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How to Reset Transmission Control Module on Ford F150?

How to Reset Transmission Control Module on Ford F150?

Reset transmission control module with ignition and drain methods. You cannot leave them after the notification of malfunctioning. 

How to Reset Transmission Control Module on Ford F150? In general, you can reset the transmission control module on a Ford F150 by changing the ignition key position. Rotate it on the run position and press the gas pedal. Next, uplift the hood and detach the negative battery terminal. Allow drainage of backup power and reset the power terrain module.

How to Reset Transmission Control Module on Ford F150?

Two methods are beneficial to reset the transmission control module within minutes. I have made it easy by dividing it into small steps.

Ignition key method

The ignition key method is a convenient process to reset the transmission module within seconds. It is a comfortable technique to get the system back to the standard-setting condition.

Turn on the ignition section

Turn on the ignition section of the Ford F150 through the ignition key. Insert it inside the relevant compartment, and then rotate it towards the on position. 

The process is not complex, and it takes less than 20 to 30 seconds to complete.

You must acquire the relevant key to perform the process without any problem. 

Change position of key

Modify the position of the ignition key. The change instantly modifies the inner settings of the system. 

You have to rotate the key in a secondary position. It is also known as the run position of the Ford F150. 

The structure remains intact in your garage or any parking conditions.

The engine, battery, and all inner machinery run after such modifications. The settings shuffle and then organize automatically.

Press and hold 

Press the key in a similar position and then hold it for few seconds. Allow the running of the system for at least 3 to 4 minutes.

You can decline the time limitations depending on the malfunction. In most situations, the errors resolve within seconds. The process is less time-consuming and provides excellent results for long periods. 

Handle the gas pedal

The handling of the gas pedal is necessary for drying the transmission reset activities. Access the gas pedal, and it usually exists on the floor of your Ford F150.

Adjust your foot on the pedal and press it downward. Keep the movement at such a level of strength that the pedal touches its floor during the procedure. It is the only tricky requirement of this procedure. 

When you press the gas pedal, then hold the ignition key. Rotate the key in the anticlockwise direction inside the ignition section.

Turn off the key and stop the running mode of the truck. It takes time, and you have to wait until the system stops precisely.

Turn on the Ford F150

Turn on the vehicle with the ignition key once again. The drainage of electric power occurs inside the battery compartment.

Leave the system on ignition and observer the transmission control module settings. They work accurately, and the relevant structures also act in coordination. 

The mechanic can cost around $45 to $50 for such minor activities. 

Resetting power terrain control

It is another way to rest the transmission module with minimal chances of future errors. It takes time to malfunction right after the reset function.

Uplift the Ford hood

Access the hood compartment and uplift the structure manually. You have to move the cover of the hood compartment upwards.

In few models, the structure comprises a lock. Open it with the ignition key of your setup. Pull it upwards or take help of assistance when you find it heavy.

Remove nuts and bolts of lock.

Access the inside lock of the hood section. You have to unlock it by removing the attachment tools. 

Use a high-quality wrench and then open the nut. Lose the equipment and then detach it from the overall structure. 

Detach the negative terminal on the battery

The negative terminal of the battery comprises a connector. You have to detach it with an accurate size ratchet.

Adjust it on the nut and make sure the battery is off. The presence of electric energy can lead to short circuits and accidents. 

Lose the connector and pull it outwards. Wear protective gloves to secure the body and surrounding equipment.

Pull it and detach the negative terminal and cable of the battery. Keep it aside for further use or replace it depending on the vulnerability.

Allow draining of power

The power terrain control mechanism of the Ford F150 stores electric power. The storage of electric energy is beneficial in emergencies.

The system utilizes the amount of power as a backup. The draining of the already existing electric power is necessary from the system. 

It requires time for the proper drain. Leave the system at this step for at least 25 to 30 minutes. The energy keeps on draining, and the settings get back to their original position.

You can find the resetting data in the transmission settings when the power removes from the overall setup.

Access the settings after every 4 to 5 minutes. Make sure there is no restriction in such power removals.

It is the backup energy, and the system can store it after the process completion.

Leaving the system according to time limitations allows it to work without any error. The removed energy goes in the discarding sections of the engine.

It has no harmful effects on the machinery. The transmission modules release the pressure and get back in this state. 

Reset the terminal and use the system

Readjust the connector on the battery negative terminal. Adjust it with a wrench and ratchets and tighten the nuts and bolts.

Readjust all the removed parts and clean the surface. Check the inner settings on the transmission control panel. 

Compare the functions of relevant structures like gear and shifts according to the reset mechanisms. The overall system works in synchronization after these procedures.

Symptoms of faulty transmission control module on Ford F-150

I have explained the common symptoms of the transmission control module failure on a Ford truck.

Worst gear condition

The gears of the structure work according to the transmission control module. The worst condition of the setting leads to the inaccurate performance of the Ford gears.

It is a direct indication to reset the system within minutes. In case you are driving and identify such problems, then park the structure in the corner.

Adjust the transmitting settings and then drive it. It can reduce accidents and life-threatening events.

Jerking of Ford F150

The system offers bumpy traveling even in stable road conditions. It indicates that the module of transmission requires resetting.

The handling and modification of the inner settings are automatic. You have to restrict the jerks of the structure.

They can result in uninviting events like bumping into other vehicles. The wheels also lose their work efficiency due to such movements. 

Problems in shifting of gears

The shifting of gears and few brake systems require smooth functions. The function of the performance provides information about the malfunctioning of these structures. 

The setting requires a check, and then you have to reset it. There is no need to add or remove any tool from the overall system. Utilize high-quality methods and remove the errors. 

Excessive power accumulation can lead to such issues. 

Unnecessary sounds

Sometimes you can hear cranky sounds in your Ford F-150that are not beneficial for the driver and ears. The journey becomes frustrating due to such conditions. 

The sounds notify about the inappropriate performance of the inner transmission module settings. It requires relearning for precise function.

Apply the precise method and readjust everything back into the standard position. It instantly removes the cranky and unnecessary sounds from the setup. 

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