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Why Do People Think Subaru is Made in Australia?

Why Do People Think Subaru is Made in Australia?

Subaru is an automotive brand that has introduced cutting-edge technology in its models having outstanding visibility and stability controls. It has become popular in multiple countries, including Australia, as it needs strong SUVs for its challenging terrains.

Why Do People Think Subaru is Made in Australia? Some people think that Subaru is made in Australia as they are confused by advertisements for Subaru Outback promotions in which Paul Hagen participated, who had played a role in Crocodile Dundee. Moreover, these SUVs are highly used in Australia and look similar to their Fords. In addition, its badge looks similar to the Australian flag and is considered a perfect vehicle for the challenging terrains of Australia. Additionally, some people consider the word Subaru as Kangaroo because it sounds like that. 

Some people get confused by the country manufacturing Subaru automobiles as they have heard both names together many times, like Subaru Australia.

Is it true that Subaru is made in Australia?

Many people think that Subaru is made in Australia, which is an automobile manufacturing company that has been selling vehicles worldwide.

It has been a part of Australian families since the 1970s and has been widely used there. However, this creates confusion about the country where it is manufactured.

A few people know about the real country manufacturing these vehicles and get confused by Subaru Australia, which is working on a large scale in the country.

However, it is not true that it is made in Australia as it is a Japanese brand and sells its automobiles worldwide.

What makes people think Subaru is made in Australia?

Many reasons account for the confusion about the manufacturing country of Subaru automobiles.

People consider it an Australian brand due to the logo’s appearance or similarities to their local vehicles.

Australian actors in Subaru Advertisements

The Australian actors have participated in Subaru Outback advertisements that can be responsible for confusion among people.

They are somehow right in considering it an Australian brand when they see the actors like Paul Hogan as a part of these advertisements.

It was a promotion tactic by this brand to get the attention of the population. Undoubtedly, it gained popularity in a particular region, but people started to link it with this specific country.

Moreover, many promotion-based commercials of Subaru Outback have Australian heroes like those who performed in Crocodile Dundee, released in 1986.

However, the reality is that this automotive brand only sells SUVs in this region but manufactures them in the Japanese markets.

Widely used in Australia 

These vehicles are widely used in Australia, which makes people believe that this automotive brand belongs to this country.

In this country, the number of these SUVs is increasing fast as there were almost 35,000 to 40,000 SUVs and Hybrid vehicles in 2013.

However, their number has increased from almost 50,000 to 54,000 in 2017, which shows people’s trust in these highly efficient vehicles.

In addition, it is considered the 9th highest selling brand in this region dealing in automobiles. Moreover, it has produced almost 18 to 20 million SUVs running on the roads globally.

Almost 7000 to 7500 and 4500 to 4800 units of Subaru Forester and Outback have been sold in Australia, which is known to beat the challenging terrains of those roads.

Sounds like Kangaroo

Many people have added that they are confused by the name of Subaru, which sounds like a Kangaroo.

It has been seen on many forums and discussion platforms that people are giving such reasons for their misunderstandings.

Moreover, it is a Japanese word that means to unite and has no link with the Australian language. Furthermore, you can also look at their emblem, which contains multiple stars of different sizes together.

It depicts the unity and strength of the brand that can provide a versatile and efficient vehicle to survive on challenging roads.

So, it is just a fun part that some people perceive this word as a Kangaroo, but it does not mean or even sound like it.

Resemblance to the Australian flag

The Australian flag contains three elements: a star of the commonwealth, the Union Jack, and the Southern Cross on its back.

Moreover, the Subaru badge has a silver lining, blue background, and six stars on a bluish surface.

The flag also appears blue and contains six stars, which makes it similar in appearance to their badge.

Meet Australian road standards

These SUVs are perfect vehicles for Australia’s rough and tough terrains and make your journey quite interesting.

Moreover, the roads are narrower in this country than in the US and less graded. As a result, many accidents happen in this region due to skidding when vehicles exceed the speed limit.

In addition, cars can get overturned due to loose gravel on the rough and unpaved roads, particularly in the Northern territory.

Therefore, many people prefer to use SUVs built to tolerate the challenging terrains without any problems and reduce the issues of overturning and skidding.

Subaru Outback is considered a perfect solution to beat the problems of the roads in this country, which makes it an automotive brand that needs to be made only for those areas.

This four-wheel drive has been manufactured to go for running on the roads where Kangaroos are moving freely.

It contains bull bars or metal frames on the vehicle’s front end that can efficiently prevent damage.

Moreover, excessive cladding on the body keeps it safe from the damage due to salt, snow, or water when off-roading.

Similar to Australian Fords

The Subaru SUVs look like Australian Fords in terms of size, shape, colors, etc., which are the most popular vehicles there and create confusion about the brand.

Ford Australia has made vehicles with cutting-edge designs and advanced safety features. The Sporty Fiesta and Mustang provide a fantastic driving experience to the riders.

Not only can you enjoy the exhilarating performance, but it combines classic style and design.

The Mustang has aluminum wheels that can handle stress due to its strength and lightweight. Moreover, it offers comfortable seats, a leather gear knob, and multiple lights.

Its sharp corners and stylish look make it a perfect vehicle having a unique design and safety features.

There are many similarities in the features of Australian ford and these SUVs that create confusion about their presence on those roads.

Where are Subaru vehicles actually made?

Subaru is a Japanese company that manufactures cars, SUVs, and Hybrid vehicles and is owned by Fuji Heavy industries.

It is mainly manufactured in the city of Ota that is present in the North region of Tokyo.

Moreover, 20% of the Subaru is owned by Toyota, which provides the raw material for constructing SUVs as it supplies steel and other materials for arrangement.

It is a smaller producer of vehicles as there is only one bigger manufacturing plant in Gunma that is less in number than Toyota, which contains multiple factories.

One manufacturing plant is located in Lafayette, Indiana, and the other in Japan. However, it plans to expand its production industries to maintain its inventory and avoid lags.

Furthermore, Subaru of Indiana Automotive is a manufacturing factory in Indiana that has invested almost $130 to $140 million to meet the demands of vehicles in the US automotive market.

In addition, it has produced more than 3 to 4 million automobiles until 2019, which was the most significant milestone for this company in Indiana.

They have invested in installing new machinery that has improved the production capacity and produced almost 90,000 to 100,000 units in a year to facilitate as many people as possible.

What is Subaru Australia?

It is a company in Australia that deals in new and used Subaru automobiles and provides related accessories.

It has played a considerable role in providing easier access to highly efficient SUVs with an e-boxer engine that can assist combustion engines by supplying electric power.

Moreover, they allow you to own a vehicle that provides a superior grip on the road due to symmetrical all-wheel drive and driver assist technology, ensuring the driver’s safety.

Furthermore, the presence of Subaru Australia has confused a massive population because the country name is attached to a brand that makes people believe that it belongs to this country.

What do people say about this?

I surveyed 894 people to know whether they consider Subaru an Australian brand and what makes them believe that it belongs to this country.

Out of 894 people, 563 people (63%) said they got confused by the Australian flag as it looks similar to the grille badge and the presence of Paul Hogan was also the reason for this belief.

However, 233 people (26%) said they had seen many Subaru’s on the roads of this country, and many Australian fords look like these vehicles.

While the remaining 98 people (11%) said that they are never confused about its manufacturing country and always considered it like a Japanese brand as it is a Japanese word.

The Australian flag has played a main role in creating confusion as it has a similar blue color and the presence of stars on it even in the same number.

“I thought that Subaru means an Australian automotive brand due to similarities between its logo and the flag of this country.”

The Australian actors appeared in the Crocodile Dundee while sitting in the Outback and driving through different terrains to show the Suv’s strength to survive in tough conditions.

“The appearance of Paul Hogan in the Subaru Outback commercials made me think it does not belong to Japan.”

The brand name was derived from a Japanese word that means “unite,” which helps clarify the source of these vehicles.

“I had considered it an Australian brand until I came to know about the origin of their name and its meaning.”

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