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How to Reset Service Airbag Light on Silverado?

How to Reset Service Airbag Light on Silverado?

The airbags are the safety component in the Silverado trucks to reduce the risk of injury to the passenger and drivers when you collide with other vehicles.

Sometimes these become faulty and increase the risk of damage. In this condition, the service airbag light will make you aware of the problem before traveling.

How to Reset Service Airbag Light on Silverado? You can reset the service airbag light in Silverado by turning on the ignition and wait for 5 to 6 seconds. Then turn off the ignition system and restart your truck for a test drive. Next, turn off the passenger seat sensor and attach the OBD-II scanners to the port. When you connect the sensor, the fault codes will appear on the screen, and you can repair the issue. After fixing the problems again, attach the scanner to check that the problems have been resolved. You can also reset them by cleaning their corroded wires and sensors with an electrical cleaner spray. 

You cannot ignore this light because it can put your life at more risk. In severe problems, it is also better that you should not drive your truck and tow it with another vehicle to take it to the service centers.

What is the service airbag light in Silverado?

It is the upgraded safety feature in the Silverado that can prevent your vehicle from any damage during driving.

It can make you aware that there is something wrong with airbags and seatbelts. When any of their components become faulty, it can indicate light.

The problem in these two components most commonly comes due to damaged wires and low voltage.

This system is part of the supplement restrain system that helps connect the airbags with seatbelts for the safety of people.

When there is some damage in these parts, the light will not turn on or turn off, or it can also blink.

How do you reset the service airbag light in Silverado? 

It is necessary to reset the airbag light in Silverado to resolve the issue. Driving the truck with this light on the dashboard screen is risky.

Turn on and off the ignition switch

Turn on the ignition switch to check the airbag service light is working correctly. So first of all, park your vehicle in a safe parking area and then turn on the ignition switch.

When you turn on the switch, the light will come on the dashboard, and then it will automatically turn off after 5 to 8 seconds.

After then, turn off the ignition switch and wait for a few seconds to restart the system. Then, after 5 seconds, turn on the ignition switch again and start the engine to check that everything is fine.

Restart the truck

To resolve the problem, you have to repeat the above steps one to two times.

When you test that the service light does not come on the dashboard for a longer time, everything is fine and functioning accurately.

You should need to restart the ignition switch for the test drive. After restarting the button move your truck some miles away to check the working of these lights.

When these lights disappear permanently after 3 o 5 seconds from the dashboard, it shows that every component of this system is working correctly.

Check airbag switch and seatbelts

The passenger seat airbag button is present on the dashboard to turn the on and off. When you accidentally turn this button off, the light will start to come on the dashboard.

When you want to reset it, it is necessary to check the airbag switch that they are on.

The light will also remain on the dashboard if there is an issue with the seatbelts. You can reduce this error by checking the seatbelts properly.

In addition, you should also check their sensors that they are working adequately.

Turn off the sensors

Passenger seat sensors are also present on the seats to decrease the risk of accidents. The main purpose of these sensors is that when during accidents, the weight comes on the seats, and the airbags will open.

In normal cases, when you accidentally put some heavy things or a luggage bag on the seats, the service airbag light turns on and indicates some problem.

Before restarting this light, you should have to turn off these sensors so they cannot indicate any fault.

Attach OBD-II scanner

OBD-II sensors are an essential component to read the fault codes so you can repair them timely and turn off the service airbag light.

Turn on the ignition switch after attaching the airbag scanning tool port with the scanner. Next, select the airbag system from the menu and then scroll down the page.

While scrolling down, you can see some fault codes and read these codes. These codes will tell you about the specific problems with its parts.

Repair the faults

When you see these fault codes, it is necessary to repair the problem of turning off the service airbags light on the dashboard due to faulty components.

You should call a mechanic or take our truck to the mechanic to repair the faults.

You can also tell them about the faults so they can repair them easily. Then, after fixing the faults, you can attach the scanner to the system again to recheck the faults.

If there are no error codes on the screen, it shows that all the issues have been resolved, and you can quickly drive your truck without any fear of damage.

Can you reset the service airbag light without using any tool in Silverado?

You can also set the service airbag light in your Silverado without using any sensors and tools. It is a less efficient method but helpful during an emergency.

In addition, it is also easy, less time taking, and also saves your cost. However, the problem with these lights can also occur due to damaged wires and sensors.

Most importantly, the damage to these wires and sensors can occur due to the presence of rust and corrosion on their surfaces.

Due to the presence of rust the airbag’s light remains on. You can remove the corrosion from the wires, sensors, and connector plugs by using electrical leaners.

Before using this method, first, you have to remove the battery terminals. Then, after disconnecting the battery, spray the electrical cleaners on the corroded parts.

Then again, connect the battery and check if the light automatically turns off after some seconds or not.

Why does the service airbag light turn on in Silverado?

This light shows on the Silverado dashboard due to several reasons. It is due to a fault in the supplement restrain system. You can check the following faults to fix the problem when you face this issue.

Low battery voltage

The light will start to turn on for a longer time when there is low voltage in the battery. It shows that low voltage in the battery can cause an issue in the opening of airbags during an emergency.

It indicates that you have to recharge the battery to prevent the risk of injury during accidents. This is because the voltage from the battery is required to operate these features.

When your battery becomes dead or out of power, it shows that you are in trouble and cannot open the airbags.

Problem with seatbelts

This system also controls the working of seatbelts because they are also an essential safety component to prevent the collision.

When the seatbelt sensors become faulty, the light will remain turned on and show that there is some problem.

Moreover, when the belts become loose and cannot give the proper grip, the light will also appear on the dashboard.

In addition, when you put some load on the seats, the passenger seat sensors will turn on the airbag service light.


The light will also remain on the dashboard screen when there is some issue with the airbags. The problem will occur during minor accidents or collisions with other vehicles.

In this condition, this component cannot open correctly in case of emergencies. When they become faulty, they cannot open fully to cover the driver.

Damaged wires

This light appears when there is some issue with the wiring harnesses of airbags.

The wire becomes damaged when it is old and melts due to overheating in this compartment.

In addition, the connections between wirings also become loose, which directly interrupts its function.

When the sensor detects any fault in their wirings, it will not turn off the light on the dashboard, so you can resolve the problem timely before traveling a long distance.

Faulty clock spring

The clock springs are essential for the functioning of airbags and their opening and closing at the correct time. However, when these clock springs become faulty due to their old age, it can cause a problem.

The clock springs will also start to damage due to wear and tear in their components and affect their function.

When this clock spring becomes out of function, the warning light will make you aware that there is some problem.

Can you drive your Silverado with the service airbag light on?

It is not safe to drive when the service airbag light remains on for a longer time.

When you are doing so and accidentally collide with road hurdles or other vehicles, it can cause server injury.

You can reduce the risk of crashes by checking the problem in every component when the light cannot turn off after their specific time interval.

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