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Kia Sorento Clock Not Working

Kia Sorento Clock Not Working

Many people complain that the clock is not showing the correct time on their Kia Sorento because of malfunctioned components. These are modern vehicles that do not require manual settings for time adjustment because they rely on GPS.

Kia Sorento clock not working can be due to a blown-out fuse, faulty buttons, an interrupted power supply, an issue with the time zone setting, disconnection of batteries, and software bugs.

These clocks are connected to GPS, which is helpful to update the time on the screen according to your current location. Clocks are beneficial in SUVs because they can make the drivers punctual and they reach their destinations on the correct time.

Causes Solutions
Blown out fuse Replace the media fuse
Faulty buttons Replace the damaged buttons
Interrupted power supply Tighten the loose connections
Issue with time zone settings Reset by removing the SD card
Malfunctioning of clock Use silica gel and absorbent cloth
Faulty clock display Check the warranty to get free repair
Disconnection of batteries Reconnect batteries after cleaning terminals
Software bugs Reset the system

Blown out fuse

Clocks that are present in your Kia Sorento are electronically controlled. These contain the fuse to protect their internal components from power surges.

These electronic components take power from the batteries to display the time on the screen. Sometimes faulty electric connections, poorly charged batteries, and damaged wires cause the fuse to blow out.

The issue also comes when you replace the blown-out fuse and do not install the correct one with the right amperage. In addition, these can also blow out because of overheating and age.

You can replace the blown-out fuse with a new one, but it is necessary to locate them first. Read the owner manual to locate the multimedia fuses.

The display fuses are 15A, which are in the fuse boxes on the lower right side of the steering wheel. You can see them in the third row of the fuses.

Replace the blown out, or restart the system by removing them. Remove the 15A multimedia fuse from the junction box.

Turn off your vehicle’s ignition for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Reinstall the media fuse in the junction box and turn on the ignition.

You can see the clock on the display after resetting the system.

Faulty buttons

Sometimes the clock also stops functioning because of their damaged and irresponsive buttons. Many people prefer to adjust the time on the display manually.

They can use a knob to adjust their timings when GPS is not available or working in your SUV. You cannot change the time on the display when these buttons become faulty.

Buttons can become bad because of physical damage. People often exert excessive force on them to adjust the time, which can impact their internal parts.

These become irresponsive, and you cannot use them because of the dust and debris accumulation on their sides. Moreover, liquid drinks can spill on them accidentally, leading to corrosion of their contact points and responsiveness.

Wear and tear in the button are common because of their regular use. It is necessary for you to clean the buttons with a soft cloth and avoid using any cleaners or wet cloth.

In addition, you can also replace the damaged and irresponsive buttons with new ones.

Interrupted power supply

Kia Sorento clock needs a power supply to display the real-time on the screen according to your current location. You cannot see time on the screen because of the interrupted power supply.

They cannot show time because of the blown-out fuse. Blown-out fuse interrupts the power supply to protect the internal components from voltage irregularities.

In addition, the interruption in the power supply also comes because of the broken wires and loose cable connections. Loosely connected wires do not allow the current to pass through them.

Moreover, damaged wires also cause interruptions in current flow. Malfunctioned relay and control module of your SUV also interrupts the power supply of various components.

Open the fuse box and replace the blown-out fuse of the display with new ones of the same amperage. Tighten the loosely connected wires to ensure a constant and stable power supply to the respective components.

You can also test the voltage irregularities by using multimeter devices.

Issue with time zone settings

Kia Sorento is equipped with a GPS navigation system, and they receive signals from the surrounding satellite to determine the exact location.

The infotainment system takes the information from the navigation system to adjust the time zone of your specific area. The time on the clock update automatically when you move from one area to another.

Sometimes the issue comes in time zone settings because of the failure of the GPS navigation system. In addition, the issue also comes when you do not update the navigation system.

The GPS cannot receive the signals from the satellites when these are not updated. Moreover, people also use the manual override feature to adjust the time while using the buttons, which causes an issue when you are moving in different areas.

It is necessary for you to update the software to decrease the chances of error. You can also reset the system by pressing the button inside the SD card slot area. You can use the pen or pin to press the reset button.

You can also reset the system by turning off the GPS from the clock setting. Remove the SD card, and you can see the SD card removed message on the screen.

Push its reset button with the paper clip and install the SD card again in the slot. Turn on the GPS, and your clock displays time on the screen.

Malfunctioning of clock

The clock in your SUV also stops functioning because of the malfunctioning of its internal parts. These become faulty because of water damage. Moisture can enter inside and affect their normal functioning.

It is an electronically controlled component, and water exposure can lead to corrosion, damaging the electric components.

Water can also damage the internal components of the Kia Sorento, including modules and displays. Moisture exposure causes short circuits in the wires, and they cannot show time on the display screen.

Disconnecting the power supply when water or any liquid drink spills on them accidentally is necessary to avoid short circuits.

I also faced the same issue and placed the silica gel near these components. However, you can also clean them with an absorbent cloth.

Faulty clock display

You cannot see the time on the Kia Sorento display screen because of the faulty display of the clock. The fault in the display comes because of manufacturing defects.

In addition, physical impacts can also produce cracks and chips on the screen, making it difficult for you to see the time because of distorted images.

Display issues in vehicles can also come because of exposure to high temperatures for longer. Check the owner’s manual of your SUV to see the warranty of different components.

You can consult the dealerships with the necessary documents if your clock is under warranty for replacement procedure.

My friend also faced a faulty display issue, and I told him to check the owner’s manual for a warranty. He got free display repair because of the warranty.

Disconnection of batteries

Batteries provide power to these clocks to show time on the display. Weak and dead batteries cannot provide sufficient power for the system to function properly.

In addition, the issue also comes because of the corroded and loose connections of the batteries that interrupt the power supply.

Disconnect the batteries clean their terminals, and connect them again to reset the system.

Software bugs

Software glitches and errors in the computerized system also make the clock of your SUVs faulty. You cannot see the time on the display of your Kia Sorento.

Programming errors in the software disturb the normal functioning of the clock module. Bugs and errors can also come when you do not update the system.

It is necessary for you to update the software and reboot the system. Remove the SD card from the slot when your vehicle is moving.

Press the reset button and allow the system to reboot completely. Reinstall the SD card, and you can see the time on the display screen.

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