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Is LLumar And Suntek The Same?

Is LLumar And Suntek The Same?

Window tints of several brands are available in the market, and it is highly difficult to find the correct product for your car. LLumar and Suntek are the famous automotive tint manufacturing brands that have been working for years. Many people think that both of these are the same, but it is not correct.

LLumar and Suntek are not the same because both of these are different manufacturing brands. Lumar was launched more than 60 years ago, while Suntek is also an automotive tint manufacturing company that was established almost 30 years ago. These are different from each other in terms of their cost, warranty, radio interferences, popularity, quality, heat radiation efficiency, and cure time.

People get confused between their products because of their strong reputation and reliability in the market. However, both of these are different brands that manufacture window tints of different qualities to maintain interior temperatures.

Are LLumar and Suntek window tints the same?

LLumar and Suntek are two different window tint manufacturing brands, but they have similar goals. It is difficult for the common man to distinguish their products because of their same functioning.

These have minor differences that are helpful to improve their reliability and competition in the market. LLumar is a USA-based automotive tint manufacturing company, but they supply their window films all over the world.

Moreover, this brand supplies both automotive and architectural films for your homes to make the interior environment better. It is a famous brand because its window films are also used for decoration purposes and graffiti protection.

They use the carbon XP technology for window film manufacturing that provides better heat and UV protection. In addition, it has more than 60 years of experience in the window film manufacturing industry.

Suntek was established in the 1970s, and its main motive is to provide high-quality and durable products to its customers. It is a USA-based company that is located in Virginia and has working experience of more than 30 years.

Moreover, both of these companies use different technologies, and they use the AIR and CTX window films to protect against infrared heat.

What are the similarities between LLumar and Suntek window tints?

These brands are not the same, but they share common similarities because of their similar goals and products. Their products provide better heat rejection to protect your skin from sunburns that come because infrared heat directly comes from the sun.

My friend also installed it to protect his face from sunburns, which are common in summer seasons. He put the Suntek window film in his car because of its better heat rejection.

However, I recommend you consider your budget, the availability of particular tints in nearby hardware stores, and specific needs during installation. My friend selected the Suntek because of its better heat rejection.

In addition, both of these window films reduce the glare that is produced because of sunlight exposure. These help improve fuel efficiency by optimizing the air conditioning unit’s functioning while maintaining the interior temperature.

I installed the LLumar in my car because of its darker shade, which provides more privacy for the passenger cabins. People on the road cannot see inside your vehicle. In addition, I realized that the thick coating on glass surfaces also decreased their scratches and shattering chances during road impacts.

How are LLumar and Suntek different?

Both of these are different brands, but people still face issues while selecting their products. Both of these are durable window films, so it is better to consider your budget and their availability when selecting one of them.


Features Suntek LLumar
Cost $150 to $200 $150 to $250
Warranty 5 to 6 years Lifetime
Radio interferences More chances of radio interferences No radio interference chances
Quality Low quality as compared to LLumar High-quality window tints with 99% UV rejection
Heat reduction efficiency 85% 81%
Cure time More than 40 days 15 to 20 days


These window films are different from each other depending on their cost. These have different costs because of their reliability and certain features.

You can find LLumar different tints for $150 to $250. On the other hand, Suntek is available for $150 to $200, depending on your vehicle’s window size.

It is necessary to consider the budget while selecting them. You should consider the cost-effective and budget-friendly option according to your specific needs.


The company provides the warranty of their different items to gain the trust of customers. In addition, the specific warranty of window films shows that these last longer in your cars without the risk of peeling and scratching.

LLumar window tints are highly durable and are designed to last longer. The company can give free replacement when window films become vulnerable to peeling and cracking before 10 years.

A specific warranty is helpful to ensure the longevity of the product. You do not have to replace these frequently because of the peeling issue.

Suntek window tints only last for 5 to 6 years, and you have to replace these after that specific period.

Radio interferences

Suntek provides dyed, ceramic, carbon-coated, and metallic tints. Their window tints are vulnerable to radio interference, which can affect the function of radio devices in your cars.

The interruption issue comes because of the disruption of signals from radio devices and metal films. My friend also installed their window films in his SUV, and he complained about the erratic key fob functioning.

He told me that he tried to open the door with the key fob, but he could not because of a disruption in signal transmission. He checked the key fob batteries, but these had enough charge.

I recommended my friend replace the Suntek with LLumar ceramic tints that do not have any radio interference issues.


LLumar window tints are of high quality because of the nano-ceramic technology. These are designed to efficiently reject heat and maintain your vehicle’s temperature.

In addition, these can keep the passenger cabin cool during the summer. These are less vulnerable to bubble formation, which can affect the visibility.

They have better optical clarity, which is helpful to improve visibility on the road. They block 99% of harmful UV radiations that affect your skin.

Heat reduction efficiency

Suntek provides better heat rejection as compared to LLumar. It provides 85% of heat rejection during the daytime, which usually comes from direct sunlight exposure.

These have better heat reduction efficiency because of their thick film. It has a thickness of about 11.6 Mil, which is enough to reject the infrared heat that causes skin diseases.

However, LLumar has more annual revenue and customers because of the customization. Their tints are available in customized designs, and you can select these according to specific needs.

Cure time

Cure time is the drying time that window tints require for drying. The time can vary according to specific brands and environmental conditions.

Suntek has a cure time of about 45 days, which means that you cannot use your vehicle for this specific time. LLumar has a cure time of 15 to 20 days, and it can also decrease during summer days because of dry and hot air.

Wet air during the spring and winter seasons increases the drying time.

Which one is better, LLumar or Suntek?

I think LLumar is better than Suntek because of its leading experience in window tint manufacturing. I checked their reliability score by installing LLumar in mine and Suntek in my mother’s car.

I drove both of these vehicles randomly to check the heat rejection, glare, and security features of these window films. I realized that LLumar is better in terms of security and protection because of its darker and thicker films, respectively.

On the other hand, Suntek provided greater heat rejection, and I kept my car AC at a minimum, indirectly increasing the fuel economy and giving economic benefits.

LLumar also has a shorter cure time of 15 to 20 days, and you can use the surface after these 20 days. The second one has a longer cure time of more than 40 days, depending on environmental conditions.

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