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Can You Use a Truck for Amazon Flex?

Can You Use a Truck for Amazon Flex?

Many people use their trucks for Amazon Flex. In this article, we have added how much can truck drivers earn from this service, along with its pros and cons.

Can You Use a Truck for Amazon Flex? Yes, you can use a truck for Amazon Flex. Truck drivers can earn approximately $15-$35 per hour with Amazon Flex. Their earning are higher than the other applications like Uber and various other delivery services. The downside is high competition between drivers, and the vacancy for new hiring often opens, and the shifts become high in demand. 

Can You Use a Truck for Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex is a delivery program in which they deliver different products or services with drivers’ help. Amazon hires these drivers for the accomplishment of delivery-related tasks. 

In Amazon flex, amazon provides the drivers a gig to earn almost per hour, around $20-$25 depending on various factors.

Requirements for Amazon Flex

If you are interested to drive for an Amazon flex gig, you have to know a couple of things. 

Require a vehicle or truck

Amazon’s vehicle selection criteria are that you have four-wheel cars or bikes it suitable according to specific cities.

Amazon Flex deliveries do not require motorbikes and scooters in their requirement. If you use a truck with uncovering bed and a coupe, it may be possible that your application may be rejected.

In some cities like New York, Amazon gives the steer-legal bicycle option, having a functional basket and helmet facility in the best condition. Bicycle drivers also follow and comply with safety regulations.  

Require Amazon Account

It is easy for you if you already have an Amazon account. Move to the website of Amazon flex and sign up. Amazon reviews your application forms and sends you a training video that tells you how it works and the job structure.

Next, they will ask you for the truck or vehicle license number and other required information related to your truck. They also verify your background with the help of some queries. 

When everything clear, let Amazon know which area you prefer for working. When all the relevant requirements are complete, you can decide your shift and work efficiently in 3-4 hours to deliver packages.

Need a smartphone

The Amazon flex application is available for the Andriod and iOS. You have to set up deliveries for this installed application.

The smartphone is also in your priority requirements because you are using it during your duty rounds for delivery purposes. If you have an iPhone, then 5s models or above are more suitable for its smooth running. 

Availability of Amazon flex in selected areas

Amazon started its pilot program in early 2015 in Seattle’s hometown, and it prevails in other cities.

There is some area where the Amazon flex products or services easily reach. If any cities are not present, you feel no worries and sign up to check your interest list.

Whenever this is available, they will give you an opportunity. The cities are Boston, New York, Dayton, and some others.

How does Amazon Flex work?

There are the following steps that help to give information regarding the delivery.

Make Block reservation

In this case, you have to download the app and set up an account. You have to wait for the new delivery chances that are favorable for you.

Next, go to the Amazon flex application and identify your area delivery blocks. Along with each offer, you will earn your expected income.

You can also feel that how much time requires completing your delivery in the target area. You have to spot you in which attain the offer successfully.

Complete your flex deliveries

On the day of your package, move toward the designated Amazon site to carry out your block. With this application’s help, compute every location and make the delivery according to the given address. You can provide the customer with the right attitude and put a smile on your face.

Obtain payment

When you do your deliveries, get payments. Amazon flex gives you direct deposition 02 times a week. Within the Amazon flex application, you can get your amount in the earning section.

Truck requirements for Amazon Flex

The truck requirements depend on the services which you provide for delivery. For amazon products order, you have a vehicle with 4 door sedan, a weight-carrying truck with the proper bed covering, minivan, or a camper. Many people use their campers for this purpose while others are using their trucks.

The cover beds give protection during weather conditions like heavy rain, storms, and the outside environment. The 4-door truck includes the Toyota Corolla, Volvo S60, and large capacity SUV.

Furthermore, you can also make an account for the 5hr logistic blocks. The 2 door trucks are not suitable for services. They do not have enough capacity to carry the package or fit into it, which assign for your shift. Trucks that do not have cover beds are not acceptable. 

You can use any vehicle for Amazon flex deliveries and Prime Now. The criteria for it are not limited to the number or size of the door and transport, respectively. Apply for the application and see which vehicle is acceptable according to the requirements and area.

Model year requirements for truck

You can choose the oldest model year for your Amazon flex app 1990. There is no limitation for your vehicle, and no truck inspection requires. You will be deactivated from services if you use the old and unreliable truck.  

Amazon truck driver criteria

For Amazon truck drivers, you can follow the rules and regulations. It includes

  • The age limit should 21 years or older.
  • Require a social security number.
  • Check the background, then pass them.
  • They have an Amazon flex access vehicle with proper requirements.
  • They have a legal driving license.
  • You have to give them the auto-insurance proof.
  • Have a smartphone with android with version 6.0, 4.4, or high. An iPhone can also be best for them with the best version of iOS 13 or new.

What vehicles are used by Amazon Flex?

Amazon flex deliveries are made by different suitable vehicles, from electric veins to the robot. They can deliver the blocks to around 100 million US members and other customers. Furthermore, Amazon uses almost ten (10) types of vehicles to deliver packages.

Amazon air and ocean freight

They tackle with china import products through the reserve space on the ocean ship and arrange their logistics, they cannot own any vessel by itself.

Amazon truck trailers

In 2015, it purchased thousands of trailers to accomplish the goods transportation. The supply capacity depends on the trucking partners. 

Personal vehicles

Drivers deliver the packages through the Amazon Flex program. The drivers can use the specific vehicle. They can use those which fulfill the criteria like a midsize sedan or higher than this.


Scout use for the nearby homes and move at a walking pace but small in size. Many other vehicles also use for the Amazon services. It includes Embark driverless trucks, Mercedes Benz sprinter vans, Multimaster walk-in vans. 

7-seater SUV

This vehicle has a greater cargo capacity than other vehicles, and in the US, these have a 50% more selling rate. Here is an available list of 7suv luxury vans.

  • 2020 Acura MDX
  • 2019 Audi Q7
  • 2020 Infiniti QX60.

How much Amazon Flex truck drivers make?

Amazon flex shipment gives you per hour around $16-$25 along with the 1 to 4 hours packages ranges. Payment for the delivery packages is fixed and depends on the shift timing, area, and barriers.

The blocks are of different types, and the price for all also changes like Amazon Prime Now, complete food market blocks, and Amazon Fresh. The payment for all the blocks around $15-$20 per hour with customer tips. 

If you have a large truck with adequate capacity, earn a lot from the flex. It includes SUV and van with best holding capacity and shift duration also high makes money more. 

The benefit of this business is that you know the profit before earning and sign up. Some other applications like Uber and Lyft do not show any guarantee related to income.

Maximum hours for Amazon flex earning

You can work for Amazon 8hours per day and week 40. The paid deposit may fluctuate according to the tips, area, and time duration for complete deliveries.

It depends on the market structure where work opportunity always presents. It provides an excellent opportunity whenever you want to work. You have to know that how much you can earn from it.

In this case, more demand is physical rather than food delivery. Most of the students avail this opportunity around their free time. With this app, you can work independently with full excitement and inspiration.


If any difficulty occurs in the application and pays, then make multiple emails at a time. It is not a full-time income source for you, and it can link with other application gigs.

It is difficult for you to find the address. In unfamiliar places, you face the problem because each apartment and housing have a different structure.

Your working capacity slows down due to this reason. Amazon does not reimburse your vehicle expenses like maintenance, gas, parking tickets. 

Amazon flex truck driver story

John uses many flex services like Uber, Lyft. He says flex gives him more profit and earns around $30 than the wild share service in which maximum income was almost $20-$25.

He says during the events like Christmas, the flex rate goes high, and it is difficult to make all the flex deliveries and space for it.

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