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How To Turn ON Rear Heated Seats on Lexus RX 350?

How To Turn ON Rear Heated Seats on Lexus RX 350?

Lexus RX 350 rear seats are equipped with heated features for a comfortable journey. You can turn these on and off according to your needs and temperature requirements. Moreover, heated seats are automatic, and you can easily adjust the temperature to reduce overheating issues.

How To Turn ON Rear Heated Seats on Lexus RX 350? You can turn ON the rear heated seats in the Lexus RX 350 by turning on the ignition switch. Its control is located in front of the gear shifter and near the center console unit. Press the heated seat button, and the green light appears on the auto button. Move the level indicator to the medium, low, and high positions according to your requirements.

I usually turn on the heated seats while traveling with my friends and family. My friend also has the same vehicle, and he told me last week he faced an issue with the heated and ventilation system of the rear seats. The problem came because of a blown-out fuse, and he replaced it with a new one for a comfortable trip during winter.

How do you turn on the rear heated seats in Lexus RX 350?

Heated seats contain coils and fans that blow warm air through porous upholstery. The coil needs power from the vehicle’s electric system to convert electric energy to heat energy.

You have to turn on your vehicle to activate this feature. These cannot function when the engine of your SUV is turned off because of insufficient electric current supply to the coil.

I turned on the rear heated seats in my Lexus using the method explained below. It is a simple method; you do not need any tools to do the procedure.

I turned on the ignition of your Lexus RX 350 with the start or stop button located near the steering wheel. I pressed the start button to turn on the ignition and engine. Moreover, these luxurious SUVs also contain the remote start feature. You can start or stop its engine by using remote buttons.

Heated seat control is located next to the gear shifter. These control buttons are near the armrest or the center console unit. Turn on this button, and the auto light green color illuminates.

Auto-light illumination represents the activation of the feature. These are automatic, which means they can adjust the temperature according to the interior conditions and outside weather.

You have to keep an eye on the screen to see the temperature. Moreover, you can also move the level indicator to 1, 2, and 3 positions to adjust the setting to the low, medium, and high settings, respectively.

They automatically adjust the temperature because of the presence of a thermostat or temperature sensors. The light on the level indicator also remains illuminated during operation.

How do you turn off the rear heated seats in the Lexus RX 350?

You can also turn off the rear heated seats when you do not need them to save power and reduce fuel consumption. It is better to turn it off when no one is sitting in the rear seat.

Use the control button to turn it off. Level indicators are marked with 1,2,3, and 0 numbers for temperature adjustment. Turn it off by moving the level indicator to the 0 position.

The fan stops blowing the warm air through porous upholstery when you move the level indicator to the 0 position. In addition, level indicator lights also turn off because of the deactivation of the feature.

Things you have to consider

You have to consider the different things after activating the rear heated seats in your SUVs to ensure your safety. You should take care of your children and elderly to reduce the chances of injuries.

Moreover, it is better to take precautions if you have sensitive skin. Many people are allergic to warmer temperatures and face skin issues because of exposure to high temperatures.

In addition, I also prefer to check the rear seat temperature frequently to ensure the correct functioning of the thermostat of temperature sensors. Sometimes, these become faulty and are not capable of adjusting the seat temperature, which causes a sudden rise in temperature and overheating.

Overheated seats can cause skin burns and overheating-related issues. You have to maintain its temperature by taking preventive measures and reducing the chances of minor burns.

Avoid putting cushions on seats for comfort when the heated feature is turned on because cushions absorb heat and increase the chances of overheating.

I was sitting with my brother last night, and he told me that he put the blanket over his SUV seats to make them comfortable and cozy during winter.

The seats got overheated, and he could not sit on them because of excessively high temperatures. He removed the blanket and turned off the heater to adjust the temperature.

I advised him to avoid putting heavy objects because it can damage the fan motor and affect its normal functioning. Moreover, you can also increase the battery light by turning it on when the hybrid system is on in your Lexus RX 350.

Do not place sharp objects because they can damage the upholstery and cause uneven warm air distribution.

Benefits of heated seats on the Lexus RX 350

Many luxurious vehicles are equipped with heated and adjustable rear-side passenger seats to provide additional comfort to the passengers.

Sometimes, the interior cabin heater is not enough to warm the rear seats, and you cannot sit on them comfortably because of coldness. Moreover, they are sensitive to temperature and become cold in winter.

It can make your journey unpleasant because of the cold temperature. In addition, the front seats also block the warm air and do not allow it to reach the rear side.

You can activate the heated feature when your family or friends sit in the rear passenger seats. These are beneficial and make you feel comfortable during cold weather.

In addition, heat therapy is also good for your body and provides relief to your muscles. It enhances blood circulation, and you do not feel tired during long trips.

Warm temperature makes you comfortable during traveling, and you can sleep, read books, and watch your phone better.

It is better to turn off the feature when you feel unnecessary temperature changes from faulty motors, overheated fans, and blow-out fuses.

How do heated seats work in a Lexus RX 350?

Rear heated seats contain fans and coils to blow warm air. They have porous upholstery with small but invisible holes.

These holes allow warm air to come outside and warm the upholstery fabric. Electric coils that take power from the Lexus RX 350 battery are mounted under the seats.

Electric current from the battery moves through the coil when you turn on the operating switch of the seats. An electric coil converts the electric energy to heat energy to warm the air.

The electric coil heats the air that is coming from the fan. These fans blow air by taking power from the electric motors. The vehicle’s electric system powers these motors by supplying sufficient electric current.

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