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Bosch Clear Advantage vs Aerotwin

Bosch Clear Advantage vs Aerotwin

Bosch is a wiper blade manufacturing company that was founded in 1926. They produce several types of wiper blades, including Bosch ICON, Bosch clear advantage, Aerotwin, and Retrofit. People get confused while selecting these because they have the same functionality but different prices.

Bosch Clear Advantage is similar to the Aerotwin because of hook type, same manufacturers, graphite coating, dimensions, weight, and warranty. However, these are different from each other because of wiper blade design, noise production, visibility, wiping performance, service life, installation differences, and prices.

You have to connect these wiper blades to a wiper arm via a hook and locking clip. The main motive of the automotive wiper blade company is to enhance the safety and comfort of the drivers.

Similarities between Bosch clear advantage and Bosch Aerotwin

Both of these wiper blades share common features because they have the same functionality. You have to install wiper blades in your cars to keep the windshield clean during rainy and snowy weather and improve the visibility on the road.

Hook type

Wiper blades contain a specific type of hook that aids in their installation. You have to connect this hook with a wiper arm that allows the back-and-forth movement through electric signals.

Both of these are hook-type arm wiper blades that contain the same type of hook. These have a U-hook at their end for their attachment with wiper arms.

U-hook allow their easy attachment and detachment. I also experienced that hook-mounter wiper blades are easy to install and remove. I removed and installed them in my cars within 4 to 5 minutes without extra effort.

Same manufacturers

Bosch Clear Advantage and Aerotwin have the same manufacturing companies. Bosch manufactures different types of wiper blades that differ from each other in terms of their price tags, quality, and sizes.

Bosch is the manufacturer of these two products that are highly reliable and durable. Robert Bosch was the manufacturer of the automotive wiper blade manufacturing industry.

The company was founded in 1926, with a mission to enhance the comfort and driving experience of drivers and passengers living in extremely cold areas.

A few years back, I was driving my car in the early morning and rainy weather. I continuously used the windshield wiper to clear the windscreen for a better road view.

However, those were not effective and did not clean the glass material properly. I called my friend to get information about some good company wiper blades with 99% performance.

He told me to install Bosch wiper blades in my car, and I did the same. I did not face issues after that while driving in rainy and snowy weather because of their all-weather performance.

Moreover, these are highly durable because I installed them in my car 4 years back.

Graphite coating

Both are coated with graphite material for smooth and effective performance. These are coated with graphite to reduce the friction on the glass material, which produces scratches on their surface.

In addition, these are also helpful to reduce the grinding noise during wiping, which can come because of high friction between glass and metal parts.

Graphite coat is also beneficial to cover the metal material to decrease the risk of wear and tear on glass surfaces. Moreover, metal material does not come in direct exposure to air because of graphite coating and is less vulnerable to corrosion.

My friend was using wiper blades of a low-quality brand, and he complained about the chattering noise and watermarks on the windshield that makes your vehicle look awkward.

He said that he usually clears his windshield with a soft cloth or alcohol pads to remove the water streak marks that came because of the wiping of glass material. I told him to use some good brand wiper blades with a smooth coating.

Dimension and weight

These have the same weight and dimensions because they are from the same manufacturers. These are available in different sizes and have an average length of 26 inches. Moreover, their weight is about 3.84 ounces.

The specific length is enough for small cars and SUVs. However, you can also select larger wiper blades for luxurious vehicles that have larger dimensions.

These are lighter in weight, which is helpful to improve their working efficiency.


Bosch also provides a warranty on their products to gain the customer’s trust and ensure the durability of their product. These wiper blades have a warranty of about 2 years, and the company provides a free-of-cost replacement when you face any issue with these parts before their warranty time.

However, some of their products have more than 4 years of warranty. My friend told me that he installed the Bosch Aerotwin in his SUV 3 years back, and they are still working fine.

Moreover, he said that these require less maintenance, and you do not have to replace them frequently.

Differences between Bosch clear advantage and Aerotwin

Bosch clear advantage is different from Aerotwin and they have different price tags because of their distinct features affecting their performance. Bosch clear advantage is available in $10 to $15 depending on their different sizes. Aerotwin is costly because of its specific design, and these are available for $30 to $35.

Features Bosch Clear Advantage Aerotwin
Wiper blade design Clip-on adapting system OE equivalent adapters
Noise production Minimum noise production Silent
Visibility Less visibility Dual rubber coating provides more visibility
Wiping performance Less wiping performance More wiping performance because of aerodynamic spoilers

Wiper blade design

Both of these differ from each other because of the specific design of their wiper blades. Bosch clear advantage contains a click-on adapting system, which makes the installation procedure easy.

These are easy to install, and you can attach them to the wiper arms within minutes. Moreover, these are compatible with the wiper arms of several vehicles.

However, the Aerotwin OE-equivalent adapter system is challenging to install. In addition, these are only compatible with a few car models. You have to check their compatibility while selecting these for your cars.

You can only install these in vehicles with pre-mounted hooks for OE-equivalent adapters. In addition, it has an aerodynamic design because of the presence of a wind spoiler.

It also allows equal pressure distribution throughout the glass surface of the windshield.

Noise production

Aerotwin contains a dual rubber coat, which provides smooth operations. These are silent wiper blades and do not produce any noise during wiping.

You do not hear grinding and chattering noise because of the dual rubber coating. Moreover, these have graphite coating that helps smoothen the metal material.

Bosch clear advantage also has minimum friction and noise production, but these are less reliable than Aerotwin.


These are also different in terms of their visibility, which is a major concern for drivers. Aerotwin is highly efficient in improving visibility during snowy and rainy weather.

Dual rubber coating allows these wiper blades to remove the snow and rainwater from the glass material effectively.

In addition, it provides high performance in all weather conditions. Moreover, graphite coating is a protective film to protect these from different weather conditions and damages.

Wiping performance

Aerotwin has better performance than Bosch clear advantage because of its different design. It has flat wiper blades that effectively remove the snow, water, and contaminants from the windscreen.

Moreover, their working efficiency also increases because of aerodynamic spoilers. These spoilers are helpful to reduce the air resistance.

They can maintain their perfect angle with the windshield because of less air drag chances.

Which is better, Bosch clear advantage vs Bosch Aerotwin?

I installed both of these in my vehicles and realized that Aerotwin has better-wiping performance than Bosch clear advantage because of minimum air drag and making correct angle and proper contact with the glass surface of the windshield.

These are more costly than Bosch clear advantage but provide more benefits. The dual rubber material helps the wiper blades to clean the windscreen and improve visibility effectively.

Aerotwin provides more visibility while driving at high speed and has more service life.

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