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Kia Sorento Heated Seats Not Working

Kia Sorento Heated Seats Not Working

Kia Sorento is equipped with heated seats for a comfortable driving experience during winter. Heaters that are present in interior cabins take more time to maintain the temperature. These provide quick warmth to the drivers so they can drive comfortably.

Kia Sorento heated seats not working can be due to damaged seat buttons, a faulty thermostat, overheating of the heating coil, weak batteries, broken electric wires, damaged heating elements, faulty modules, and damaged seats.

Heated seats contain a heating coil or element which is mounted beneath them. Electric wires take power from the batteries and allow the heating of this element. These include temperature sensors or thermostats for temperature maintenance according to surrounding conditions. Front driver and passenger seats are heated in these SUVs.

Causes Solutions
Damaged seat buttons Press the button slowly
Faulty thermostat Add new thermostat
Overheating of the heating coil Avoid putting towels and cushions on seats
Weak batteries Check alternators
Broken electric wires Replace the wires and the fuse
Damaged heating element Protect from water exposure and harsh chemicals
Faulty module Replace the heated seat module
Damaged seats Clean with leather cleaners

Damaged seat buttons

Its button is located near the driver’s seat so they can approach them easily. You cannot turn on this feature on Kia Sorento when their buttons become faulty.

Moreover, you cannot operate them because of damaged control switches. Regular and frequent usage increases their risk of wear and tear.

In addition, liquid spills and moisture can also affect their internal components. The spring mechanism of buttons also breaks when you push them hard.

Press the button slowly and avoid exerting force on them because it can damage the springs and their internal components.

Faulty thermostat

Heated seats are also equipped with thermostats or temperature sensors to maintain temperature. These thermostats shut off the heating element after attaining the optimal temperature.

Moreover, the temperature of the seats remains the same for about 25 to 30 minutes. The feature stops functioning because of a faulty thermostat.

It can also get damaged due to high temperatures. The faulty control module and wiring issues cannot give the correct signals.

In addition, moisture exposure and liquid spills can damage the electric components and increase their corrosion risk.

You can replace the faulty thermostat with the new one by removing the base and back of the seats. You can also get help from the expert to replace these on your Kia Sorento.

Overheating of the heating coil

The heating coil is vulnerable to failure because of overheating issues. Overheating issues in the heating element can occur because of faulty thermostats and temperature sensors.

The faulty thermostat cannot maintain the temperature and causes coil overheating. The issue also comes when you use the wrong type of seat covers.

The use of insulated covers leads to this problem. In addition, many people put towels and cushions on seats for extra comfort, which causes an overheating issue.

Avoid using towels and cushions when you activate the heated seats. Select the covers carefully and avoid using insulated material for these covers.

Weak batteries

Heated seats in your vehicle also stop functioning because of weak batteries and faulty alternators. Batteries supply the power for the activation and heating of the heating element.

Alternators are helpful to charge the batteries, but they cannot provide the charge when these are faulty. In addition, battery issues also come because of the loose connections of their terminals.

Kia Sorento batteries also become weak because of exposure to severe weather conditions. They cannot hold the charge in extremely high and low temperatures because of the disturbance of the movement of ions.

I always use a multimeter to check the battery voltage and replace the alternators if these are not working fine. Moreover, dimming headlights during driving is the primary symptom of faulty alternators.

Broken electric wires

The heating element mounted beneath the seats takes power from the batteries. It is connected to the control switches through wires.

Power is transmitted to these elements when you press the switch. Damaged wires cannot provide sufficient power because of disruption in current flow.

In addition, electric connections also corrode with time and water exposure. Short circuits are also common in electric wires because of voltage spikes.

The heated seat also contains a fuse to protect the heating element from power surges. You cannot turn on the feature because of the blown-out fuse.

Checking the electric wire connections and replacing the damaged wires is necessary. Clean the corrosion on the electric connectors with an electric cleaner spray.

Its fuse is located in the glove box. Replace the fuse with the new one if it is blown out after checking its voltage.

Damaged heating element

Kia Sorento batteries supply the electric power for the functioning of the heating element. The heating elements quickly warm the seats for the comfort of drivers and passengers during winter.

This feature can stop functioning because of the damaged heated element, which cannot provide sufficient heat.

The issue in this part comes from their regular use and long-term exposure to heat. In addition, punctures and wear and tear on the upholstery can directly affect these components.

The issue also comes when you park your vehicles outside in the summer. The chances of their deterioration increase because of exposure to high temperatures.

Liquid drink spillage on seats is also common, which can affect the functioning of this element. Water through the leather material can penetrate inside and affect their electric connections and internal components.

Water exposure can also cause corrosion of their components. Moreover, you can also face issues when children are jumping on seats.

Many people place heavy grocery bags on the seats instead of putting them in cargo areas. It increases the mechanical stress on the heating element and leads to their failure.

Excessive weight can damage the heaters that are installed beneath them. Avoid putting heavy weights and prefer to place your luggage and bags in the cargo area.

Protect these from water exposure during the cleaning procedure, and do not use harsh cleaners. You should not park your vehicle outside during summer because excessive heat increases the risk of damage to various components.

Faulty module

Heated seats in Kia Sorento contain the control module for their functioning. The control module is responsible for managing the functionality of the heating element.

It sends the signals and activates the heating element when you press the button present near the driver-side compartment. The faulty module cannot send the signals, leading to the heating feature malfunctioning.

It shuts down the power supply after detecting the power spikes or resistance in the current flow to protect the heating element from significant damage.

Testing the wires using a multimeter to inspect the voltage supply is necessary. Sometimes, voltage spikes can also damage the control module, and you have to replace them with new ones for better control.

Damaged seats

Heated seats also stop functioning because of physical damage to the leather material. The issue comes because of wear and tear and cuts on the base and back of the seats.

The wear and tear on the leather material increases the risk of heating element damage. Dust and water can come on them and affect their working efficiency.

Wear and tear on the seats come when you place sharp material on them. Moreover, leather material wear and tear are common because of their age.

Environmental exposure can also damage the leather material because it is sensitive to temperature and several environmental conditions.

Its upholstery can also wear out when you use harsh cleaners for their cleaning. In addition, many people scrub them with harsh brushes, which produce scratches on their surfaces.

I always prefer to use high-quality covers on my Kia Sorento to reduce the risk of damage. Avoid putting shopping bags on the seats and arrange them in cargo areas because these can also contain sharp materials.

Apply leather conditioners on the seat to protect the upholstery from cracks and damage.

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