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Kia Sorento Fuel Door Release Not Working

Kia Sorento Fuel Door Release Not Working

Most modern cars, including the Kia Sorento, contain the fuel door release and actuator to open and close them. These are beneficial because you do not have to come outside from your vehicle to open the fuel doors for refilling purposes.

Kia Sorento fuel door release not working can be due to a failure of the push button, corroded contacts of the switch, fuse issues, weak batteries, bad weather, damaged latch, electric wiring issues, damaged springs or hinges, dirt and rust accumulation, and locked doors.

Buttons for fuel door release are present near the front side of the driver seat with a fuel pump sign, and you can simply press them to open and close the filler caps. These are beneficial for drivers when it is raining outside.

Causes Solutions
Failure of the push button Use a manual override system
Corroded contacts of the switch Clean contacts with electric cleaners
Fuse issue Replace fuse
Weak batteries Check battery voltage
Bad weather Use a hair dryer and indoor parking
Damaged latch Change the damaged latches with new ones
Electrical wiring fault Inspect the wires to track loose connections
Damaged spring or hinge Replace the damaged parts
Dirt and rust accumulation Deep cleaning
Locked fuel door Unlock the door before pressing the button

Failure of the push button

Kia Sorento is a modern SUV that contains a button in its interior cabin for opening and closing fuel doors. The electric system engages and disengages the release cable for its proper functioning.

You do not have to come outside from your vehicle during the rainy season to refill gas tanks. In addition, this feature is also helpful in enhancing the safety of the drivers.

They do not have to come outside while traveling in remote areas. The push button sends electric signals to open and close the doors.

Sometimes these push buttons fail to perform their function because of the damaged internal components. These become bad because of mishandling and frequent use.

In addition, their internal components are at more risk of wear and tear because of their daily use. You can use the manual override system to open them when the electric mechanism stops functioning.

Open the trunk of your SUV, and you can see the fuel pump icon on the left side of the trunk. Use the hairpin to remove the cover and manually release the door by removing the key.

Corroded contacts of the switch

An electric button that is used to operate this fuel door is located inside the Kia Sorento. It contains metal contacts for the transmission of current and the smooth functioning of the respective component.

Corrosion can also come from the contact point of these switches. The corrosion layer causes a hindrance in current flow, and you cannot open the cap by pressing the release button.

Corrosion can come on these contacts because of seasonal changes and high humidity. In addition, water exposure and liquid spillage on these buttons also cause the problem.

I always prefer to call the expert mechanic to replace buttons and inspect their internal components because it is a complex procedure.

Moreover, you can also clean their contact points at home using electric cleaners.

Fuse issue

Fuel door release in Kia Sorento is an electric component containing the fuse to protect their components. The fuse protects its parts from irregular current flow.

Sometimes these get stuck in the closed position, and you cannot open them by pressing the button that is present near the driver-side compartment.

A few days back, I also faced the same issue and used the manual override system for their opening. The fuse of this electric system can blow out because of short circuits and irregular current flow.

Read the owner manual to check the presence of these fuses. These are present in the fuse boxes that are present in the dashboard and engine compartment.

Locate them by taking help from the manual and then replace the blown-out fuse with a new one.

Weak batteries

Batteries that are present in your vehicle are responsible for powering the various electric system. Weak and low batteries cannot provide sufficient power to open the fuel door release.

Batteries become low when these are not charged properly. In addition, the optimal health of the batteries also decreases because of parasitic drains and weather conditions.

These also become weak when you attach high-current draining equipment inside your Kia Sorento. It is better to check the battery voltage using a multimeter and replace them with new ones.

Bad weather

Certain weather conditions and outside temperatures also affect the several components of your vehicle. Sometimes the fuel door also gets stuck, and you cannot open them in the winter season because of high temperatures.

Many people do not find indoor places to park their vehicles in winter. Snow can accumulate on their different parts and affect their working efficiency.

My friend lives in a small house, and last weekend, he told me that he could not open the gas filler cap because of the accumulation of snow on their side. He has to park the car outside because of the absence of a garage.

You can use the de-icing solution to melt the snow for smooth functioning. Prefer to park your SUVs indoors during winter. Moreover, you can also use a hairdryer for heating purposes.

Avoid direct heat treatment because it can damage the paint and manufacturing material.

Damaged latch

Fuel doors contain a latch for their opening and closing. These latches allow their proper engagement with the vehicle’s surface. Sometimes you cannot close them properly because of damaged and misaligned latches.

In addition, these can also get stuck in closed positions because of poor alignment of latches. Latches become faulty because of accidental impacts and side collisions with other vehicles.

In addition, incorrect usage and frequent opening and closing can also damage them. It is better to consult with the Kia Sorento dealership to replace the damaged latches and install new ones.

Electrical wiring fault

Fuel door release is an electronically controlled system that allows their locking and unlocking when you press the button. The electric wires run across the vehicle from the switch buttons to them.

These cannot function because of broken and loosely connected wires. Broken and loosely connected wires cause hindrance in current flow and disturb their working.

Inspect the cables to identify the loose connections and damaged wires.

Damaged spring or hinge

These doors contain hinges and springs attached to the vehicle’s frame. You cannot correctly close them because of the damaged hinges and loose springs.

These hinges and springs can get damaged because of the frequent engagement of this feature. In addition, obstructions can also damage the springs.

Moreover, the issue also becomes because of their overtime usage. You can check the hinges and springs by moving the door back and forth slowly.

Replace the damaged springs with new ones for their smooth functioning.

Dirt and rust accumulation

Fuel door releases get stuck in closed and open positions because of the accumulation of dust and debris on their sides. Dust and debris can accumulate in their surroundings because of poor cleaning and maintenance.

In addition, fuel leakage also allows dirt and dust to accumulate on the sides. Rust can also come on them because of the damaged paints and exposed metal material.

It is necessary to deeply clean your Kia Sorento twice a month to remove dust and debris. Check the sides of the door to see the scarped-off paint layer and corrosion signs.

Locked fuel door

Many models of Kia Sorento contain a specific lock for the fuel door release for the safety of children so they cannot open them. In addition, the lock is the safety feature that reduces the risk of fire-related hazards.

Sometimes children accidentally open these caps while playing in SUVs. Gas or fuel can evaporate from the small openings, and you have to refill the tanks again for traveling.

People often forget to disengage the safety locks while opening the filler caps for refilling and think the door release is not working perfectly.

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