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How to Remove Chevy Bowtie from Tailgate?

How to Remove Chevy Bowtie from Tailgate?

A damaged bowtie with faded colors and scratches looks unattractive. It is better to replace or fix a hanging emblem on the tailgate before it falls on the road without coming to the notice of the driver.

How to Remove Chevy Bowtie from Tailgate? You can remove the Chevy bowtie from the tailgate by applying tape close to the edges and then use a heat gun to melt the adhesives under its surface. After that, pull it out using the fishing line slowly and scrape the adhesive remain from the tailgate. Next, remove dirt and grease by using a degreaser and adhesive remover. You can add the new Chevy bowtie after removing the tape or use double-sided tape to paste it. 

Chevy bowtie can be damaged due to scratches, peeling, and delamination. Moreover, the adhesiveness reduces with time due to excessive exposure to moisture and high temperature, or it starts fading. 

A bright bowtie looks impressive on the front side of the vehicle, but you can also add a non-illuminated one on the rear end of the truck.

Furthermore, you can purchase a set of front and rear bowties to give a unique look to your pickup. In addition, a separate logo for either front or back is also available to replace the damaged one.

How did the Chevy bowtie originate? 

Chevy bowtie represents a logo of Chevrolet vehicles, and there are many theories behind its origination.

One of the prominent theories is the Paris theory which states this current logo design matches with wallpaper, a design present in a hotel room in France.

While the Doodle theory relates to the idea of an emblem when Durant was drawing a logo on a notebook while eating dinner. Moreover, the newspaper theory links the logo design to an ad in the newspaper.

Additionally, the Swiss flag theory states that its design matches the cross present on the Switzerland flag. This symbol has been used on the Chevrolet vehicles since 1914.

What does a Chevy bowtie look like? 

Bowtie depicts a symbol that distinguishes the Chevrolet brand from others. It looks like a cross of 2 thick lines intersecting each other. Moreover, the vertical line is smaller in length than the horizontal one.

Moreover, the black color emblem is trending nowadays that is easy to attach to the front end, tailgate, and the steering wheel of the pickup truck.

The gold color emblem is not available for use today because it has been replaced with the one having black color.

How do you remove the Chevy bowtie from the tailgate? 

You can remove the old or damaged Chevy emblem in a few easy steps. First, you need to collect a tape, a heat gun, an adhesive remover, and a fishing line to pull it off effectively.

Apply tape 

You have to apply tape around the logo to avoid damage to the surface.

Also, it can damage the pickup tailgate paint when you pull it out. So, apply it around the edges or close to the symbol carefully.

Use heat gun

Apply heat to its surface with a heat gun in the form of hot air. The heat helps melt the glue present behind the emblem, which attaches it to the surface.

In addition, it melts the double-sided tape so that it comes out easily, and you do not have to apply much effort.

Use a fishing line

A fishing line is better to take off the logo from the tailgate because it detaches it slowly. It is a fine thread with sharp edges to separate it efficiently.

You have to avoid quick pulling to avoid scratches and paint damage. Instead, take a fishing line and insert it under the cross symbol from one end.

Then, move it slowly and reach an opposite end in a back and forth motion. Furthermore, it works well to take the emblem off the surface without damaging it.

Scrape the surface

After pulling the bowtie, you have to remove the adhesive remains on the tailgate. You can use a scraper, a flat blade with a handle for better grip to pull off the tape remains.

Moreover, keep it in a slightly tilted direction for scraping the surface. You can also try to pull the glue with your hand.

Clean the surface

After scraping the tape remains, you have to clean the surface before pasting a new bowtie in the same place. Use an adhesive remover and a degreaser to erase the grease stains.

Furthermore, it is better to clean the stains of grime and dust so that the replaced logo remains attached for a long time. The grease and dirt can interfere with attachment and reduce stickiness.

Fix a new Chevy bowtie

Take a new bowtie to replace the damaged one. It is better to place it in the exact location and get to know the exact direction and location where you need to put it.

Then, expose the sticky side towards the tailgate after peeling off the tape. Fix it firmly on the surface and press with gentle hands.

Remove all the tapings

After replacing the old logo with a new one, remove the tapes as there is no need to leave them on the surface.

Additionally, remove the adhesive tapes carefully from the pickup truck’s back gate that were pasted to protect the paint.

Why would you remove the Chevy bowtie from the tailgate? 

It is essential to detach this symbol from your Chevy tailgate when it loses its color and shines with time.

Moreover, it starts falling when the adhesiveness reduces after some months due to poor handling of the truck.

Poor quality material

When the products are made of poor quality material, they can get damaged easily. Therefore, it seems budget-friendly when purchasing, but you have to replace it frequently later.

Some brands provide such poor-quality products by compromising their reputation for temporary benefits. Therefore, you have to choose the product carefully to save your money and effort.

Loose attachment

The use of double-sided tapes can result in a reduction of stickiness after some time. You can see a bowtie hanging on one side of your pickup that can fall on the road anytime.

In that case, you have to fix it permanently or attach a new symbol to the back gate of your vehicle. One of my friends replaced the logo 2 times last year because it was fallen from the tailgate.

Color fading

Many emblems lose their shine when they get many years old and start fading.

Also, their color starts getting lighter in the shade when you expose your Chevy truck to excessive moisture by driving in the rainy weather and on the wet road.

Avoid direct exposure to water and the hot rays of the Sun to make it last longer. So, a faded paint gives a bad appearance, and it is better to change the color of the Chevy bowtie.

Scratches on the bowtie

Scratches are common, or you can see some marks on its surface. Rusting can occur on the metallic emblem, or scratches do not look good and need a quick replacement.

Furthermore, you can also hide these scratches by using a black vinyl overlay. It covers the entire surface to conceal these flaws quickly.

Delamination and Peeling

The emblem can delaminate when washing up the pickup by using soaps containing acidic ingredients.

It creates a narrow opening on the edges of this symbol that allows dirt and water to enter behind the surface. Moreover, it can be an error during design, so you can use silicone caulk to fix these crevices.

Peeling is another common problem that can damage these cross symbols and make them essential to replace.

I have used a sealant on the edges of the Chevy bowtie present on my pickup’s tailgate to fix these narrow openings.

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