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How To Turn On Side Mirror Spot Lights on Ford F150?

How To Turn On Side Mirror Spot Lights on Ford F150?

Many people activate and use the side mirror spotlights of their Ford F150 for optimized safety. They are bright indicators, contain LED lamps, and resist blinking. 

How To Turn On Side Mirror Spot Lights on Ford F150? You can turn on the side mirror spot lights on Ford F150 from the buttons on the dashboard near the steering column and pressing the left and right buttons to activate their sensors.

You can use speed for their automatic regulation. However, I regulate them manually by using their buttons. 

How do you turn on the side mirror spot lights on the Ford F150?

Ford F150 has side mirrors that have spot lamps on their bottom. They are white light bulbs and have a specific wavelength.

These LED lamps make the light brighter for the driver and other people. In addition, they can make the surrounding area visible to the truck driver.

These LED lamps are beneficial for off-road driving and camping. In addition, you can use them during night driving.

However, you can activate them with a simple method. They have specific buttons on the dashboard.

They are black, small, and near to each other. You can approach them near the steering column of the pickup truck.

You can push the right and left buttons and activate them. Also, you can activate them simultaneously by pressing both buttons. 

You can turn them off by using similar buttons. However, you can deactivate them by pressing the relevant button. 

You can turn them off by reducing the speed to 5 to 7 mph.

How do you know that Ford F150 side mirror spotlights are on?

You can approach the spotlights buttons of your Ford F150 on the instrument panel. They have specific shapes according to their stock layout. 

However, they have symbols of mirrors. These symbols are usually white, and they have opposite orientations.

Their positioning indicates their properties. For example, they have the flashing LED symbol next to the mirror sign.

These symbols remain off until you push a button. They turn into yellow signs, which indicate that the spotlights are working.

Moreover, you can access bright light outside the window mirrors of the driver and passenger seat. The light is brighter during night driving.

The light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs activate when you push the relevant buttons. However, their yellow symbols stay activated until you push them again. 

Why would you turn on the side mirror spot lights on Ford F150?

Many people use them for their brightness. However, I utilize them for the following reasons. 

Identification of vehicles

The spot lamps of the Ford F150 side mirrors identify the vehicles in the blind spot areas of the truck frame. You cannot see the rear or nearby vehicles through your side mirrors in the blind spots.

The blind spots are dangerous for the pickup truck frame. Blind spot identification is essential to resist accidents.

These are integrated mirrors that have blind spot identification properties. Many vehicles enter the blind spot space of the pickup truck.

The driver can access them near the truck frame. They alert the driver about these automobiles which enter the blind spots.

These alerting conditions protect the driver from collisions. They work on the blind spot warning system.

However, these systems have specific sensors which can identify danger. The sensors can identify the vehicles near the pickup truck. 

They identify the automobiles on the rear of the Ford F150. These sensors have monitoring characteristics that cover the space behind the truck frame. 

These LED lamps identify the vehicles in these blind spots, alert the driver, and increase protection. They can monitor one lane according to their functions.

More brightness

Ford F150 side mirrors comprise LED lamps. They are bright bulbs that align in two layers.

Their brightness level benefits the truck driver during night driving. You can open the doors of your pickup truck and utilize them for maximum visibility. 

Their brightness makes the truck visible to the other vehicles in the rear. Automobiles can access the pickup truck from a distance. 

Furthermore, you can use them for camping conditions. They are beneficial when you drive towards challenging trails. 

Make surrounding visible

The side mirror spot lamps make the surroundings visible to the driver. You can identify the surrounding vehicles and road signs through these LED lamps.

They make the road visible, which improves safe driving conditions. In addition, you can access the vehicles from a specific distance. 

Furthermore, you can make different adjustments in the truck position. As a result, it removes the blind spots and keeps the truck safe. 

They can increase the visibility span of the driver. However, these mirrors can reflect the rear side of the road. 

Spotlights provide more visibility than these mirrors, and you can avoid accidents.

Beneficial for off-road driving 

Several people use their Ford F150 for off-road driving. You can drive the pickup truck in the forests and other challenging roads. 

In such circumstances, the spotlights of the truck side mirrors make driving comfortable. In addition, you can access off-road surfaces through the brightness of these lamps. 

These LED lamps can illuminate dark passages.

They use a few amperes and provide high performance. Furthermore, they make dark objects visible during off-road driving. 

Why is side mirror spot lights speed limited on Ford F150?

The LED-based spotlights of the Ford F150 side mirrors have speed limitations. However, these pickup trucks have a Spotlight Control module that regulates their functions. 

You can locate this specific module under the truck dashboard. It is accessible on the upper side of the built-in gas pedal. 

The manufacturing companies adjust the model with a push-in plastic clip. The clip offers stable performance and holds the module in a stock position.

You can slightly move the module in one corner and access the mounting tabs which hold it in one position. This module makes them speed limited.

The spotlights turn off automatically when the Ford F150 crosses the speed of 7 miles per hour. The speed limit is 5 miles per hour for a few variants.

These LED lamps turn off without manual regulations when the truck reaches 6 miles per hour. The module specifies these limitations for LED lamps. 

The gray cord is inside the connector, which operates on 12 volts. The module regulates the speed and stops the lights accordingly.

However, this module is a metallic plate. Therefore, you can disable the module for the manual regulations of the spotlights. 

You can access the module underneath the dashboard. Then, you can push the clip inward and access the mounting tabs. 

Now, you can find the gray cord which connects with the orange pin on location 2. It is a 12-volt electric power system that activates according to speed signals. 

Moreover, it activates the switch of the built-in sensor at 5 miles per hour. You can remove the wire and pin from the system to disable the module. 

You can remove the remaining parts. Then, you can slide in a compatible and flat screwdriver. Flathead screwdrivers are better for these procedures. 

You can adjust the screwdriver under the clip. Then, you can push the clip downwards and pull the electric wire. 

You can change the pin positions and disable the module. Yellow cord removal is essential, and you can perform it with a red stripe at location one. 

You can strip the gray cord and attach it to the yellow electric wire. You can utilize a soldering technique for a stable connection. 

Now, you can pull the soldered yellow cord and adjust it in the location of one of the pins. You can connect the gray electric cord in position two. 

The cord makes a specific loop from the second to the first position. Now, you can readjust the removed wires and use the spotlights without the automatic and speed-regulating module.

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