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How to Reset Airbag Light on Ford F150?

How to Reset Airbag Light on Ford F150?

Sometimes Ford F150 shows an airbag light on its display, and you have to reset it to fix the issue. I have added 9 easy steps to reset this airbag light on a Ford truck.

How to Reset Airbag Light on Ford F150? In general, you can reset the airbag light on a Ford F150 by turning off the ignition. Access its fuse panel and discard fuse from slot 19. Observe the airbag light and detach the negative terminal of the battery. Turn off and on the light repeatedly according to time limits. Reinstall everything and test the performance with a lighter scanner. 

You cannot leave the airbag light without any configuration. It can result in mixed-signal conditions, and the situation can get worst. 

How to Reset Airbag Light on Ford F150?

The airbag light is a small sign that blinks on the Ford F150 display. The light shows that the airbag cannot be opened or they have some issue.

It is the owner’s responsibility to check the faults and malfunctioning of the airbag lights.

These lights are beneficial for alarming situations, and people keep them as indications.

The notifications of the light flashing through the airbag are that the system cannot handle these dangerous situations. 

Turn off ignition

Always turn off the internal electric equipment by pushing off their power buttons. Never leave a single device on before starting this procedure.

Rotate the ignition key of your Ford F150 towards the off position. Leave the system to cool down because the warmness can lead to damages to devices.

You can leave the structure for cooling purposes for at least 10 to 15 minutes. It is an overall estimate, and you can also enhance the time limit. 

Access fuse panel

The fuse panel of this structure locates at a different position. All ford models contain the fuse panel with the other necessary equipment.

Access the panel on the floor of your setup. It is present under the passenger seat of your truck. The dashboard contains the equipment near it. 

You can also read the manual to find the precise location of this tool. Observe the machinery and learn all of its slots. 

Detach its fuse

You can find a fuse in the panel at the first visibility. It is a dominant structure and has a separate location. 

The fuse comprises red color, and you can differentiate it from other tools. It is usually present in slot nineteen of the overall panel.

The detachment process is convenient for all performers. Hold the fuse and pull it outward. The system is off, and it is safe to hold the fuse without any preventive measure. 

Hold it firmly and pull it outwards. Few of the structures detach with minimal effort. 

In few cases, you have to exert extra strength and remove the fuse from the original state.

Turn on the Ford F150 and observe the airbag light

Insert the ignition key back into the turn-on sections. Rotate it and turn on your Ford F150.

In this step, observe the movement and flashing of the light on your airbag.

It has a standard performance and remains firm. The instability of interrupted flashing of warning lights indicated problems. 

It required a continuous turn-on in case of dangerous situations. Observe the flashing and malfunctioning of the warning tool for at least 2 to 3 minutes.

It provides an estimation of the reset or replacement process. The resetting of these tools offers them excellent performance conditions with no chances of future errors.

The continuous lightening of the airbag light also shows that the discarding of the fuse is accurate. You have not removed any irrelevant structure from the electric panel and its slot.

Detach negative battery terminal

Turn off the overall system through the ignition key and turn off the battery. Lose the connecting tool of the negative cable of the structure.

Use a wrench and adjust it on the connector. Detach it by pulling upwards and then keep it aside. Rotate the structure and lose it from the original spot.

Remove the negative electric wire and secure it for future use. Allow the detachment to continue until the battery drains the irrelevant stored electric power from the system.

The process is rapid, and it takes at least 1 to 2 minutes for the backup electric power removal.

Allow the backup of power

In this step, you have to get the new electric power package in the battery of your Ford F150. It takes more time than the draining process.

You have to spend time following the instructions accurately. They prevent multiple time reduction issues at various steps. 

Install the fuse

Reinstall the fuse back in the control panel and then adjust it firmly. Adjust it inside the openings and fix it through pushing.

Manual strength is sufficient to fix the electric structures in these panels. The adjustment of the performer is challenging.

Open the passenger side seat and fold it backward, and it allows clear visibility of these sections. Adjust the fuse and then insert it inwards.

Connect its battery

Connect the negative terminal of the battery once again. Adjust the connector and fix it through the ratchet. 

Tight it through the precise tool and fix it.

Observe the connection because the improper adjustment can lead to various errors. Ask the passengers to stay away from the seats.

It can prevent them from various electric accidents. Security enhances, and you can attach the negative electric terminal of the battery as well.

Reset the airbag light

Hold the ignition witch in this process to rest the airbag light. Turn off the switch and leave the system for at least 11 to 15 seconds. Turn the switch on and allow the light to flash.

The warning airbag light must work automatically. It remains on for around 5 to 6 seconds. It instantly turns off after this period.

Observe the performance and flashing of these structures. If the equipment remains on all the time or flashes after few seconds, then reset the malfunctioning.

The testing of the airbag warning lights takes half a minute. You can check it to discard future errors. 

The use of a precise tool is necessary. The scanners are beneficial to test the standard performance of these tools. 

Why would you reset the airbag light on a Ford F150?

The resetting of the airbag light on a Ford F150 is necessary when it functions inaccurately. The lights turn on for less than ten seconds and then turn off. 

The continuous flashing or on conditions can lead to various harmful situations. It gives a random and annoying signal to the surrounding drivers. The resetting provides the standard blinking to these structures. 

The continuous blinking of these tools is not beneficial for the human eyes. Everyone gets frustrated due to these flashing conditions. The vision of the human eye gets interrupted and results in accidental situations. 

It is not advisable to leave the blinking lights on for consecutive time levels. The devices can break or damage due to inaccurate performance. 

The diagnosis of the issues is also advisable in malfunctioning conditions. It provides a clear pattern of dangerous event notifications to the driver.

If the system cannot handle these problems, then you have to control them manually.

It also happens due to the computer settings of the airbag sensors. The settings require a reset rather than replacement conditions. The internal fluctuations of the data also lead to reset options.

The signals reach the inner drivers and other Fords on the road. The accidental situations are not desirable for the users of trucks.

The broken light sensors on a Ford F150 also lead to such issues. They provide a consecutive performance of these blinking tools.

These lights turn on in dangerous conditions that the airbag cannot handle. You have to take instant actions on the first inaccurate response of these structures.

Locate the airbag sensors and replace them after such damages, and the delay can lead to life-threatening events. 

You have to keep the setting options of airbag lights separate from other automatic equipment. The mixing of the multiple electric systems can generate few other problems.

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