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Kia Optima Cooled Seats Not Working

Kia Optima Cooled Seats Not Working

Cooling seats in the Kia Optima are not connected to the car’s air conditioning system. In addition, it does not contain any refrigerant or cooling system. These include two fans mounted on the base and backside of the seats.

Kia Optima cooled seats not working can be due to clogged perforations of seats, damaged plastic bags of fans, clogged fans, placement of bags under seats, damaged seat buttons, seat cover installation, power supply issues, and damaged connectors.

The upholstery of the heated seats is porous mesh, and fans mounted on the lower side blow air for a cooling effect. Fans blow the air and make the surface comfortable by blowing air through a porous surface.

Causes Solutions
Clogged perforations of seats Clean the seat with a dry cloth regularly
Faulty fans Check the fan motor with a voltmeter
Damaged plastic bags of fan Turn n the cooled seat to check punctures in bags
Clogged fan Clean and lubricate the fan parts
Placement of bags under seats Place luggage in the cargo area
Seat covers installation Avoid using customized seat covers
Power supply issues to the fans Check fuse
Damaged connectors Replace the old connectors
Clogged air ducts and filters Pry off the filters and clean them

Clogged perforations of seats

Cooled seats in Kia Optima contain perforated upholstery to blow air and keep their surface cool. The cooling efficiency decreases because of clogged perforations.

These can get clogged because of dust and debris. In addition, poor cleaning practices also cause this problem and allow dust to accumulate in their openings.

Dust accumulation risk increases when you drive with open windows. Moreover, dust from the floor mat also comes on them, eventually clogging the airways.

In addition, clogging occurs because of the presence of food crumbs, especially biscuits and dry cakes. Many people prefer to use benzene, gasoline, and paint thinner for cleanliness, but these things are unsafe.

These products damage the upholstered material and can increase the risk of wear and tear. You can also face problems because of spillage of liquid drinks that can get inside the holes and block the airflow.

I prefer to use leather conditioners for cleaning, and it is also helpful to increase the longevity of the upholstery. Clean the seats regularly with a dry cloth instead of damp ones because it can cause blockage.

Faulty fans

Cooled seats in these cars are not directly connected to the air conditioning system. These contain two fans to cool down the base and backside.

Batteries of the vehicle power the motor for fan blades spinning. These fans become faulty because of the broken blades.

In addition, they become bad because of the damaged electrical wiring that is connected to them. Fan motors can also stop working because of clogged air filters.

Fan has to work harder to supply air because of clogged air filters, which leads to overheating of their components.

Environmental factors, including high temperature and moisture, can also cause deterioration and corrosion of their components.

You can replace the fans with new ones by checking their motors with a voltmeter. Keep the air filters clean to reduce the risk of their damage.

Damaged plastic bags of fan

Plastic bags are also present on the backside of the Kia Optima seats to redirect the airflow. These plastic bags are connected to the backside to supply the air and keep the surface cool.

Damaged airbags cannot redirect the airflow on the porous surface and reduce their efficiency. These can get damaged because of their age and exposure to high temperatures.

Plastic material is also delicate and is not designed to last longer. In addition, small punctures can also come in these bags because of physical impacts.

Punctures cause air leakage, and you cannot feel the surface cooled after turning on the feature. It is better to inspect the bags by removing the covers. You can check the puncture in the bags by activating the feature.

Clogged fan

Fans beneath the seats blow air throughout the surface for the cooling procedure. The working efficiency of the feature decreases because of the clogged fan.

Clogged fans are more vulnerable to failure because of overheating issues. They have to work more to cool the surface by blowing more air.

Clogging of fans occurs because of the presence of dust and dirt in the interior cabin. They can suck the dust from the floor and outside environment.

You can clean their parts by tilting the seats slightly forward. Disconnect the power supply and electric connections for cleaning purposes.

Clean the fan and lubricate their parts properly for smooth functioning.

Placement of bags under seats

Cooled seats also stop functioning when you place different materials under them. Many people prefer to place shopping bags and grocery items under the driver and front passenger seats instead of putting them in the cargo area.

Placement of these bags and newspapers can block the air vents, and fans cannot blow the air on the surface properly. It decreases air intake and interrupts their normal functioning.

Avoid placing any shopping bags under the Kia Optima seats. I always prefer to arrange my luggage in the cargo area during traveling to keep the interior space free.

Seat covers installation

Many people prefer to install seat covers in their cars to give them a unique and customized appearance according to their requirements.

These covers are available in a variety of materials and colors. You cannot install covers on them because of the porous and meshed surface.

Installation of these covers can block the perforations and affect the functioning of the fan. Keeping the original seats clean is better than adding the covers to them.

Clean them regularly with a dry and soft cloth to remove dust and dry food crumbs.

Power supply issues to the fans

The cooled seats of the Kia Optima stopped functioning because of the interrupted power supply. They need a power supply from the batteries.

Several wires are connected to them to supply the electric current for the functioning of the fans. The power supply issue comes because of damaged electric wires.

It is an electric system with a fuse to protect the fans from burning out because of power surges and incorrect current supply.

You can also face problems because of the damaged buttons. Damaged buttons cannot allow the current to move through wires to activate the fan.

Buttons of cooled seats can break because of age-related deterioration and mishandling of drivers. Fuses also blow out because of short-circuited wires. You can identify the fuse’s location by reading the car’s manual or visiting their official website.

Check the electric wire connections and ensure that these are not damaged. Replace the fuse with a new but check their amperage and match it with the previous one. This will fix the problem in your Kia Optima.

Damaged connectors

Cooled seats in your car stop working because of damaged connectors. Connectors are present on their backside, and you can see them after removing their cover.

Connectors are integral parts and play a role in power supply. These can stop working because of faulty modules. Modules beneath the seats help control the fan’s functioning, which blows air through the porous upholstered material.

Modules can become hot because of voltage spikes and other faulty electric connections. Overheated modules cause the burning of the connectors.

Remove the cover from the seats to see the damaged connectors. Separate the connectors to identify them because of their irregular shape.

Replace the old connectors with new ones with the expert mechanic’s help.

Clogged air ducts and filters

These fans contain ducts and filters on their backside to suck the air. Clogging of air ducts and filters does not allow the air to cool the surfaces.

Clogging of filters and air ducts can occur because of dust and debris. The issue comes when you do not clean your Kia Optima for a long time.

Dust and debris that are present on the floor can clog the fans and filters. Remove the seat cover to see air ducts and filters with white color mesh. Pry off the filter to clean it properly, then install it again.

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