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Why is My RAM 1500 Stuck in 4th Gear?

Why is My RAM 1500 Stuck in 4th Gear?

Shifting gears on RAM 1500 is essential to have a smooth drive across your destination. Gears can shift to attain a specific phase of speed, thrust, and force. 

Why is My RAM 1500 Stuck in 4th Gear? RAM 1500 can stuck in 4th gear due to transmission failure and mud or debris accumulation. In this case, the limp mode also activates that prevent further damage. You can resolve these problems by the replacement of the transmission solenoid and regular maintenance of it. In addition, you can replace the transmission filter and round filter to overcome that issue.

If gears become jam and do not work better affects your drive, and you can no more continue your journey. It encounters various problems. Each problem has a specific reason to occur.

 In RAM 1500 case, sometimes gears are stuck while operating a vehicle, especially its fourth gear. To be very specific about this problem, it occurs due to transmission problems.

Why is My RAM 1500 Stuck in 4th Gear?

 To fix these problems, one has to be very prudent in driving his RAM 1500, keeping its periodic and regular maintenance well on schedule, must be watchful of the transmission system and mud accumulated various parts of the gear operating system. 

All these issues are due to dysfunctional gear shifting in the form of either gear does not operate at all or get stuck at any stage of gear shifting. 

Dysfunctional computer system

 It is an age of automation. In this automation computer system plays a central role in command input, processing, and output. For example, in RAM 1500 case, the computer system obtain commands, process, and execute it. 

Sometimes, the computer system becomes dysfunctional and does not receive, process, and execute commands related to gears. 

This problem further complicates with each shifting of gear. That’s why gear at the fourth step stuck, and the vehicle becomes inoperative.

Computer system constraints can be electrical wiring problems, chip-related problems, and software problems. These problem needs checking thoroughly and then repaired accordingly.

Mud accumulated in gear operating system

Due to excessive operation, mud on roads accumulates in that operating system and tools installed for gear shifting. 

This accumulation of mud results in grave friction and difficulty in its operation. Sometimes, this issue leads to the breakage of gear valves and leavers installed for its operation. 

You must follow regular, periodic maintenance and cleaning for your truck to avoid the issue. 

Accumulation of debris and rocks under the cable hooks

This problem usually happens in the transmission system. Rocks or other debris collect beneath the arm where cable hooks are present. You can fix it on your own and resolve this issue.

Failure of the transmission system and solenoid

Solenoid and transmission play a cardinal role in seamless shifting and change of gear. 

Sometimes, the solenoid stops operating owing to some electro-mechanical constraints. 

Hence, your RAM 1500 cannot shift to other gear, and it stops working. In most cases, the solenoid does not transmit the command given by the operator.

According to the prescribed vehicle schedule, the transmission fluid does not change according to need, which leads to its failure and solenoid stuck.

Another cause is that dirt and small metal particles get into the fluid show that the oil needs changing. These tiny particles cause the solenoid to remain open. 

Excessive wear and tear with little or no maintenance

Maintenance needs to be done both at periodic and regular intervals. For this, you must comply with the regular maintenance schedule provided by the vendor and manufacturer. 

In case of abrupt and unforeseen issues, periodic maintenance avoids fatal damage to the vehicle.

Sometimes, vehicle operator does not take care of these guidelines, which leads to a problem like dysfunctional gears. Improper and no maintenance results in its malfunctioning when it shifts. 

RAM 1500 Shifter stuck in reverse

 When the shifter on a RAM 1500 4th gear locks in reverse, it means there is an issue with the transmission.

It indicates that you should fix it by a professional mechanic expert or move your vehicle to the service repair center. 

Sometimes, too much mud deposit can also be a reason. There are two main causes of this problem. Negligence to change its fluid and cold weather is also a reason for the shifter trickier. 

It works fine when gear to the shaft aligning is proper. 

Activate the Limp mode on RAM 1500

The limp mode of that vehicle activates by the computer. It usually happens when a problem appears in any parts when different components send signals. 

The purpose of this mode is to protect from other damage and alert you. The problem can occur by various factors, like transmission solenoid, low fluid level, or the dysfunction of the clutch. 

Limp mode is a safety feature, so take it to the auto repair shop as soon as possible.

How to unstuck my RAM 1500 from 4th gear?

There are different possible ways to resolve and overcome the issue. However, if you neglect these factors, it can lead to more severe results. 

Determine the temperature of the transmission

 In this scenario, you should correct things fast, travel 50 to 100 thousand km to check its temperature.

If the temperature is high, it will signal the computer to revert to the limp mode.  

Unhook the battery

While fixing the problem, you have to unhook the battery or remove the cable, and after repairing, you can put it into its place or add the new one. It is necessary because energy discharge into the computer system can cause problems while fixing.

The problem can sometimes cause by a low battery voltage that is adequate for the engine to start, and its discharge can result in limp mode activation.

Replace the wire harness of the solenoid

Sometimes, the solenoid wire harness can also be the reason for it. In this situation, the wire of the transmission solenoid dip in its fluid can lead to hardness, and a jerk can damage it. Therefore, you should replace it to restart regular operation.

Replace transmission filter

When a problem appears in the transmission solenoid, You should replace it and the filter. You must have checked the filter to see whether it needs any replacement and if so, you must purchase it. 

The whole process complete around 2-3 hours. See the service manual search for the guidelines of all this process.

Finally, you should install the new filter and check that the O-ring properly install or need further fixation or changes.

 In this way, you can install the round filter in the transmission, and the problem goes away.

Replace shift sensor solenoid

 The vehicle computer system monitors engine speed and RPM to determine which gear transmission solenoid is necessary.

Solenoid transmission activates when the gear needs to change that done by the electrical signal send by the computer. 

When the 4th gear problem appears due to solenoid issues, you should replace it with a new one or fix it according to the fault. This process is cost-effective and less time-consuming.

Turn the ignition OFF and locate the transmission and unscrew that tighten the transmission fluid compartment. Then, through the screwdriver, remove it and find the solenoid by color-code cable. 

Apply a small amount of fluid to that part for proper greasing. In the end, wipe it and replace this liquid pan and tighten it.

Sometimes problems appear due to the mud and snowstorm undercarriage. You can resolve this problem also by washing your vehicle.

How to check if the RAM 1500 gears are stuck?

When RAM 1500 4th gear is stuck, Error codes appear on its display that are different for each part. It also shows the low input voltage of TCM. 

If a problem appears in the TCM professional mechanic or dealer hire can resolve that issue and fix it. When this happens, the speed of your vehicle slows down. Various codes appear for this problem, like P07 and P08.

The red light on the panel illuminates through the gear indicator if the problem appears in the shifter.

So, in this condition, they try their first attempt to remove the error code and fix other issues that appear during this phase. Then, you should measure that voltage, and it is an easy process. 

It occurs due to several functions that are sometimes difficult to understand. So, hire the professional that diagnoses this by the diagnostic tool.

Time and cost to fix RAM 1500 Transmission System

The time of repair usually depends on the delivered needed parts. Therefore, a dealership should have access to the inventory and find out that these parts are present in the stock or not. 

The cost for repair also depends on other factors, whether or not the transmission parts are responsible for the 4th gear replacement or rebuilt. The diagnosis of it at the repair center costs you around $80-$130. 

Do not pay the cost high to a mechanic and do not believe if they ask for more time like 4 to 5 hours.

The total repair time from disassembling to reassemble is less, and the cost of each repair part is different, so you should verify it yourself when fixing the issue.

For example, the cost of the solenoid is around $250, but they will ask for a high amount. 

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