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Do SUVs Need Mud Flaps?

Do SUVs Need Mud Flaps?

Mud flaps are essential in the SUV and have various benefits. In some states, it has become compulsory as a regulatory requirement. 

Do SUVs Need Mud Flaps? SUVs need mud flaps because they protect from debris, mud, and rocks. It is suitable for off-road and protects the undercarriage, and reduces the splash residue. However, mud flaps can cause rusting due to the accumulation of humidity. These are cost-effective and easy to install.

Going off-roading has become the fashion; vehicles need to be very safe. Therefore, their designers have to add mud flaps on the back of tires.

Manufacturers offer more and more options to customers to choose from these. It is large with sophisticated technology and powerful engines. So, it is no wonder that people have been heavily using SUVs in the last few years.

Do SUVs Need Mud Flaps?

Mud flaps protect against mud and rain by preventing water from getting directly inside the vehicle and causing damage.

These save you a lot of money by cutting down repair costs and replacing parts if it gets damaged in an accident.

Suitable for off-road drive

They protect the tires from abrasion on the road and reduce the chance of tire blowout. 

These are essential to keep it dry and to avoid getting stuck. Most of us love the adventurous road and love the ride of off-roading. Your SUV tires gather the contamination, gravel rocks, fling away against the side, and hit it. 

Damage that causes during off-road driving you can protect after attaching the mud flaps that act as a barrier. To avoid colliding with the vehicle, any debris or small rocks that strike the side are thrown significantly far forward by these.

Prevent accumulation of debris

Going off on any road is always a matter of concern for riders who want to secure it from mud and debris. 

For this purpose, SUV operators and riders require flaps installed by the manufacturer or aftermarket to prevent debris present on roads collect around the bottom and cause damage to its internal structure. 

Installed flaps deflect mud direction and stop it collect around vital parts. Moreover, it significantly reduces its operational as well as maintenance costs it. Hence, it is a purpose-built safety to secure it from dirt and debris. 

Reduce the vehicle splash residue

Whenever it moves on the road, especially those roads that are bumpy and rough, then it encounters a lot of mud and splashes of accumulated water containing mud.

This mud-laden water splashes whenever tires pass over this. If this splash cannot control, then it accumulates debris at the bottom. 

This debris causes loss to its operational capability and adds to maintenance cost manifolds. However, you can overcome it when mud flaps are installed around tires to reduce the splash of residue.


When it comes to operational cost and maintenance-related expenditures, it is effective is a most desired matter for its owner. 

Mud flaps installed avoid unnecessary maintenance due to accumulated mud or splash residue at the bottom and vital operational parts. In this way, its role is existential to the cost-effective operation of your vehicle.

 Moreover, frequent repair and cleanliness of mud slaps make them further efficient to counter and resist mud accumulate beneath the vehicle. 

It also decreases maintenance and expenses. In this way, vehicle wash time intervals also save your cost due to this convenient opportunity. 

Protect underside area

Due to dirt on the road surface, the underneath of it can usually affect by these. 

 As this well-established fact that most vital parts for operation are present at this portion, accumulated mud can inflict more harm. Hence, it is a priority to protect that part. 

Therefore, mud flaps are installed around tires to ensure that they deflect and deviate mud splashed from the road surface to the under portion of it.

 In this way, the underside area of your SUV can protect from mud and dirt of bumpy and coarse roads surfaces. In addition, due to its proper working and proper installation, you can get a quick return on investment (ROI). 

Maintain SUV paint

These are expensive vehicles that often entertain the luxury of the affluent class. Their paint is their genuine outlook. 

Any defect or damage to paint cost you loss of charm of your vehicle. Most of the time, dirt and mud spilled from the vehicle wheels, combined with other corrosive elements, cause the paint to deteriorate.

 Therefore, mud flaps are attached around the wheels to deflect and deviate the splash direction of mud-laden water. In this way, mud and debris will not splash to paint its body. Hence, the paint of the vehicle will secure from deteriorating impacts of mud and dirt. 

It maintains the undercarriage in good condition and decreases the expenses and cost over it. In this way, paint maintenance is also a source of saving costs. 

Act as a shield for tires

The use of mud flaps in the automotive industry has been around for decades. It served as a protective cover for the tires and has also provided a good grip. 

These protect the tire against road conditions and reduce the risk of punctures. Finally, a mud flap is a protective cover for the tire. It can use as a passive safety item, and it’s a great protective measure against the water. 

Mudflaps on the vehicle, on the other hand, are not just for that but also excellent protection against mud, snow, and dust.

Due to large mud sprays, it is pretty easy to install these over the SUV. Additionally, when a vehicle enters the market, you can customize it by installing custom tires and wheels.

Big tires look stylish and beautiful, but from the fender, they protrude out rather than standard tire size. 

When you compare it to the conventional wheel sizes, these throw and splash more debris, causing harm to the environment. 

Different Types of Mud flaps

When you want to buy the mud flaps, consider some aspects like their composition and style. It is available in various options like rubber, plastic, metal, carbon fiber, and silicon. 

The first two are the more preferable for you because it is cost-effective. For example, carbon fiber is best in its quality but too expensive to buy it. 

There are several types I will discuss in this article that are following.

Rubber mud flaps

Whatever the type, these act as barriers that keep particles away while driving. These are heavy-duty made up of high-quality materials like nylon.

 Although these are best, you should often replace them because their degradation occurs quickly than the other due to rough terrain. 

These are suitable for trucks and heavy-duty vehicles. It has more flexibility and durability give better coverage. 

Plastic mud flaps

Plastic mud flaps are suitable for small-sized vehicles. These also have good flexibility and durability, similar to rubber mud flaps.

 However, hard plastic is not a better option for extreme weather conditions, and its flexibility is also low. 

Metal mud flaps

Metal mud flaps are the best source of protection. These are deflecting the mud and are relatively rigid. 

Customized style of mud flaps

These are available in various customized styles that make them more valuable and good. It includes the flat straight style, integrated mold style, and hitch-mounted mud flaps. 

These are available in rubber and plastic. With the quick-release bracket, you can install it so that its removal is easy for you. Some of these are mesh types that allow air but not rocks. 

Integrated mud flaps are fit easily and their size due to their customized molded shape. 

Hitch mounted style fits according to the space behind its tire. 

How to install mud flaps on your SUV?

You can install these in two ways according to their design ad specification. Few can fit with drilling and others with the non-drilling method. 

Add mud flaps without drilling

You have to clean the area where it needs to fit. Then, adjust the space among the tire and wheel well by turning the front wheel to the left. Next, compare it to the available space and size, so hold it up and check out. 

Manufacturer pre-drilled the hole into the wheel well, so find out and remove the fastener and check slots. 

Drilling method

In this process, you also need to clean the area, make space, and determine the exact installation area like mentioned above. 

If the manufacturer does not make pre-drilled holes, then take measurements according to its condition and mark the area where it is necessary. 

According to the template, make a hole, position these flaps with the screw, and tighten these. 

Disadvantages of adding mud flaps on an SUV

Many owners complain that these affect the vehicle speed due to high aerodynamic drag, but with time this concept also vanishes. The aerodynamic drag effect decreases due to advancement in its specification.

However, the vehicle bottom protects by these when debris, gravel rocks splash to hit it that minimize the moisture but may get access to the inner parts and deposit on it. 

It endures, but the repeated spray of mud splashing and debris, dirt, and dust can entrap into the fenders with exposed holes. 

The point where it can install and designs are susceptible to corrosion. These with installation ways like drilling can also become the source of rusting for the SUV frame.

 It happens when screws and fasteners cannot fix properly, and loose tightening can cause moisture build-up.

Which States require mud flaps on SUVs?

Regulation for the mud flaps can vary from state to state. However, vehicle baseline like width, length, ground clearance can fulfill the requirement according to the legal guideline. According to the survey, 35 states follow the rules and regulations, while 14 do not. 

You can mount them on 5-7 inches or less from the ground in Delaware, Texas, Missouri, and Arizona state according to law. Alaska state law allows different like 13-15 inches from the ground. 

In this way, some states like Maryland in which vehicle tire width indicate the mud flaps distance from the ground and both have the same value.

Some states, including Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, the District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maine, and New Mexico, do not require mud flaps.

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