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How to Transport a TV in a Truck Bed?

How to Transport a TV in a Truck Bed?

Many people transport a TV in their truck beds. Here are easy steps to do it yourself without any trouble.

How to Transport a TV in a Truck Bed? In general, you can transport a TV in a truck bed by carefully placing it vertically on a flat surface in the truck bed, use straps to secure it, and provide suitable padding to prevent any damage to its screen. 

You have to consider the harm potential during doing this transportation like a large screen has more flex potential. So try to prevent it from moisture or direct sunlight exposure, and its position should place in a vertical position. 

The critical factor you have to focus on is not the size or weight but a delicate screen. 

How to Transport a TV in a Truck Bed?

You can transport the TV to your truck bed in various convenient ways. For example, you can use the handcart and keep the TV upright on it and the screen facing out. 

You make sure to securely tie it down with a safety belt like a bungee cord or ratchet strap. 

Another way for transportation is to use the blanket to protect against any damage. Make sure to place it firmly on it and tie it down with a strap across the TV.

 A flat-screen television kit can use to provide optimal protection. These are suitable for 32-75 inches and maintain their vertical direction.

Avoid placing TV horizontally

You should avoid placing it horizontally. The pixel of your TV may damage if you lay it down or cause bending damage. 

The perfect weight distribution can accomplish in the upright position because of the way current TVs design.

So when you pack it in the original box, the foam should fix around the corner, not in the center. 

Fold its box

Most of the people when buying it may open it at the store. Then, fold the box of it and put it into the vehicle.

 While the television place inside the pickup. You secured it with the seat belts, with the screen towards the back of the seats. 

Slow down driving and unload it safely. You can give some protection with a soft blanket to avoid any damage.

Use a Ratchet strap in a truck bed

A ratchet strap is a better idea than the bungee cord because it can slip, and the load may slide from its position. In addition, this strap gives extra and robust support and proper safety. 

When you put the cargo straps through the ratchet, avoid twisting them and pull them across the box. 

Tighten it if necessary and avoid too much tightening that may affect the box-like tearing or crushing. Pull-on the straps to make sure it’s secure. 

The television must not be able to move or pop up. You can also use the foldable locking base to secure things with the skeleton arm.

Use a padded cover

When televisions and other appliances with glass or plastic bodies are handled or transferred from one location to another, they are more susceptible to damage. 

Therefore, utmost care is always needed to hold these appliances. Moreover, you must cover it with a soft blanket and cushion it against sharp edges and the hard bed of a truck. 

Avoid moisture and direct sunlight

In addition to this, it is also highly recommended that your TV need to be transported via truck must be secure from moisture and direct incidence of sunlight.

 It is necessary for safe transportation. But, unfortunately, if moisture entraps into any electrical device, it will damage the internal circuit, so the purpose of safe transportation will go to ruins simply.

 In addition to this, it must protect against direct and over-exposure to sunlight because this overexposure will damage your LED.

Ensure removal of all input cables

Furthermore, to avoid entanglement of wires and cords attached to your TV, remove or disconnect all such cables before they can transport through any transportation medium. 

 It will facilitate reconnection or attachment of cables remove at the same point where these install or connected. 

Similarly, in addition to the above instruction, it is highly advisable to remove carefully examine all screws which you use for the placement of TV.

It will help you out in the reinstallation or fixation of these screws at the new place.

Hire professional staff or crew to transport a TV

People who are closely involved in the planning and fulfill such duties are also required while transporting such sensitive electrical items. 

Such a professional team knows how to dismantle your stuff, how to make sure it’s damage-free packaging, handling, and reinstallation. 

Therefore, keep a professional transportation crew with yourself while transporting your appliances that need utmost care.

Always prefer the original box for the packaging of your TV

Packaging needs care. For this, you need to ensure not suitable and durable packaging material but also take care of packing stuff in boxes or packages having specifications similar to an appliance or stuff that need to pack. 

 If you have no such box available at home, ensure its availability from the market with the exact dimensions and specifications.

Take care of the TV screen

Moreover, the most sensitive part of a TV is its LED or screen. Therefore, during transport, you have to take care of its screen.

 For this purpose, you have to ensure that if you want to transport it with other household items, then you must ensure that the TV screen must be facing some flatter object. 

It must not be facing some sharp edges or rough elements. It will make sure safety of your TV screen during its transportation. 

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