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Tesla Model 3 AC Blowing Hot Air

Tesla Model 3 AC Blowing Hot Air

The air conditioner is present in all tesla cars for comfortable driving during the summer season. The issue comes when it starts to blow the warm air in the cabin.

Tesla Model 3 AC blows hot air because of the failure of the compressor, damaged electrical motors, and faulty climate control system. You can also face this issue because of low levels of refrigerant fluid due to its leakage, poor maintenance, and low battery charging. In addition, the faulty temperature sensors and clogged condenser pipes cause this problem.

You should check the functioning of the electrical parts of the air conditioner to fix the issue. It is necessary to resolve them because sitting inside in hot weather is uncomfortable without an air conditioner.

Compressor failure

The compressor is the essential component of the air conditioners that compress the gas. Its primary role is to compress the refrigerant from gaseous to liquid.

The refrigerant cannot move through the system due to the failure of the compressor. As a result, the ac starts to blow the warm air from the cabins, which annoys people.

The failure comes from faulty electrical motors that are helpful for their functioning. It also stops working due to overheating issues.

The faulty electrical system, including wiring, circuits, and fuses, makes them faulty. In addition, due to the accumulation of dust, the condenser’s clogged filters put extra pressure on the compressors and make them malfunction.

The low lubrication increases the rubbing of metal parts and produces wear and tear. The inappropriate amount of refrigerant is also problematic for the system.

The extra amount puts pressure, and the less amount decreases its efficiency. You can fix the problem by appropriately cleaning the condenser coils and suction lines because dust and corrosion build between them.

It is also better to take your Tesla car to qualified mechanics to resolve the problem.

Faulty climate control system

The climate control system of automobiles works with different sensors and gauges to monitor the inside temperature.

It monitors the temperature to check how much hot and cold air is needed to maintain the temperature at the normal level.

The faulty climate control system detects the wrong temperature, and ac can work according to this incorrect information.

Many people complain that the air conditioner in their cars suddenly starts blowing the hot air. The problem comes due to the false detection of the climate control system.

The system does not function because of a faulty fuse and bad relays. The issue also comes due to damaged electrical wiring and circuits.

The failure of the climate control system causes the ac to work inconsistently. In addition, the failure of the electric control module causes this issue, and it cannot adjust the internal temperatures.

The issue in this electrical system also comes due to software and computerized system bugs. However, you can fix it by resetting the whole system.

Turn off all the functions of your vehicle and disconnect the battery. Wait a few minutes to reset the system and connect the battery terminals.

Low battery power

The air conditioner is an electrical device that needs a power supply. The battery supplies electrical power to this system for its efficient working.

The battery charging of these electrical powers becomes low after a certain period. As a result, the electrical components also stop working due to inadequate charging.

The charging becomes low when you attach the heavy electrical equipment with them.

The ac starts to blow the warm air in the cabin when battery charging is low and does not provide enough electric current.

Visit a nearby service center to recharge the battery of your Tesla and fix the issue. Do not turn off the AC and other electrical equipment when charging is less than 25% to 30%.

Low levels of refrigerants

Refrigerant is the chemical material that is present in the air conditioning system.

The ac keeps blowing warm air due to low refrigerant levels. The low refrigerant levels cannot absorb the heat from the air and produce a cooling effect.

It is a gas-like compound and more susceptible to leakage than liquid material.

The leakage can occur due to cracked lines, decreasing their level. In addition, the levels also become low when you do not refill them for a longer time.

The wear and tear in the coolant pipe also cause refrigerant leaks and weaken the whole system. The detection of refrigerant leakage is a challenging process.

Qualified and experienced mechanics can identify and fix the issue. Take your car to a skilled person to fix the leaking problem.

Faulty temperature sensors

The temperature sensor detects internal temperatures in the Tesla Model 3.

The air conditioners receive signals from this temperature sensor and work according to its information.

It starts to blow hot air due to these sensors’ incorrect readings. It shows the low temperature, and ac provides the warm air to maintain the temperature and provide a cozy environment.

It is a false detection because, in reality, the temperature is high and hot inside. In addition, the sensors get damaged due to outdated software or an onboard computer system issue.

The problem also comes when you do not calibrate them for a longer time. You should calibrate these sensors to enhance their performance and decrease errors.

You can recalibrate them at your home or take help from the service centers or dealerships to do the whole procedure.

Poor maintenance 

The regular maintenance and servicing of an air conditioner are necessary for its correct functioning in your Tesla. The number of problems increases due to poor maintenance.

It is necessary to check the coolant levels so it cannot blow the warm air suddenly during driving. In addition, dust and dirt accumulate in the condenser coils.

The servicing is necessary to remove the dust, dirt, and corrosion for the accurate flow of refrigerants from the pipes.

You can remove the dust and debris from these coils using a brush or vacuum cleaner. The coil cleaners are available in the market, and you can spray them on the coils.

Wait for a few minutes, then clean it with fresh water and dry it appropriately before turning on the AC in your Tesla car.

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