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How to Wire Clearance Lights on Tow Mirrors?

How to Wire Clearance Lights on Tow Mirrors?

Clearance lights are protection equipment that provides vital information about the trailer width and alerts about the presence of a pickup truck.

The amber lights are present on the right and left front tow mirrors of a pickup truck. They are built-in features of tow mirrors on all new variants of Chevy Silverado and Ford F150.

How to Wire Clearance Lights on Tow Mirrors? You can wire clearance lights on a tow mirror by removing the four mounting tabs with a sharp tool, loose the screws and remove them. Open the tow mirror, remove the turn signal, mark the light spot, and adjust the lights through a vertical joint. Pull out the puddle light by popping it up, inserting the equipment, and cross electric wires through 1/3 to 1/4 inches holes. Cross the wiring through the white and green wire holes of the puddle light. Adjust the electric wires in the dashboard, reinstall the glass, mount brackets and fix them.

You can keep them on for several hours because they consume fewer amperes.

Around 65% to 69% of automobile users across America prefer these amber lights for better visibility and improved driving conditions.

What are clearance lights on Tow mirrors?

They are small LED lights that provide information about nearby vehicles and protect the pickup truck from sudden structure damages.

They are amber-colored gadgets with sharp corners and are adjustable on Tow mirrors of large pickup trucks. 

The wiring requires professional help because they need a direct connection with the truck’s electric power. 

They are cost-effective LEDs for better road visibility. 

A pair of clearance lights can cost you around $70 to $80. Moreover, the manufacturers provide a plastic lens with less vulnerability.

What is the method to wire clearance lights on tow mirrors?

I have explained a guide to adjust the clearance lights on tow mirrors of Chevy Silverado and Ford F150. 

Remove glass covers and tabs

Access the tow mirrors on your pickup truck and remove the external covers. Next, insert a flat screwdriver inside the mirror tab, pull it outwards, and remove the glass.

Then, gradually pull all four mounting tabs and remove them. Now, follow a similar procedure for the bottom side tabs and remove them.

It provides a clean space for the adjustment of electric wires.

Loose the screws and remove

You can find three prominent screws in this section. Two screws are on the top side, and one is on the left corner.

You can also access dual screws on the backside of the lower mirror.

Use a screwdriver, adjust it on the screws and loosen them. Avoid detachment because it may consume more time and effort.

Remove the turn signal

Now, pull both parts of the mirror apart while keeping them together.

Remove the turn signal from this section and check the available space to adjust the clearance light in the tow mirrors. 

Mark spots and adjust light

Select a spot for the light lamp and mark the area with a non-permanent marker.

Use straight edges and mark the internal grooves of the mirror. There is a vertical joint that connects the two halves of a mirror. 

Now, adjust the light inside the tow mirror on the marked spot. Also, make spots for the electric wires and holes for the screws.

Drill holes

A few Tow mirrors lack the holes for the adjustment of wires, and you can drill holes of appropriate size. 

On average, the hole for the crossover of an electric wire is around 1/3 to 1/4 inches.

Now, cross the clearance light wires through the central hole and mount the light inside the mirror body.

Detach the puddle light and turn signal

Remove the puddle light lamp from the slightly open tow mirror. Use a small-sized screwdriver with a flat front. Insert it on the lower side of the mirrors and push the puddle light.

It pops out from the installation spot. Also, the dual electric wires of the puddle lights remove from the tow mirror.

In such conditions, hide one connector with a cap and joint the other connecting point with the electric wire of clearance light. Then, focus on the turn signal bulbs and connect the electric cords.

Connect electric wires

The white and green lights of the turn signal remove from their connecting point. As a result, the red wire of the new gadget crosses the holes of green electric cords.

Also, the black cords cross the similar passage of the white one.

Connect the wires with the wiring harness, follow the door harness passage, and connect it to the dashboard. 

In this way, they can get the electric supply directly from the battery.

Now, adjust the glass together and tighten all the screws back. Also, reduce the middle space between the mirror walls and prevent moisture penetration.

Why would you wire clearance lights on tow mirrors?

Clearance lights provide versatile visibility of the front and back traffic.

Moreover, the bright lamps instantly make the truck appealing. The surrounding drivers can identify the pickup truck, and it prevents accidental conditions.

Clear driving signs

The Silverado tow mirrors can provide different signs to the surrounding drivers.

But, they are challenging to drive during night conditions because the darkness interferes with the performance.

The addition of clearance lights in the Tow mirrors provides clear signs for turns and straight movements.

In addition, these tiny gadgets alert the surrounding riders about the size of a pickup truck. In this way, you can drive your vehicle without facing a challenging situation. 

The clearance lights indicate the presence of a massive pickup truck for preventive measures.

Instant performance

They turn on quickly by getting sufficient electric supply from the truck battery.

Moreover, the lamps provide instant performance by providing signals and continuous alerts to the nearby drivers.

In addition, it indicates the width of the trailer behind the pickup truck. In this way, you can assume the space requirement for such setups.

The driving improves due to a better comprehension of trailer size, space needs, and speed control.

Compatibility with Tow mirrors

The clearance lights are compatible with the Tow mirrors and come in a package of two light lamps.

They are small but adjust vertically on the mirrors with an internal wiring system. You can drill holes to cross their electric wires. 

But, several of them have inner holes for the attachment of screws and wires. Also, the passage is clear from the tow mirror to the dashboard of the truck’s cabin.

Better road visibility

These lights on a Ford F150 are not flashy, and the small lamps provide adequate brightness.

In addition, they provide clear road visibility and make the trailers visible on the tow mirrors. 

They enlighten the mirrors instantly and can perform for several hours.

How long does it take to install clearance lights on Tow mirrors?

The procedure is slightly complex and requires professional expertise. A few packages come with built-in wires connected with the lamps.

But, in some conditions, you have to add an extra wire for connecting the Tow mirrors with the lights. A non-skilled person can consume around 5 to 6 hours to perform this procedure.

How long do clearance lights work?

The clearance lights of a pickup truck are waterproof, resist rust and repel dirt particles.

They have a variable lifespan and can work for around 15000 hours to 520000 hours.

Also, the external factors affect their functions. For example, the moisture accumulation and inadequate current supply break their internal lamps. 

They are durable but electrical surges can shorten their lifespan.

The lack of performance, dimmer lamps, and foggy lenses lead to their replacement. However, cleaning and maintenance can prolong their span up to 55000 hours.

What are the factors affecting the wiring of clearance lights on Tow mirrors?

Several factors affect the wiring procedure, but I have mentioned four significant points that interfere in this activity. First, they make the activity complicated and time-consuming.

Complex electric passage

They have complex wiring procedures because a few tow mirrors lack built-in holes for screws and mounting brackets. 

The removal of puddle lights is a challenging procedure due to the size of tow mirrors on a pickup truck. 

The lack of a wiring harness and connecting points make it a challenging activity.

Lack of separate wires

The clearance lights require separate insulated wires with efficient connectors. But, a few manufacturers do not provide these cords for a stable connection. 

In such circumstances, install separate electric wires in the tow mirror. It is a time-consuming activity with several mid-procedure challenges.

Damage to Tow mirrors

The adjustment of lights is possible without removing the entire mirror glass.

But, people pull it with sharp screwdrivers, and forceful activities damage the glass surface. The internal surface of the tow mirror and mounting brackets get damaged. 

Presence of moisture

People leave mirror glass in a moist environment for a long time. It results in the penetration of moisture and water in the equipment.

The entire system fails due to internal damages and water-resisting the wiring of lights. Also, the moisture affects the performance of installed lights.

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