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Hyundai Palisade “No Network Response”

Hyundai Palisade “No Network Response”

Hyundai Palisade is the first vehicle which is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi system. In addition, you can connect 5 devices with their fast internet connection in a single time. You do not have to use the hotspot connection of your mobile phone to use the infotainment feature in your SUV.

Hyundai Palisade “No Network Response” message can be due to an expired subscription of Bluelink, disabled Wi-Fi hotspot, poor signals, damaged antenna, voice recognition issues, and electronic interferences.

I have its 2016 model and faced the same issue intermittently. I used the voice command feature for the navigation system and saw the message no network response on the screen. I became worried and checked the antenna, but it was fine. I turned off the vehicle and then turned it on again after 5 minutes. The message disappeared from the screen, and I faced the same issue after a week. I think that it came because of manufacturing defects.

Problems Solutions
Expired subscription of Bluelink Purchase Bluelink subscription
Disabled Wi-Fi hotspot Enable Wi-Fi from settings
Non-updated navigation Update navigation system
Poor signals Install signal booster devices
Antenna issue Remove corrosion from the antenna
Voice recognition issue Turn off music
Incorrect insertion of SIM card Insert SIM card properly
Software bugs Reset infotainment system
Electronic interferences Turn off electric devices and mobile phone hotspots

Expired subscription of Bluelink

You have to purchase the Hyundai Bluelink subscription to use their active internet connection, which allows you to use several infotainment features to make your trip memorable.

Hyundai gives a 3-month free subscription to their customers with a 3GB data package. However, you need an active subscription after the free trial completion.

Sometimes, you can see “no network response” message on the touch screen while using this feature because of the poor internet connectivity. The issue arises because of the expiration of the Bluelink subscription.

Many people forget to resubscribe the Bluelink after completing their free trial. You can get the Bluelink subscription by ensuring that you are enrolled. Moreover, you can also visit Hyundai’s official website to purchase the internet subscription.

Disabled Wi-Fi hotspot

You have to enable the Wi-Fi hotspot from the settings menu to connect the infotainment system with an active internet connection.

You can face the issues because of the disabled Wi-Fi hotspot in the settings menu. Many people do this unintentionally while searching for other features. However, you can also turn it off when you are not using an internet connection to save the data.

I also did the same and then forgot to turn it on. I was trying to play online music streaming to enjoy my journey and saw no network response message on the screen.

I became worried and reset the infotainment system, but the issue remained. I realized that I disabled the Wi-Fi last night, and then I turned it on by navigating to the home screen.

I selected the setup option and then clicked on the data option. I enabled the Wi-Fi and entered the password to restore the internet connection.

Non-updated navigation

You have to update the navigation system and software of your Hyundai Palisade for an active internet connection.

You cannot get the specific location on the map because of the non-updated navigation system. However, the Hyundai server automatically launches some updates in their vehicles when your SUV has a proper LTE connection.

Many people complain that most of these updates are not installed in their Palisade successfully. Moreover, the issue also comes when you ignore the update message on the screen.

Many drivers intentionally ignore the update message on the infotainment screen because they do not want to make significant changes to their vehicles.

You should not ignore the update message on the screen while driving. It is necessary to update your SUV’s navigation system and software for better internet connectivity.

Poor signals

Wi-Fi needs proper signals from the surrounding satellite to provide an active internet connection. Signals become weak when you are driving in rural areas.

Satellites do not cover the rural areas, and antennas cannot catch the signals. My friend complained that he faced weak internet signal issues in crowded and well-populated areas.

He faced the issue because of the greater number of users at the same place. You cannot use your vehicle’s navigation or other infotainment features because of the weak internet signals.

You do not have to reset the infotainment system and get worried about this issue. Internet signals in your vehicle are restored automatically when you move away from the crowded area.

However, you can also install internet booster devices to amplify the signals.

Antenna issue

Hyundai Palisade contains an antenna to catch the signals from the surrounding satellite. These antennas are mounted near the vehicle’s windows.

You can get the no network response warning message because of faulty or damaged antennas. Damaged antennas cannot catch the signals for a good internet connection.

Antennas stopped working because of their loose connections and damaged cables. In addition, these can also become bad because of their age and worn-out parts.

Moisture exposure also increases the risk of corrosion on their parts. Worn-out or damaged antenna parts do not allow them to receive the signals.

Use a brush to remove rust from the antennas. I do not recommend using steel wool on aluminum parts because of paint scratching chances.

Voice recognition problems

You can see this warning message because of a voice recognition issue. It does not show relevant data on the screen because of poor voice recognition, which does not match the saved data in the Hyundai Palisade system.

Voice recognition issues usually come up when you speak fast. In addition, you can face problems because of incorrect word pronunciation.

Sometimes, the mic becomes faulty and cannot properly process the voice message. Noise from the surrounding environment also causes poor voice recognition.

You should turn off the music while using the voice recognition feature. Moreover, you should also ensure that only one person is speaking at a time to reduce noise distortion from surroundings.

Incorrect insertion of SIM card

You can use the internet connection in your Hyundai Palisade by inserting the SIM card in the designated slot. You have to insert the slim in the slots that are present on the touch screen.

You cannot use the internet data when the SIM is not inserted in the slot properly. In addition, the issue also comes when the SIM card does not have sufficient data.

You can also face problems because of the poor connection of the SIM card with the port. You cannot insert the sims correctly because of the broken and dirty ports.

It is necessary to keep the slots clean by blowing the compressed air. Moreover, you can use the Q-tips to remove the dirt from the slots.

Software bugs

Navigation or infotainment systems in your vehicles use specific software for their functioning. Sometimes, their software becomes faulty and causes the error message no network response to come on your screen.

Software glitches are common when you forget to update them. Moreover, software bugs can also come because of faulty control modules.

You can resolve the software issue by resetting the infotainment system of your SUV. Reset it by pressing the small button located around the radio.

Press and hold it for a few seconds, and you can see the Hyundai logo on the screen.

Electronic interferences

Hyundai Palisade’s internet can stop functioning because of electronic interferences. The issue comes because of the use of several electronic devices simultaneously.

In addition, interferences can also come when you turn on the mobile phone hotspot. Moreover, internet signals become weak when more than 5 devices are connected simultaneously.

You should connect only 5 devices simultaneously with your SUV’s Wi-Fi connection. It is also better to turn off the electronic devices and your mobile phone’s hotspot.

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