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Is It Weird For a Girl To Drive a Truck?

Is It Weird For a Girl To Drive a Truck?

Many girls have a passion to work as truck drivers, but this dominant male society considers it weird and sometimes creates problems for them.

Is It Weird For a Girl To Drive a Truck? In general, some people consider it weird for a girl to drive a truck as she is supposed to have a delicate body and soft nature that allows them to do household activities and some lighter tasks. In addition, they have lesser knowledge about the trucks and their parts and can get stuck on the highway when it breaks down. Moreover, there are fewer female drivers due to less interest, which makes it odd for other girls interested in being a driver. Furthermore, they cannot make quick decisions compared to men, which is a requirement of this job.

Some girls do not turn their dreams into reality due to the weird looks and smiles of people looking at them while driving on the roads, making them feel uncomfortable.

Furthermore, a few can efficiently handle the comments and behaviors and follow their passion.

Why is it weird for a girl to drive a truck?

Many people consider it weird when they see a girl handling a large-sized truck and driving alone on the highway for many reasons.

Delicate nature

Females are known for their delicate nature and do only those tasks that require lesser effort. All of them are supposed to work at home or mainly in the kitchen.

There is a concept about females: they cannot handle challenging tasks efficiently and only do household chores.

It is assumed that they cannot handle the pressure efficiently like men. They can only manage tasks of cleaning and cooking.

However, this concept is vanishing now because they are participating in all tasks that were only considered suitable for men.

So, women’s delicate nature and inability to manage the tasks make it feel weird when anyone sees them handling an oversized vehicle.

Less knowledge

Females are not fully aware of the vehicle’s components and do not know how to fix such problems.

This can lead to problems when the semi-truck breaks down on the highway and there is no one to help them fix the issues.

The male drivers have a good knowledge of the vehicles as they have a keen interest in driving and dealing with associated problems.

Furthermore, they can manage the inconvenient circumstances efficiently compared to girls as they have a good knowledge of the trucks and the possible reasons for their failure.

A small number of female drivers

A few females have adopted the profession of driving a truck worldwide; that’s why they face more challenges than men.

Almost 5 to 6% of women work as drivers in the US in a population of nearly 3 million people who have adopted this profession.

In addition, the ratio of males and females in the trucking profession is not even 30:70, and there are almost 80 to 85% males and 15 to 20% females.

It is not unusual because a few females dare to leave their comfort zone and take it as a challenge when they have to meet their passion or support their families.

There are many cases when females choose this profession because it fascinates them and they want to do something unusual in their lives.

However, a few of them move to this profession because it pays a handsome salary that helps them run a family when they have no other male person to meet their demands.

So, a small percentage of females in the trucking companies makes this job weird for them to continue as a profession.

Girls do not like to be a truck driver

A large population of females willingly agreeing to drive a truck is of little or no interest.

However, a few girls are interested in driving an oversized vehicle when they see their father or other close person and develop a desire for it.

Some of them take a step and show courage to enter a field that is not made for them according to the concept of society.

Therefore, they have to face different things when people oddly stare at them and pass a weird small to show their inferiority.

Many time male drivers make it weird for the females when their truck pass by a vehicle that is under the control of a girl, and they show a weird smile on their face.

Unable to make quick decisions

Women are not considered powerful as they are indecisive and cannot make decisions quickly.

They take more time to process their thoughts by analyzing the facts and figures before making a final decision.

However, men are mentally strong and can handle stressful conditions very well compared to girls.

This ability makes them perfect for this job as they can reduce the onset of accidents and deal with such scenarios efficiently.

The misconception is that they do not know how to drive and tackle different situations.

Why should girls drive a truck?

Many girls desire to drive a truck, and it looks good to see them driving a pickup or semi-truck.

It helps in boosting their confidence that they can also learn the skill and drive such a massive vehicle.

Moreover, they can use it to facilitate themselves when there is no man around them to take them shopping or to leave the children at school.

In addition, it gives them a sense of responsibility when they haul the items and take them to a destination. Accordingly, they have a huge responsibility of delivering an item.

Furthermore, it helps improve their driving skills, who have little knowledge of handling a vehicle, allowing them to adopt trucking as a profession later.

They can learn to handle a semi-truck on challenging roads with uneven surfaces and different terrains.

Are there any companies that hire female truck drivers?

Many companies are mainly focused on hiring male truckers, and a few have a margin for accommodating willing girls as drivers.

This step by the companies like AFS Logistics has helped to support the gender diversity concept and provide career advancement opportunities to both males and females.

The AFS Logistics contains almost 50% to 56% women and is interested in hiring more dedicated girls to give them a chance to explore this field.

Furthermore, Altom Transport, Inc and American Central Transport have also hired female drivers.

The Andrus Transportation services have no specific behavior based on gender, religion, etc., and have an equal number of men and women as drivers.

Furthermore, there are almost 60 to 65% girls in the office staff of Artur Express, 10 to 12% drivers, and 40 to 43% in the management team.

In the same way, you can look at the Centerline Drivers, CFI, and Garner Trucking provide equal opportunities for female drivers with some other quality benefits like paid maternity leaves.

Do men like girls who drive trucks?

Different types of opinions are brought into notice from males as some husbands are happy that their wives are not dependent on them for any favor like dropping them in a shopping mall.

However, many people have dominant male nature and never like women to enter their professions like trucking.

Furthermore, some boys have no issues and do not create problems for them who love to be truck drivers and, in fact, say that they look cool wearing a uniform of the trucking company.

In contrast, some believe girls driving sports cars or sedans look more attractive than those driving pickup.

So, many men have issues in this aspect and add negative comments, but a few men motivate them to take a step in this direction.

Do all people consider it weird when a girl drives a truck?

I surveyed 916 people, including males and females, to know their opinion about a girl driving a truck, whether it sounds odd or a usual thing to them.

According to a survey, almost 614 people (67%) said it is weird to see a girl as a truck driver because this profession is unsuitable for those delicate ladies.

However, 193 people (21%) said it is not weird to see female drivers as they have seen many colleagues and close ones working for a long time in the companies.

While the remaining 109 people (12%) said that females are not supposed to drive massive vehicles, and the cars suit them, it is not a big problem if someone wants to do it.

What do girl truck drivers say about this?

There are different opinions as most girls are satisfied with their job and enjoy their profession, while a few have to face challenges.

The girls can earn a handsome amount from trucking companies as this is a hectic job and pays a lot. I have seen many truck drivers bring their girlfriends who have a passion for trucks.

“I have to work after my husband’s death, so I choose this profession because I have skills and knowledge about it.”

Females have to suffer a lot when they move to a profession not suitable for them to choose. However, a few dedicated girls can take a step to fulfill their passion.

“I have chosen trucking as a profession and faced several challenges about this odd job, but it gave me the courage to tackle such circumstances.”

It is true that a woman plays a role in the success of a successful man, but a few men have the potential to support their girls and motivate them to pursue their careers in the desired direction.

“It is a tough job that demands long duty hours, but I dare to follow my passion because of the supportive nature of my husband, who deals with all the stuff.”

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