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Nissan Rogue Heads-Up Display Not Working

Nissan Rogue Heads-Up Display Not Working

Nissan Rogue contains a variety of safety and driver-assisting feature that is helpful in driving. It includes a heads-up display unit that shows basic information on the windshield. It is a beneficial feature for safe driving because drivers do not have to see the instrumental screen repeatedly.

Nissan Rogue heads-up display not working can be due to poor design, faulty buttons, environmental factors, faulty cameras, software bugs, faulty projector unit, damaged and incorrectly installed windshield, audio issues, faulty batteries, and power supply problems.

It contains a projector that shows the transparent image on the windshield and the proper angle so drivers can see it easily. You can see speed information, navigation arrows, and warning signs on your windscreen.

Causes Solutions
Poor design Contact Nissan dealerships
Faulty button Replacement of button
Environmental factors Use sun visors
Faulty cameras Regularly clean and maintain the HUD system
Software bug Update the software
Faulty projector unit Keep liquid drinks away
Damaged or incorrectly installed windshield Avoid adding stickers and tints
Audio issues Call an expert mechanic for an inspection of the radio system
Battery issue Check the battery with a voltmeter
Power supply problem Check fuse and track wirings

Poor design

Many people complain that the heads-up display unit in their SUV stops functioning occasionally. It usually comes because of their poor design and installation at incorrect angles.

It shows that the projector unit, cameras, and sensors attached are not installed properly. The whole system cannot function properly when its parts are not secured properly.

Moreover, continuous driving on bumpy roads also affects their design, and you can face issues in their functioning.

One of my friends has a Nissan Rogue, and he told me he saw the clear image on the windshield the last day, and now it becomes gray when he starts the vehicle in the morning.

The issue comes because of their poor design and incorrect installation. It is better to consult with Nissan dealerships for their inspection instead of going to local dealers or trying to solve the problem on your own.

Faulty button

You can enable and disable the heads-up display feature by using the button that is present inside the SUV. Turn on this button to see information on the windshield screen.

Most people prefer this feature at night or in low light conditions because of the improved visibility and less glare on the glass material.

The button for this feature is present beside the heated seats button. Moreover, it is present on the center console unit or near the driver’s side.

Sometimes, you cannot turn on this feature because of faulty and broken buttons. These buttons become defective because of the mishandling of the users.

You cannot change the button at home, and it is better to take your vehicle to the service center for their replacement. Avoid pressing the button frequently because it can damage their internal components and cause their failure.

Environmental factors

Environmental factors and road conditions can also affect the optimal performance of the Heads up display unit in your Nissan Rogue.

You cannot see the projected image on the transparent screen clearly when you are driving in daylight and during the peak time of sunrise.

The reflecting light comes on the windshield, and you cannot see the information because of the glare. In addition, the issue also comes because of the headlights of the oncoming vehicles on the road.

Reflection from the wet roads also decreases visibility, especially during the rainy season. Moreover, I do not prefer to install any sticker on the glass screen because it can also affect the driver’s visibility.

It is necessary to keep your windshield neat and clean to see information clearly. Use the windshield washers for their cleaning, or consult dealerships for deep cleaning. I also use sun visors during the day to reduce the glare on the windscreen.

Faulty cameras

Heads-up display units contain cameras to project the image on the windshield. In addition, it also uses several sensors to adjust the display according to the correct viewing angle of the driver.

These cameras and sensors become faulty and hinder the functioning of the feature. You cannot see information on the transparent screen because of faulty and obstructed cameras.

Dust and debris can come on the cameras and sensors to disturb their functioning. In addition, the problem also occurs because of their misalignment.

Physical impacts during road accidents and manufacturer errors cause their misalignment. It is better to clean and maintain the HUD system to prevent obstructions regularly.

You can also contact Nissan service centers for severe problems.

Software bug

A heads-up display unit is an electronic device that contains specific software for its functioning. The software gets the signals from the devices and shows the image on the windshield.

Sometimes, the software of these electronic devices also becomes faulty because of the bugs, errors, and non-updated versions.

Bugs and errors are common in software, which can lead to their malfunctioning. It is necessary to keep the software of your SUV updated to reduce the risk of error.

Faulty projector unit

The heads-up display unit contains a projector that projects the image on the windshield. This projector unit becomes damaged, and you cannot see information on the windscreen during driving.

In addition, physical impacts and road accidents can also lead to broken projector units. Moreover, these are electric components, and accidental spillage of liquid drinks leads to their malfunctioning.

Keeping the eatables and liquid drinks away from them is necessary to prevent water exposure. Contain the Nissan dealerships to repair the broken projector unit.

Damaged or incorrectly installed windshield

The windshield of the Nissan Rogue plays an essential role in the functioning of the heads-up display unit. These cannot function properly because of damaged and incorrectly installed windscreens.

Sand particles, small rocks, and road debris produce several chips and cracks in the glass material. Cracks on the glass material scatter the light, and you can see a distorted image that is not properly visible.

In addition, HUD units need clear and smooth screens to protect the information. You can also face problems because of the after-market addition of a windshield in your SUV, which is not compatible with the HUD.

Many people also use tints on the front glass to keep the interior cool, which can also hinder the working performance of the HUD units. Select the HUD-compatible windscreen with proper curves and angles from the market.

You should not use tints and after-market coatings on the windscreens because they can interfere with image projection.

Audio issues

Many people complain that they can see clear images on the screen, but audio cues for navigation are not working well. You cannot hear the audio signals with navigation arrows to make driving easy.

Audio signals stop functioning because of the audio system connected to the heads-up display unit. In addition, these are also connected to a radio system for audio signals.

The radio system becomes faulty, and you cannot hear audio with navigation arrows, which makes your driving experience challenging on different routes,

It is better to get help from an expert mechanic to inspect the audio system.

Battery issue

Heads-up display units take power from the electric system of the SUV for their functioning. Sometimes, the batteries of your Nissan Rogue become bad and cannot supply sufficient power to this system to display information on the windshield.

Batteries become faulty because of under and overcharging. In addition, they also lose their charge because of their age and parasitic drain.

It is necessary to check the voltage and power of the electric system. Use the voltmeter to check the power of the battery. Replace the batteries if the multimeter is not showing the correct reading.

Power supply problem

Heads up display unit in Nissan Rogue is the electrical system and needs the power supply to function. In addition, these contain several electric connections and fuses for their proper working.

They stop functioning because of the issue with the power supply. You cannot see the display on the windshield after turning it on because of a blown-out fuse, loose wiring connections, and broken wires.

Check the fuse and replace the blown-out fuse with a new one. Inspect the wires to track the loose wiring connections and broken cables.

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