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How to Use Active Drive Assist on Ford F-150?

How to Use Active Drive Assist on Ford F-150?

Many people do not know the benefits of active drive assist on their latest Ford F-150. However, I use it to stabilize the pickup truck in a straight lane. 

How to Use Active Drive Assist on Ford F-150? You can use active drive assist on Ford F-150 by selecting the features on SYNC 4, pressing driver assistance, pushing adaptive cruise control, moving the lane centering toggle towards the right to activate, and pulling it back to deactivate. Push the support button on the steering wheel to turn it On and Off.

Several individuals utilize this feature to reduce the tendency of crashes. However, I use it for comfortable drives with my family. 

What is the method of using active drive assist on the Ford F-150?

Ford’s latest models come with active drive assist. It is a unique technology that depends on camera detection and sensor performance. 

The camera faces the driver’s face and detects the driving posture. However, it can identify the position of your head while driving a pickup truck. 

The camera can identify and track your eye movement. It ensures your focus on the road while your hands are on the steering, and you can remove them. 

I wear sunglasses while driving my 2022 Ford F-150. It detects my eye position through sunglasses and warns when the focus reduces. 

However, you can use it by enabling the feature on the infotainment system. The latest models of the Ford F150 comprise the SYNC4 system. 

You can activate it through the built-in settings. Furthermore, you can tap on the touchscreen and push the icon features. 

Then, you can select the option of driver assistance on the screen. You can access the other tab, which shows the cruise control icon, and select it. 

You can push intelligent or adaptive cruise control. You can move the toggle on the right side to turn on the lane centering. 

It activates through this procedure, and the camera identifies the driving posture and eye focus for maintaining the truck in a specific lane. It can significantly reduce the chances of truck collisions with pedestrians, vehicles, and road hazards. 

You can activate it through SYNC 4. Then, you can regulate it with the button of the steering wheel. You can push this support button while intelligent or adaptive cruise control is on. 

The feature disables when you turn off the ignition. However, you can manually turn off or deactivate the feature by pressing a similar support button on the steering wheel. 

Why would you use active drive assist on Ford F-150?

I utilize active drive assist for optimized security and comfort. However, you can use it for the following reasons. 

Distance from other vehicles

This feature can maintain a distance between your pickup and the front vehicle. The distance range is adjustable through the settings of the infotainment SYNC 4. 

You can adjust the distance in the medium, short and long ranges. It keeps a specific gap between your truck from other automobiles and reduces collisions. 

I drive my Ford F150 at a specific adjusted speed when it has a gap from other automobiles on different roads. You can remove your hands from the steering wheel. 

Also, the accelerator does not require manual regulation. As a result, the pickup runs at the pre-adjusted acceleration after its activation. 

It maintains a specific gap from other automobiles.

Relaxed long-distance drive

The Ford F150 has several unique and versatile features in the new variants. But, drive assist is one of the most appealing options for comfortable driving. 

You can activate and use it during long-distance traveling. I use this feature on highways and long trips because it facilitates maximum comfort. 

You can sit in a comfortable position, and traveling becomes less tiring. You can remove your hands from the steering wheel for a while. 

However, you cannot change your head position and avoid eye movements away from the windshield. I remove my hands from the steering wheel to drink water. 

The camera detects my eye position and head posture and keeps the truck in one lane at a particular speed. As a result, you can handle the truck with slightly reduced focus. 

In such circumstances, the driving assist boosts the stability and protection of your pickup. You can sit comfortably and keep your hands near the steering wheel to take control instantly. 

This feature can reduce the acceleration around the turns and corners. It can resume the feature once the driver becomes attentive and holds the steering wheel.

Truck positioning in a lane

Ford F150’s new models comprise active drive assist, which ensures the driver focuses on the road by identifying the head and eye position. The feature blends the efficiency of lane-keeping assistance with adaptive cruise control. 

The lane-keeping assistance keeps the pickup truck in a particular lane. I activate the feature to drive my truck in a lane with minimum attention. 

Its position does not change until you manually turn the tires through the steering wheels. One-lane driving is beneficial to resist crashes. 

You can drive in the middle of the lane. The cruise control system adjusts the speed and facilitates maximum protection. 

It is an automatic steering system that is part of advanced driving assistance. It provides comfort and keeps the driver free from handling the steering wheel. 

Minimum accidents

This advanced feature can minimize the number of accidents. In addition, it has an alerting and warning mechanism, which reduces the probability of accidents. 

It maintains the gap between trucks and front and rear automobiles. Its primary function is to provide exceptional safety while you do not control the steering wheel. 

Furthermore, it can reduce accidents and resist life loss. It has a resistance to front collisions. It improves the truck’s performance and maintains speed with the cruise control feature. 

The truck does not collide with the walking individuals on the road. Also, it can decrease the chances of collisions, which improves the protection of drivers and travelers. 

How does active drive assist on Ford F-150 alert the driver?

You can remove your hands from the steering wheel of your Ford F-150 while using drive assist. However, you cannot leave it for a long time. 

Hands-on driving is one of the most significant specifications of this feature. The sensor of this feature does not identify the availability of hands on the truck steering wheel. 

Then, it alters the driver about this condition. A message appears on the dashboard screen to warn about putting hands on the steering wheel because the time increases from the limit. 

It warns the driver to adjust the focus on the road. You can put your eyes again on the road ahead when the system alerts you about the reduced focus. 

You cannot avoid these warnings because the system works automatically. The feature instantly cancels when you do not put your hands on the steering wheels or resist the adjustment of eye position. 

The system cancels and releases the built-in brakes of the pickup truck. As a result, the brake pressure enhances, and the truck speed reduces from the adjusted level. 

The steering wheel remains in the adjusted position, which keeps the truck and driver secure. You can resume control anytime. It triggers a message to push the accelerator. 

You can press the acceleration pedal and resume the feature and use it. 

Which Ford F-150 models have active drive assist?

You can find the active drive assist on the 2021 Ford F-150 for the first time. Then, 2021 to 2023 models of this pickup truck come with this built-in unique feature. 

It is a specific package with several safety benefits. However, it is a standard feature on the King Ranch, Platinum, and Lariat trims. 

You cannot find this lane maintaining feature on the XLT and XL trims of the pickup truck. However, its Limited trim comes with this specification and enhances the truck’s safety.

It reduces crashes by adjusting the gap of the truck from other automobiles at different speeds. 

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