement. 

Disconnect the power

Now locate the fuse box and remove the fuse for the HVAC control module. You can find its number from the electrical drawing of the particular model of F150 you own.

Most probably, it can be fuse no15 or 42, as I have observed. You can also disconnect the battery power terminal from the electronic board for climate control. It is also crucial for your safety during the maintenance work to prevent electric shock.

Turn ON the Ford F150

After disconnecting the power to the climate control module, turn the truck ON either using the ignition key or the Start/Stop button. This step will make it possible to turn ON the HAVC system inside the cabin.

Turn ON the AC cycle

Turn ON the HVAC system using the function knob or selector switch on the instrumentation cluster on the dashboard. Change the functions from hot to cold settings to complete the AC cycle.

Turn Off the truck and reconnect the fuse

After 2-3 minutes:

  1. Turn OFF the vehicle.
  2. Reconnect the fuse in the junction box.
  3. Test its continuity using a multimeter and voltage to the HVAC module.

Perform calibration

Now turn ON the truck again, and you will observe the movement inside the blend door actuator assembly. It calibrates its position within 30-40 seconds to find its limits according to the signal from the control module. 

You can check its proper operation by changing the temperature settings and feeling the air coming out of the vents. Wait for 2-3 minutes after every function for changes to take place.

After a successful operation, put everything you removed during the procedure back in reverse order. 

Why would you reset the blend door actuator on a Ford F150?

You need to reset the blend door actuator assembly due to various reasons. Resetting makes it come out of a loop state and regain its calibration.

This way, it finds its limits and proper positions according to the HVAC function switch on the dashboard.

After installing a new actuator

The actuator controlling the blend door has a compact assembly with multiple plastic gears. With time they get damaged and result in faulty operation.

Therefore, you need to remove its whole assembly and replace it with a new one. However, it is a feasible solution as its compact size and simple designs make it inexpensive to purchase.

After the replacement procedure, you need to reset it to adjust its position settings as the accuracy of its operation affects the performance of the whole HVAC system.

Out of calibration

Whenever you remove the power to the HVAC control module for any reason or during maintenance work, its air duct control module needs recalibration to adjust its correct position.

Most of the time, it calibrates itself on the next ignition cycle. However, you need to reset the actuator assembly to complete the procedure or when you hear repeated clicking sounds or noise.

Electrical/mechanical fault

Gears in the actuator are small and have to put a force to move the door in the HVAC duct according to the selected settings in the driver cabin.

Therefore, they become worn out with time and get stuck. Therefore you need to reset the actuator to get out of a halted state.

Furthermore, any incorrect setting or power glitch can also cause its motor to go beyond limits resulting in its malfunction.

Moreover, the tracking pins on the backside of the output shaft lose contact with tracks due to wear and tear or other mechanical issues.

It results in loss of motor position, and you need to reset it to regain its accurate position control. 

Do all Ford F150 models have the same method to reset the blend door actuator?

There is no significant difference in the blend door actuator assemblies for Ford F150 models.

There can be a slight modification in the physical dimensions of its packages and their removal procedures, but essentially they have the same functions.

Therefore, they have the same method to reset and calibrate themselves. However, precaution should be taken in models with 2 blend doors to trace the faulty one.

Can you start Ford F150 with a faulty blender actuator?

A faulty blender actuator motor doesn’t have any effect on the engine or vehicle performance. However, the climate control system of your vehicle will not be effective.

You can get only hot air or cool air or none of them in case it malfunctions. Therefore, you can start and drive your truck, but you and other passengers will not feel comfortable outside environmental conditions.

How often to reset the Ford blend door actuators?

I have faced 2-3 times failure of the blend door actuator on my 2014 Ford F150 XLT trim level that is quite a number in a single year. The reasons can be design changes in the actuator assembly in the latest models.

Earlier than 2009, F150 pickup trucks have large actuators and fewer issues.

However, later models have compact assembly and frequent failures due to loose electrical connection between the tracking path and contacts on the back of the output shaft.

In this way, the motor rotates endlessly, resulting in broken gear teeth or hunting back and forth in its position.

Cost of resetting the actuator for blend door

If you take a Ford f150 to a workshop or mechanic to repair the clicking or stuck blend door motor, you must pay a significant amount.

It takes about 2-3 hours to remove the center console, shifter, radio, and other dashboard parts to access it.

The spare part will cost around $20-$40, depending on its brand and your vehicle’s model. Labor charges can be $75-$100 according to the type of fault. 

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