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Kia Sorento Driver Seat Stuck

Kia Sorento Driver Seat Stuck

Kia Sorento contains power-adjustable driver seats for comfortable driving. These electric seats have buttons or levers on their sides for angle adjustment. These are 10-way power adjustable seats to provide extra comfort during road trips. Sometimes these get stuck in one place or stop working, and you cannot move them forward and backward.

Kia Sorento driver seat can get stuck because of a damaged or broken switch, failure of the recliner motor, broken motor wires, broken fuse, and rust on seat tracks.

These power-adjustable seats are driven by electric motors that are connected to the electric system of your vehicle. In addition, you can recline them and also adjust the height according to your viewing angle.

Causes Solutions
Faulty or broken switch Remove the old switch and install a new one
Failure of the recliner motor Replacement of motor
Broken wires of motors Replace wires or clean electric connectors
Obstructive objects Avoid storing material beneath seats
Broken fuse Check the fuse by connecting it with a multimeter
Rust in seat tracks Clean and lubricate the track

Faulty or broken switch

Kia Sorento driver seat contains a switch or lever on its side for adjustment of height and reclining position. You can move these switches to adjust the height according to the comfortable angle.

You can set them according to your height so you can see the road view from the windshield. These operating buttons are present on the side and contain signs and figures for a better understanding of people.

You can also read the manual to understand their functioning. Many people complain that they cannot adjust the height or reclining position using the buttons, and seats get stuck at the specific position.

You cannot move them in different directions because of damaged or broken operating levers and switches. These components are in regular use and are at more risk of wear and tear.

In addition, mishandling and application of excessive force while using them increase the risk of their damage. These are also at risk of premature failure when made of low-quality material.

These contain electric connectors and wires that become faulty and cause their malfunction. My friend told me that the lever of the power adjustable driving of his Kia Sorento became faulty because of frequent use. He told me that his friends and family were using his SUV and frequently adjusting the angle with switches.

These are electric components, and water exposure can make them faulty. Sometimes, liquid drinks can spill on them accidentally and affect their functioning.

Moreover, these can also break because of physical impacts and accidents. Poor maintenance and lubrication affect their normal functioning, and you cannot move the seats in different directions.

Removing the broken buttons and replacing them with new ones is necessary. Disconnect the battery because these components can cause electric shocks.

Carefully remove the operating lever and switch by using the screwdriver. Disconnect the connectors and wires that are attached to them for their replacement.

Failure of the recliner motor

These seats are power adjustable and contain a motor beneath them. These electric motors allow movement in different directions and at various angles.

Sometimes, these can get stuck in one place, and you cannot move them forward or backward because of the failure of the motors. Moreover, these motors also contain connectors connected to the electric supply.

The issue also comes when these connectors are detached from the power supply. These motors become faulty because of overheating.

Overheating usually comes when you overload the seats. The issue comes when you put excessive weight on them, which is more than their weight-carrying capacity.

In addition, motor components also overheat when you add towels or any insulating material to the seats. They directly transfer the heat towards the electric motors and lead to failure.

Moreover, lack of lubrication and poor maintenance also affect the components of the motors, and these become bad because of increased friction.

Liquid drink spillage on seats also allows the water to move inside the motor and damage their electric parts. Furthermore, corrosion can also come on moving parts of the motor and interrupt their smooth movement.

Electric issues, including power surges, also cause the failure of electric components. Failed motors cannot move the seats in different directions because of a lack of power.

Many people complain they cannot adjust the sitting angle after pressing the operating lever, but the buttons are OK.

It is necessary to check the motor parts by using a voltmeter. Move behind the driver seat and ensure that connectors are connected properly.

Push the seat slightly forward by applying force with your hand to check the functioning of the motor and inspection of its parts.

Broken wires of motors

Kia Sorento contains driver seats that are power adjustable and contain several electric connections for their movement. The vehicle is equipped with several wires to provide electric power to the motor for its smooth reclining and height adjustment.

These wires also connect the lever to the motor to supply power. Broken and damaged wires cannot provide the electric current to the motors. Broken wires interrupt the power supply, and motors cannot receive enough power to function.

Squirrels can also enter inside, and they chew the electric wires. In addition, these cannot supply power because of their loose connections. Moreover, the issue also comes because of poor and loose ground connections.

Moreover, the issue also comes because of corroded electric connections. Corroded electric connections lead to voltage drop and decrease the performance of the motor.

Inspect the wires and electric connections regularly for signs of wear and tear and corrosion. Use electric cleaners to remove dust, grease, dirt, and corrosion from the connectors.

Replace the damaged and broken wires with new ones, and you can also seek help from an expert if you are not familiar with your vehicle’s electric system.

Obstructive objects

Driver seats can get stuck, and you cannot move them forward and backward because of the obstructive materials present underneath them.

Many people use the space that is present beneath them for storage purposes. You can use this space for temporary storage because it can hinder the movement of seats.

In addition, the issue also comes in Kia Sorento because of the presence of food wrappers, leaves, and debris under them. Many people throw food wrappers on the floor during their trips instead of disposing of them properly.

Moreover, coins and toys can also come under them and disturb their smooth movement along the tract. I do not prefer to place any storage material inside them because it hinders their forward and backward movement.

It is also necessary to regularly clean the floor and remove obstructive materials, including dust, dirt, leaves, toys, and coins.

Broken fuse

Kia Sorento electric seats contain a fuse for the smooth functioning of their electric system. These fuses help protect the electric component, including the motor, from power spikes.

These fuses can blow out because of damaged wires and short circuits. Blown-out fuses are not capable of supplying enough power to the motors.

Seats get stuck at a specific position, and you cannot move them forward and backward because of a lack of power supply. The electric seat fuse is in the junction box underneath the steering column.

Connect the multimeter with the fuse to check the power supply. Connect both negative and positive terminals of the probe with each terminal of the fuse, and you can see the reading on their screen.

Rust in driver seat tracks

Electric driver seats contain tracks that allow their forward and backward movement. You can recline them according to your comfortable driving position.

These can get stuck because of the dirty and corroded tracks. Dust and debris can come on these tracks and disturb the free movement of seats on them.

Corrosion comes on this track because of water exposure and poor maintenance. I also experienced the same issue last week, and the seat was not moving forward.

I checked the motor, fuse, and wires, but all of these things were fine. My friend told me to check the moving tracks and lubricate it. I removed the dust from the track and lubricated it properly.

It is necessary to lubricate the Kia Sorento driver seat tracks with good-quality lubricant. Moreover, regular cleaning and maintenance is also a good option for removing dust and debris particles.

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