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P1093 Duramax Error Code

P1093 Duramax Error Code

Many people find it challenging to fix the P1093 Error Code. An optimal amount of fuel is essential to run the vehicle smoothly. But low fuel rail pressure causes the engine to lose its power.

P1093 Duramax error code indicates low fuel rail pressure in the vehicles, which is caused by the faulty FRP sensor and clogged filter. In addition, it can be due to a fault in the fuel injector, pump, and pressure relief valve. You can fix it by replacing the sensor filter and pressure relief valve.

The electric control module of the heavy vehicle has pre-set error code to indicate different troubles in the working of the automobile.

What is the P1093 Duramax error code?

P1093 is a trouble code set in the electric control unit of the vehicle module. It indicates that the fuel rail pressure is too low.

In such conditions, the motor and engine are not getting enough fuel. The fuel rail transfers oil from the pump to the injector. The injectors deliver fuel to the engine.

The fuel rail pressure sensors sense the pressure of delivered fuel. It indicates when the fuel pressure is too high or low. This code appears on the control module when the fuel oil pressure senses low pressure.

This error can occur due to the malfunctioning of different parts of the system. This code is manufacture specific and can vary in different models of vehicles.

The FRP varies in different models of vehicles. The standard fuel rail pressure for a Duramax ranges from 1500 psi to 5000 psi. The error appears on the modules as the pressure drops below 3000psi. The minimum rail pressure is about 1500 to 1600psi to start the motor.

Causes of p1093 error code and how to fix them

The error code appears due to low FPR. Many reasons cause the rail pressure to be low than the expected value. Here is a brief description of all of them.

Fault in FPR sensor

The fuel rail pressure sensor is located in the middle of the fuel rail. It senses the changes in fuel rail pressure.

It sends a signal to the vehicle’s control module to command the changes to keep the fuel pressure in the rails at an optimal level.

Sometimes the sensors malfunction and send the wrong signal to the computer system.

The computer then starts sending the wrong signal to the engine and motor. Due to misinterpretation of the information, this warning appears in the system.

The engine lights or the warning lights start blinking to indicate the trouble in the system. You can troubleshoot the problem by checking the connector of the sensor.

It behaves oddly when the connectors are not connected correctly. Correct the connectors, and in cases of severe damage, change the FPR sensor.

Clogged fuel filter

The fuel filter is present in fuel lines to remove all the dirt and particles from the oil. It gets clogged due to exposure to contaminants. The clogged filter cannot deliver an exact amount of fuel to the engine.

The transferred fuel is not enough to build up the required fuel rail pressure. The low FRP is manifested in the form of an error code in the computer system.

You can resolve the problem by cleaning the fuel filter. Open the fuel filter and clean all the dirt and debris from the inside. You can replace the worn-out fuel filter to troubleshoot the issue.

Fault in the fuel pump

The fuel pump delivers the fuel from the tank to the fuel filter. Any issue in the fuel pump can cause the low floe rail pressure. Sometimes the fuel pump is broken or unable to pump enough fuel toward the injector.

In such conditions, the system sends a signal to the ECU. The ECU warns the Duramax motor and engine by indicating an error code.

You can resolve the issue y fixing the broken fuel pump. You should consult a professional for help. You can also replace it with a new one to fix the error.

Fault in fuel injector

The fuel injectors inject an appropriate amount of oil into the combustion chamber.

They control the quantity of oil going to the combustion system. Sometimes the injector is broken, or its seal is leaking. The oil starts leaking from the broken seal.

The filter can not transfer enough fuel to the engine. The computer reads it as low fuel pressure and shows the error code. You can troubleshoot the problem by repairing the broken seal of the injector.

In case of severe damage, replace the injector. Check the injector wiring and specified timing in the control module to resolve the problem. You can also replace the injector nozzle to increase the rail pressure.

Leakage in the fuel tank

Any crack or tiny hole in the fuel tank can cause the oil to leak from the container. It also causes low fuel rail pressure in the Duramax engine.

The fuel tank delivers fuel to the pump to transfer it to the targeted site. First, note the fluid level in the tank, then find the crack and seal it with a proper sealant.

Faulty fuel pressure relief valve

The fuel pressure relief valve is responsible for controlling pressure in the rails. It contains a spring, and the valve is forced against the spring to control the fuel coming into the engine. When the valve is damaged, it gets open or closed depending upon the fault.

An open valve causes the fuel to leak, and fuel rail pressure becomes low. In such a situation, the system sends the p1093 code to the Duramax engine. You can fix the problem by replacing the valve with a new one.

What are the consequences of the P1093 error code on the engine?

The P1093 error code causes the engine light to turn on. The low rail pressure causes many issues with the working of the engine.

The driver will have to put more effort into igniting the engine. It can also get stuck and won’t start due to low rail pressure.

You can also hear a cranking noise from the Duramax. It will have difficulty accelerating and deceleration the truck. In severe cases, the engine can lose its power.

Time required to troubleshoot the error code

The required time depends upon the type of vehicle and the electric control unit. It takes 1 to 2 hours to diagnose the error code.

Finding the cause and fixing the error can take up to 2 hours. You can not do it on your own. You will need the help of a professional to troubleshoot the error.

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