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What Year Hyundai Palisade Parts Are Interchangeable?

What Year Hyundai Palisade Parts Are Interchangeable?

Hyundai Palisade is a three-row SUV with a spacious interior to cater to a large number of passengers and cargo. There are 4 model years of the vehicle in the US market from 2020-2023. Since it is so far available in a single generation, most of the parts are interchangeable between all years.

What Year Hyundai Palisade Parts Are Interchangeable? You can interchange various parts of the Hyundai Palisade from 2020 to 2023. It has a 3.8-liter V6 engine with 8-speed automatic transmission parts that are interchangeable for 2020-2023 models. You can swap the door panels and their components for the 2020-2023 years. Moreover, the CV axle assembly is compatible with 2021-2023 variants.

We will also explore the details of the first major upgrade introduced by the manufacturer and its effect on the parts interchangeability of this SUV. 

Hyundai Palisade interchangeable parts

Hyundai Palisade is a recently introduced SUV in 2020. However, since it is still new in the market, it will be difficult to find interchangeable parts in junk yards or salvage stores until one has wrecked in an accident or somebody wants to swap parts between different trim levels. We will explore its major systems and their compatibility across various years.


Front driver and passenger seats are interchangeable for the 2020-2022 years with similar features. However, there is a difference in the design and dimensions of the 2nd row of seats for different trim levels.

Some have bench seats with an 8-person seating capacity, while others have the option of captain seats for a space of 7 persons. You can swap between the 2 variants, requiring a lot of modification work.

However, for the same variants, these seats are compatible. You can swap third-row seats in 2020-2023 variants. The 2023 model, after the facelift, has some modifications in seat designs, and you can swap it with the 2023 SUV.

Power liftgate

Hyundai Palisade SUVs have a smart liftgate installed that allows you to open or close it without using your hands. It has various parts, including a control button, electric motor, actuators, and sensors to perform its functions.

You can swap all these parts in the 2020-2022 variants of the SUV having a 3.8-liter V6 engine as its powerplant.

Moreover, you can easily install these parts from one vehicle to another without much technical assistance as they are easier to access, and parts fitment is standard across these models.

There are differences in dimensions for the 2023 model, and you have to swap it with the same year.


Door parts, including power accessories and trim panels, are compatible with all models of the Hyundai Palisade. You can swap the door shell, regulator module, window motors, handles, and other minor parts for the 2020-2023 variants.

Windows glass for both the left and right sides is compatible with 2020-2023 SUVs. Some models have problems with automatic locking and unlocking of rear doors.

Therefore, you should confirm the functionality of the door module before going for a swap in your vehicle.

Powertrain parts

The powertrain, including the engine and transmission system, has remained consistent for all models from 2020-2023. Therefore, you can swap them or their parts for all models.

The 3.8-liter V6 engine with direct injection works with 2020-2023 variants. An 8-speed automatic transmission is also available in all years of the Hyundai Palisade.

You should confirm the drive configuration of your SUV model before going for a swap, as some of these parts will differ in fitment for AWD and FWD variants. Moreover, the transmission cooler assembly is compatible with 2020-2023 variants.

Suspension parts

You can replace its suspension parts, including spring coils, upper and lower strut mounts, and rear suspension knuckles, for the 2020-2023 models. While other parts like struts and shock absorbers are compatible with 2020-2022 variants.

Furthermore, SEL with Premium package, Limited, and Calligraphy trim levels have auto or self-leveling rear suspension to maintain the height for the load on the vehicle within limits.

Therefore, there are design changes in rear shock absorbers for the models with this feature available, and you can interchange between them.  


You can replace the steering column for the 2020-2022 variants of the Hyundai Palisade. There are different sensors in the steering wheel for advanced features like lane following and lane keeping assist.

Other parts, including multifunction switch, sentinel sensor, instrument cluster, airbag sensor, and wiring connectors, are also compatible with 2020-2022 versions.

The 2023 model with some upgraded features has steering parts, especially its instrumentation, interchangeable with the same variants.


Front and rear brakes are the same for all model years of the Hyundai Palisade, irrespective of their trim levels. You can swap individual parts, including calipers, wheel hubs, pads, discs, and rotors, which are compatible with 2020-2023 variants.

Furthermore, hydraulic system parts controlling the brakes, like the master cylinder, reservoir, hose pipes, and sensors, are compatible with 2020-2023 variants.

ABS wheel speed sensors, control unit, and mounting brackets are swappable for all years of the SUV. 

Drivetrain parts

Drivetrain components like driveshaft and axle, are interchangeable between years having the same drive configuration.

They are available in Front-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD) options. You can swap the CV axle assembly for 2020-2023 SUVs for all trim levels with a 3.8-liter V6 engine.

The rear differential case assembly is the same with all years of the vehicle, having an 8-speed automatic transmission. 

Fuel system

Its fuel system consists of numerous parts, including the fuel tank, fuel pump assembly, filler hose, its cap, pressure sensor, fuel gauge sending unit, fuel rail, and fuel injectors.

You can use these for the 2020-2023 models of the SUV, as the engine remains the same for all of them.

Similarly, mounting points for all these components, including the tank pad, access cover, and tank strap, are compatible with all years.  

Body parts

The front bumper, grille, and its mounting parts are suitable for the 2020-2022 models of the Hyundai Palisade. Similarly, the rear body panels, bumper cover, and its brackets are compatible with 2020-2022 variants.

You can swap the roof moldings, hood panels, and fenders for 2020-2023 models. The Hyundai “H” emblem has the same dimensions and mounting nut for 2020-2022 variants.

The 2023 model has its front-end body parts, including bumpers and grille, updated, and you can swap them for the same years without modifications.  


Dashboard panels are interchangeable for all years from 2020-2022, as the instrument cluster, control switches, and infotainment system remain the same for them.

You can swap parts like a tachometer, speedometer, heater control, and radio system in all of these years after programming them according to your vehicle.

However, the 2023 model has upgraded features like a larger display with updated software.

Moreover, it displays more information like road signs, traffic in the surroundings, lane centering, and a 3D map.


All Hyundai Palisade models have a 5×4.5-inch lug nut pattern that is standard across most Hyundai vehicles. Moreover, you will find 2 wheel sizes for them, including 18-inch and 20-inch rims.

You can interchange them between models as long as they have the same dimensions and offset. OEM tire sizes compatible with these wheels are 245/60R18 and 245/50R20. Wheel hub assembly and brake parts will interchange accordingly.

Lug nuts are M12x1.5, which are the same for all years. You can also swap the Tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) parts like sensors and valves for all models.

When did Hyundai introduce a facelift to the Palisade?

Hyundai introduced the first major upgrade to the Palisade for the 2023 model year, including several exterior and interior updates. Some of the enhanced features are a new steering wheel and an infotainment system with a larger display of 12 inches.

Moreover, its aesthetics have been improved with sharp edges around the corners instead of a boxy design.

Hyundai also has updated the front bumpers and grille design. Headlights and Daylight running lamps have a new design than previous models. 

Interchangeable parts between different trim levels of the Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade is available in 4 trim levels in the US market: SE, SEL with Conventional and Premium packages, Limited, and Calligraphy.

Powertrain and drivetrain parts are compatible with all trim levels of the SUV, while the interior, infotainment system, and body parts responsible for styling are different.

For example, SE and SEL trim levels have bench seats, while Limited and Calligraphy have captain seats with advanced features and lesser passenger capacity in the 2nd row.

The grille and front bumpers have the same dimensions and fittings for all trim levels but different designs, as Calligraphy has a Chrome grille as compared to black for the rest of them. The same applies to wheels, as the paint color differs between Limited and SEL trim levels.

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