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How to Reset RAM 1500 Air Suspension?

How to Reset RAM 1500 Air Suspension?

The air suspension system of RAM 1500 starts to show adjustment problems due to leakage in its assembly and defects in the air dryer or compressor.

How to Reset RAM 1500 Air Suspension?  In general, you can reset RAM 1500 air suspension system by pressing the suspension button located on the console for 40 seconds. You can also select transport mode for lowering your truck to entry/exit mode and wheel alignment mode for increasing its height up to average ride level from its display panel.

How to Reset RAM 1500 Air Suspension?

There are different reasons due to which your truck starts to show adjustment problems with its suspension system that you can quickly fix with the help of some techniques:

The suspension system also increases the truck’s load-carrying ability due to the presence of an air compressor, sensor, and different electronic control that can quickly adapt to different driving situations.

Reset the air suspension by using console buttons

When you turn the truck ON, the air suspension buttons present on the console region of the vehicle automatically display in which mode of suspension your vehicle is currently present.

You can also read its sign on the right side of your truck’s instrumental panel. 

For resolving the issues related to the faulty suspension system of the truck, you need to reset the setting of this system by pressing its upper and lower button at the same time for 30 seconds. 

You can also disconnect the battery of RAM 1500 for 30 minutes to 1 hour and then reconnect it. 

As a result, the truck automatically reset its suspension system and converts it into normal ride height mode.

Change its settings from the display panel

 Then, if your suspension system stops operating automatically, you can manually convert it into different modes. 

For this purpose, select the option of setting on your truck’s display panel and press the suspension button. 

After that, select the transport mode to lower your vehicle from the off-road level to the entry/exit level. 

You can also increase its height by pressing the wheel alignment mode; as a result, the truck starts to move automatically towards the normal ride height level. 

It is the best alternative to reset your vehicle suspension system when the console buttons fail to perform their task.

Check the air suspension fuse

Check the functionality of your air suspension fuse if both resetting options fail to perform the task of shifting your vehicle into different ride heights.

For this purpose, open the hood of the truck and locate the fuse box of RAM 1500.

After that, open the lid of the fuse panel and check the position of the air compressor fuse by reading its location on the chart posted on the panel’s cover.

It is a 40 amp green color F5 fuse located on the right side of the box; you can easily remove it with the help of a plier and add a new one in its location. 

Now turn the vehicle ON, and check the functionality of your suspension system both automatically and manually by pressing buttons on the truck’s console region and the key fob. 

How does the RAM 1500 air suspension system work?

It provides your truck with five different levels of height. This system works automatically or manually with the help of a console and key fob. 

Its normal ride height (NRH) provides ground clearance between 8.5 inches to 9.1 inches. 

The aero mode automatically activates with the truck’s speed and decreases the truck height up to 15 millimeters from the Normal ride height feature. It can also increase the fuel efficiency of the RAM 1500 by 1 to 2%. 

Another feature of this system consists of two types i-e the off-road 1 and 2.

The off-road 1 increases the truck’s height up to 25 millimeters to protect its rig from the road’s obstacles, and the off-road 2 provides ground clearance of 51 millimeters for effective off-road capabilities. 

The entry/exit mode helps to perform better cargo loading by decreasing its height up to 2 inches. 

What are the reasons for faults in the air suspension system?

There are various reasons; however, I have added the main causes for air suspension failure in trucks.

Failure due to cold weather

The RAM 1500 air suspension is an automatic system that adjusts itself according to the road’s obstacles and dimensions. 

The system loses its ability to work effectively during cold weather and displays different error codes in the instrumental panel of the truck. 

The reason behind these errors is the low temperature of the area, compressor failure, and blown-out fuse. 

You need to check the performance of the suspension fuse; the metal present inside its assembly should never be damaged or split from its middle. 

For the failure of the compressor, you need to replace it as quickly as possible with a verified professional that cost around $2000 without a warranty date. 

Leakage in the air suspension

Another reason for the suspension failure is the presence of leaks inside the assembly of air springs due to the deterioration of its rubber components that hold air inside them. 

Consequently, the system loses its capacity to bear shocks from road obstacles and cause bumpier rides due to the poor self-adjustment of the truck during driving. 

You can easily detect the presence of leaks on the airbags assembly with the help of soapy water.

Spray the water on the air spring after removing its dust cover; it will form white spots on the location of leaks. 

The continuous running of the air compressor for proper inflation of airbags is another sign of suspension leakage. 

Presence of moisture in its assembly

The air dryer present inside the suspension system helps to remove excess moisture from the compressed air.

 Due to the faults in the air dryer, the moisture starts to build up inside its assembly and causes severe rusting to different components of the suspension.

 It is essential to regularly check your vehicle’s internal components for any sign of rusting that can easily affect its performance and leveling capabilities.

 If the vehicle is riding lower than usual or parked lower than its average height, it shows excessive moisture in its system.

Air suspension won’t adjust properly

The RAM 1500 suspension system’s adjustment problem is widespread due to the crumbling of airbags from the right or left position.

As a result, the truck cannot adjust itself in the upper or lower direction according to its different ride height capacities. 

For this purpose, you need to properly inspect the working of your airbags by moving underneath your truck and verify the assembly of airbags that look straight and do not lean in the right or left direction.

The installation of lift kits inside the vehicle also damages the functionality of your suspension system; as a result, it does not adjust precisely. 

 Defects in the air compressor

The fundamental purpose of the air compressor is to properly inflate the airbags inside the suspension system so that the vehicle moves upward and downward. 

Due to excessive load and moisture, the compressor loses its ability to work correctly and damage different other air suspension components and produce strange clinking noises inside its assembly. 

You can easily detect its faults by looking at the height of your vehicle or the warning signs display on the instrumental panel. 

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