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Common Problems with Prime Time Crusader

Common Problems with Prime Time Crusader

Prime Time Crusader trailers are famous because sidewalls and roofs are joined with welding techniques instead of rivets that can come off and are difficult to repair.

Common problems with Prime Time Crusader include poor paneling or ceiling issues, falling decals, stuck microwave door, uneven insulation, fender cracking, and firm mattress. Moreover, you can see scratches on countertops, warping on the tabletop, and fading of the endcap.

These trailers are manufactured by Forest River RVs that are famous in America because of their high-quality products and customer support.

Prime Time Crusader Problems Solutions
Poor paneling installation and ceiling issues Install wall paneling again
Decals falling off Avoid harsh scrubbing
Microwave door gets stuck Check the button and replace it
Uneven insulation Add heat curtains in non-insulated areas
Cracking of fender Loose the fender skirts screws
Firm bamboo mattress Add soft bedsheets or comforters
Scratches on countertop Sand the scratched surface
Warping of tabletop Add glass over the tabletop
Fading of endcap Paint the faded endcap

Poor paneling installation and ceiling issues

The wall paneling in these trailers is not installed correctly due to the inexperienced staff of the company.

These are not interconnected properly at their joining ends because of the random placement of wall panels.

Moreover, these are not aligned in a uniform direction which can give an awkward appearance to the interior.

Furthermore, you can also see the ceilings’ uneven texture because of the staples’ poor attachment for sealings.

You can see that staples from the ceiling come off because of their age and loose attachments. You can fix the issue in the Prime Time Crusader by removing the wooden panels and reattaching them in the same directions for an even appearance.

Reattach the staple on the ceilings that are coming off to secure the ceiling seal.

Decals falling off

Decals are like the vinyl stickers on the RV’s exterior body to give them a unique and different appearance.

These are self-adhesive stickers of different colors and designs used for decoration purposes. The decals can come off when you use petroleum-based waxes to maintain their shiny appearance.

In addition, long-term exposure to UV rays from the sun loses its adhesiveness. The improper maintenance and cleanliness practices cause the decals to come off.

The harsh scrubbing during the cleaning of the exterior surface causes this issue. Avoid using harsh brushes, cleaners, and rags to clean the exterior of trailers.

Keep them away from petroleum-based distillates to protect them from peeling.

Microwave door gets stuck

You can face issues while opening the microwave oven door because these can get stuck due to their faulty latch.

The microwave oven door latch is faulty due to age-related degradation. In addition, you cannot open it if gummy food stuff is stuck on the surface of the latch.

The faulty door springs cause this issue, and you cannot open the doors. In addition, sometimes the opening and closing buttons become defective due to overuse, and you cannot open the door while pressing them.

You can fix the issue by checking the latches on the doors. Inspect the button and replace them if there is any fault in them.

Sometimes these cannot open after changing buttons then you have to replace them with new ones.

Uneven insulation

People face the issue of uneven insulation in these trailers because of poorly insulated walls. As a result, you can see that bedroom is less warm in winter relative to your living room.

Heat distribution in all parts of the RVs is not the same because of poor insulation in the respective walls. Bedroom areas do not contain any insulation layer, which can make them colder in winter.

The manufacturing fault occurs due to the company’s poor services and negligence. You cannot identify the presence of different insulating layers in each wall for their again installation.

You can resolve the problem by adding thermal curtains in the bedroom to warm them in winter.

Thermal curtains retain the heat and seal the bedroom walls properly.

Cracking of fender

Fenders have a skirt-like shape on the upper side of the tires to protect them from road elements and damage.

Fenders become brittle and crack easily, damaging wheels from road dust and small stones.

Fender skirts are made of plastic material and can creak easily because of their flexible material. These can break due to exposure to excessive heat from the outside environment.

In addition, the poor cleaning and washing of the tires can break them. Use of pressurized water to wash undercarriage and wheel size crack them.

The overtightening nuts of the fender also break them from the center. You can fix the issue by loosening its nuts and ensuring they are not fully tight.

You have to replace them if the crack is larger and you cannot repair them.

Firm bamboo mattress

The bamboo mattresses are present in these trailers, but these have firm surfaces. These are thicker to provide the proper support, but their surface is hard.

You can feel tired and back pain when you sleep on them overnight. These are hard because their fabric is made from bamboo material.

These are hard because their non-porous fabric makes them water and bacteria-resistant. As a result, you cannot feel comfortable while sleeping on firm mattresses.

You can make them soft by adding velvet or linen fabric bedsheets. In addition, you can put thick comforters over these mattresses to make them soft and silky.

Scratches on countertop

The countertop in the kitchen of these Prime Time Crusader RVs is made of solid wood material that can scratch easily and cause moisture to seep into the inner side of the wood.

These can scratch when you put hot dishes on them. In addition, people do not use a cutting board to prepare foodstuff and use countertops for cutting purposes.

Sharp knives during food cutting and preparation produce scratches on wood. You can use different methods to fix countertop scratches, but I preferably use the sanding method.

Sand the affected countertop area to smooth it and buff it with wax or finishing sprays.

Warping of tabletop

The tables in the dinette areas are not of good quality, and their top surface is vulnerable to warping and deforming in its shape.

Warping on the tabletop occurs when you put hot items directly on them. Steam from these materials enters the tabletop layer and changes their integrity.

In addition, these can also absorb moisture due to the spillage of liquid drinks and change their shape. The top layer also comes from moisture exposure when you put cold things on them.

You can fix the issue by using table coasters and trivets for serving hot and cold items. You can also put the glass sheet on their top to protect them from moisture.

Fading of endcap

The end caps and trims are present on the outer side of the RVs to protect their joining ends. These are made of plastic material and can fade due to exposure to UV rays from the sun.

Moreover, heat can also damage the plastic material and fade its color. The plastic endcaps color also becomes light when you frequently wash the exterior body.

Excessive rubbing with a harsh cloth and abrasive cleaners affects their colors and makes them lighter. You can fix the issue by repainting the endcaps with dark colors.

In addition, use vinyl adhesive colors on them to protect them from heat, moisture, and water damage.

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