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How Wide is a Full Size Pickup Truck?

How Wide is a Full Size Pickup Truck?

If you are buying a pickup truck, you should know about its width and features. Various companies make different kinds of truck cabs ranging from small to large.

How Wide is a Full Size Pickup Truck? The average width of a full-sized pickup is 75 inches. Its average length is around 230 inches. Length of pickup depends on the size of the beds, structure of cabs, and their shape.

How Wide is a Full Size Pickup Truck?

The size and width of a pickup truck vary, the main factor that predicts the actual width is the length of the cab. 

All these dimensions are approximate, and each model has its different length, width, and height.

Brand Name Total Length (inches) Total Width (inches) Total Height (inches) Wheelbase (inches)
Ford 234 to 257 75 to 82 75 to 85 149 to 168
Nissan 208 to 236 65 to 73 70 to 80 122 to 146
Honda 202 to 230 70 to 73 65 to 75 124 to 142
Toyota 225 to 256 65 to 72 65 to 80 133 to 153
Chevrolet 229 to 248 70 to 75 70 to 80 142 to 161
GMC 221 to 239 75 to 80 75 to 85 143 to 152
Ram 235 to 260 75 to 80 75 to 80 145 to 173

Cab refers to such a space where one can sit comfortably and can drive the truck Automobile companies make four main types of cabs. These four types are as follows.  

Enlarged and Extended Cabs

Enlarged cabs have more than enough space for at least two people. Each of them has its dimensions and features.

It also has some room behind the seats allowing the third person to sit there. Two doors open only for front seats. You can use the suicide doors to sit in the back row. 

Suicide doors are small, and only one person can pass through them at a time. Such doors open in the reverse direction.

In the case of a third seat, you will have to bend the front seats in a pickup truck.

There are two large windows just above the front doors and two small windows for back-row passengers. 

Trucks Having Crew Cabs

These cabs have the largest space, and six people can easily sit in them.

They have four doors, and all of them open in the same direction. There are two rows of seats. There is much more room for legs in the second row. 

In some of them, there is extra space for cargo at the back of the second row. Each door has a window attached to it.

These windows are moveable, and you can easily slide them down either by manually pulling them down or automatically. A vertical window is also present at the back of the cab. Drivers can use it to watch the traffic. 

Pickup Trucks Having Double Cabs

These cabs have functions similar to crew cabs. Four doors with four windows are present in a double cab.

There is only one difference that leg spacing of double cabs is less than that of crew cabs. You can also carry some extra weight along with you. They can either have four-wheel drive or two-wheel drive. 

It all depends on your price range. If you want to buy cheap ones, then a two-wheel drive is the best option for you. Similarly, if you have enough budget and can easily buy a 4wd, then go for it as it has its benefits. 

Trucks with Regular Cabs

Regular-sized cabs can hardly carry three people at a time. It does not have any extra space for cargo. Like other cabs, it has two doors that open in the standard direction.

There is not enough legroom for the third person. Vehicles having regular cabs are becoming extinct day by day. People are more interested in buying a four-seater drive rather than spending money on a two-seater vehicle. 

Many truck companies have stopped making such cabs in the US. Ford still makes these cabs. Companies use different names for such cabs.

You can easily recognize one depending on the seat and leg spacing available. Similarly, if you have a low budget and want to buy a cheaper one, go for it. 

Different Styles of Pickup Beds

Beds are an essential part of a truck. In case you do not have a bed, you cannot carry any heavy object or luggage with you. There are three types of pickup beds and they make a pickup wide or small.

Each of them has different spacing available for taking your belongings. Their names and details are as follows.

Long beds

Companies make long beds for those vehicles that need to carry heavy objects regularly. These beds are approximately 7.7-foot to 8.3-foot long.

You can easily place five to six heavyweight items in it. It can take them for a long time without any disturbance.

Manufacturers can also change the size of the bed depending upon the need of the customer. Their length may vary from one truck company to another.

Placing such heavy items also increases traction between the tires and the road and gives more power to the vehicle to move on hilly or snowy roads. It will also help you in stopping the truck faster whenever needed. 

Medium Sized Beds

Beds having a length of approximately 6.2-feet to 6.5-feet are medium-sized beds. They have a specific limit after which they cannot hold any more luggage.

You can read the manual and find out the exact weight it can carry. They are available in different colors. You can paint it with a new color if the color of your choice is not present.

Different companies have their selling range. The quality of the material used in these beds matters a lot. If they are of low-quality metals, then they cannot carry heavy objects for a long time. Your vehicle may break down. 

Short Ones

A short bed is approximately 5-foot and 8-inches long. It has the least space available as compared to the other two types.

It cannot carry large objects as they do not have the capacity and strength to do so. You can easily take a microwave oven, TV or cycle in them. You should also keep in mind the space available to park the truck in your house. 

Such beds are cheaper and smaller in size. You must follow the pickup truck manual before putting a load on it.

If you do not know the bed’s size, you can easily find it by multiplying the width with the length. You will need a measuring tape for this purpose.

Types of Pickup Trucks according to their Dimensions

The fuel consumption and the amount of load each can carry depicts the size of the vehicle.

Different companies make different styles of trucks. Some general categories, along with their approximate dimensions, are listed below.

Hybrid Pickups

These vehicles are generally known for their fuel efficiency. Only a few companies make such hybrid vehicles as they are expensive.

If you want to make these vehicles, then you need their dimensions. They have an exterior length of approximately 240-inches. Its width and height are around 81-inches and 75-inches. 

Midsize Pickups

You need to buy one of these if you want to carry heavy loads along with towing abilities. Their exterior width has a measurement of approximately 75-inches to 76-inches.

Overall length is between 225-inches and 226-inches. Many new models are now available in the market. The overall height of such vehicles is approximately 70-inches to 71-inches. 

Electric Pickups

Electric vehicles are the most expensive ones of them all. These are round about 71-inches to 72 inches high.

The width of these electric lorries is approximately 79.5-inches. Large heavy-duty batteries run these vehicles. They are roughly 218-inches to 219-inches long.

Heavy-Duty Pickups

Vehicles capable of carrying enormous weights and towing heavy objects without breaking lie under the range of heavy-duty lorries. Its gross weight is about 11,300 lbs. The roundabout length is 250-inches.

Heavy-duty trucks are more or less 79-inches high. The approximate body width lies between 79-inches to 80-inches. 

Luxury Class Pickups

Luxury trucks will make you feel at home. Their engine produces so much power that they can move boats and trailers with a slight force. They are the most expensive ones.

These trucks are around 75-inches high and have a width of roundabout 80-inches.

Length is such a factor that varies from one truck to another. Generally, their exterior span is 235-inches.

Full-size Pickups

A full-size vehicle can either be a full-wheel drive or a 4wd. Full-body length is more or less 19-feet and 5-inches. 

It is basically of three types as half-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1-ton pickup. These are round about 6-feet and 4-inches high. They are approximately 6-feet and 9-inches wide.

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