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Does Kia Sorento Have Ambient Lighting?

Does Kia Sorento Have Ambient Lighting?

Kia Sorento is a three-row SUV with enough space to accommodate 6 to 7 passengers. It has a modern interior because of the presence of ambient lighting. In addition, the interior is also equipped with a lot of safety features to ensure safety during driving.

Does Kia Sorento Have Ambient Lighting? Kia Sorento has ambient lighting for a luxurious appearance, customized interior design, psychological benefits, and safety purposes. You can turn these On by starting the engine and pressing the setup key to see various features on the screen. Swipe the screen to the left side and click on the vehicle option. Choose the light option and click on the ambient light to select its color and brightness.

These lights are mounted on the interior side of the SUV. In addition, in Kia Sorento, these are present on the front side of the passenger crash pad, door panels, and rear speakers.

Why does Kia Sorento have ambient lighting?

Kia Sorento is equipped with colorful lights according to the mood of its customers. These SUVs contain 64-color LEDs for ambient lighting that are good for creating a sporty and party-themed interior to make the journey memorable and enjoyable.

Aesthetic and luxurious appearance

Ambient lights contain small LED bulbs that are used to illuminate the interior of your vehicle. These are of different colors and are mounted at different places according to the model of the SUV.

They give your interior an aesthetically appealing appearance and improve its overall quality. It is the feature mostly present in luxurious vehicles to enhance the interior look.

People love to travel in them with their friends because it gives a party-like theme to the interior. You can adjust the interior brightness according to your mood and exterior lighting conditions.

The ones that are mounted on the speakers also change their brightness, color, and position according to sounds. These are helpful to freshen your mood by giving emotional visualization signals of the sounds played on the speakers.

It also enhances interior beauty by highlighting the various interior parts. It highlights the design elements and boundaries that are present inside the passenger cabin. The innovative technology gives a modern appearance to your vehicle’s interior.

Customized interior

Ambient lights are beneficial in your SUV because you can customize your interior according to your choice and preferences.

You can select different LED light colors according to the outside conditions, music type, and your current mode. Moreover, you can also choose the color that best suits your interior.

In addition, you can also adjust the intensities and brightness of these lights according to the outside environment and your mood.

Drivers and passengers feel more comfortable during the trip when they customize the interior design that corresponds to their preferences and personal choices.

Psychological benefits

Ambient lights also provide psychological benefits during long trips. Many people want to feel relaxed during the trips because these are the best therapy to calm your mind and take a break from hectic routines.

These have different color options, ranging from lighter to brighter shades. You can select the different colors from the setting according to the exterior lighting situation and your mood.

You can select its colors according to the type of music that is played in your SUV. I always choose lighter shades like light pink and aqua blue when driving my Kia Sorento at night because these give a soothing effect to my brain, and I feel more relaxed during the trip.

One of my friends was traveling with me last night, and he said he preferred to turn on light green or purple because of their less saturation and calming effect on neurons.

Interior lights on the door frames and glove box also change color when you select different themes from the settings.

Safety purpose

Light and soft color ambient lights are safe when traveling at night. These help improve the visibility of the passenger’s cabin.

In addition, it is also beneficial for drivers because these do not interrupt the visibility of the windshield, which can also affect driving conditions and safety.

These do not produce reflection or glare on the glass material, which reduces the visibility of the windscreen. You can turn them on during the night to find various things.

Moreover, people also prefer to turn them on in low light and dark conditions to relax their minds and get a soothing effect.

How do you turn On ambient lighting on Kia Sorento?

Turning on the ambient light in the SUV does not require any long and complex procedure. You can turn them on using the infotainment screen on the front side of your Kia Sorento.

Turn on engine

You need to turn on your vehicle’s infotainment screen to activate the ambient lights in the interior cabin. You cannot turn on the touch screen without a power supply.

The screen only illuminates after taking power from the engine. Turn on the engine using the start and stop button that is present in different locations.

Start the ignition, and you can see several lights and indicators start to blink after receiving power from the engine. The touch screen also illuminates, and you can see various features and options present on them to adjust the settings of different systems.

Press the setup key

You can see several buttons near the driver’s side so they can approach them easily to adjust the various settings of the vehicle according to their driving ease and comfort.

These buttons are present on the right side of the steering wheel and near the touch screen. In addition, these are labeled with different options.

You can see various options on them, including a map, navigation, and voice recognition. Furthermore, seek, track, media, radio, and setup keys are also present. Moreover, you can also see the adjustable knob with these buttons.

Press the setup key to see various setting options on your screen. Swipe the screen from the left to right position, and various options will appear on the page.

These options include vehicle, device connections, advanced, sound, display, navigation, general, media, and voice recognition.

Tap on the vehicle option to explore further settings. Several options come on your screen, including drive mode, climate, light, and seats.

Select the Ambient light option

Select the light from the screen, and the ambient light option appears on the same screen page. Click on this option to adjust its settings, including colors and brightness.

Tap on the ambient light option, and two options will come there. These options include color and brightness. Select the brightness to adjust the intensity of the light according to your mood and outside environment.

It is better to decrease the brightness while driving your Kia Sorento at night so it does not produce glare on the windshield. Tap on the color, and you can see various options in a row, including custom color, refreshing sea, orange delight, and golden insight.

Select the different themes and colors by tapping on the custom color option. You can see the circle with various shades on the screen. Move your finger over the circle to select various themes.

What Kia Sorento has ambient lighting?

Kia Sorento comes in the market with various trim levels and packages. These trims have different safety and luxurious features depending on their price range and customer demand.

SX prestige X-line is a costly package for these vehicles that comes with various luxurious features, including leather-wrapped seats, second-row heated seats, power-adjustable front driver and passenger seats with memory foam, and a heated steering wheel.

In addition, you can also see ambient lights that are present in their interior cabin. You can turn them on while driving with your friends at night.

These accessories are also helpful to enhance the resale value of your SUV because of their luxurious feature and aesthetic appeal.

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