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Tesla Model 3 Boombox Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Boombox Not Working

The Boombox feature is the app present in the Tesla Model 3 to play music using external speakers and a pedestrian warning system. People use it to play different music for the entertainment purpose of the public.

Tesla Model 3 Boombox stops working because the parking position is not engaged and your car is in driving, neutral, or reverse position. In addition, the faulty speakers and problem with their wiring and fuse cause this issue. You can also face the problem after updating the software because it disables this feature while driving. 

The manufacturing industry disabled this feature during driving because these do not comply with the safety rules and produce loud sounds on the road compared to pedestrian warning sounds.

Parking position not engaged

The Boombox feature and the external speakers do not work while driving your Tesla Model 3. Many people complain that they cannot hear any sound when the vehicle is in reverse or driving mode.

Engaging the parking gear when you want to enjoy the music is necessary. You can connect the USB device with a USB port to listen to your favorite music.

You can enjoy the songs while parking your vehicle on the road. The latest feature is beneficial to amuse the public and pedestrians by playing songs.

You can entertain the pedestrians by playing a variety of music. Sometimes, you cannot change the gear and engage the parking position due to a problem in the transmission system.

In addition, the issue also comes when you forget to engage the parking gear. Therefore, it is necessary to engage the parking position before using this mode.

Faulty external speakers

Boombox mode uses external speakers to play different sounds. These speakers become faulty, and you cannot hear any sounds from them.

These sub-woofers are present on the outer side and are more susceptible to damage. In addition, environmental conditions affect their functioning.

Consistent driving in extreme weather conditions like high temperature interrupts their functioning, and they cannot produce sound.

Moreover, moisture while driving in the rainy season also enters inside and damages its internal components.

Sometimes, you drive your Tesla car on poor, dirty, and uneven roads. Driving on these roads is quite risky because it increases the chances of damage.

The dust enters into these subs and decreases the frequency of sound. Many people complain that dust accumulation makes the sound quality also bad.

The external speakers become bad when you play high-frequency sound for a longer time. Driving on bumpy roads while using this feature also damages the subs present outside.

The age-related deterioration of these electrical devices is also common and interrupts this mode’s functioning.

The regular service of the vehicles through recognized service centers is essential to fix the issues.

Take your Tesla Model 3 to the service centers every month so they can clean the speakers and identify the issue.

Violation of federal laws

The company recalled different models of Tesla cars, including Model 3, to disable the Boombox mode when the vehicle is in neutral, driving, and reverse mode.

Using different sounds while driving is illegal and does not meet national highway and traffic safety standards.

It interferes with the functioning of the pedestrian warning sounds. These are two different features but use the same external speakers to produce sound.

The pedestrian warning sound feature includes the production of low-frequency sound to alert the people nearby.

The Boombox feature uses different fun sounds, including ice cream music, fart sound, and goat bleating.

These loud sounds interrupt the low-frequency pedestrian warning sounds. This loud music does not comply with federal safety rules on the roads.

The Tesla manufacturing company recalled different vehicles to resolve this issue. The industry updated the software in their various models that contain the Boombox mode.

The primary purpose of the software update is to disable this feature when your car is in driving or neutral mode to fulfill the federal safety rules and safe driving on highways.

You can only play the low-frequency pedestrian warning sound while driving.

Problem with the wiring of speakers

The electrical problems also come in external subs, and you cannot hear any sound after turning on Boombox mode in your Tesla Model 3.

The cluster of wires connects the speakers with this latest function. The cables become faulty due to overheating and melting of wires.

The overheating in these thin cables occurs when you regularly turn on the high-frequency sound. In addition, the fuse is also present to control the electric current supply.

Overheating also occurs because of a blown-out fuse. The faulty fuse is unable to control the power supply.

A surge in power supply damage these wires, and you can feel the distortion of sound. In addition, the changes in the frequency of sound are also possible due to faulty wires and blown-out fuse.

The loose connections of this electric cable are also problematic because these cannot supply the power for the functioning of speakers.

Check the wires and their connections with connectors if this mode is not working in your car. Moreover, it is also better to check the insulation on cables because it can also cause malfunctioning.

Change the damaged cables for proper electric current supply and signals towards external subs.

Issues with the USB port

The Boombox feature contains a built-in sound system, and you can also connect the USB port to play different music through this feature.

You can connect USB devices or mobile phones with USB ports to amuse the public and pedestrians for fun.

The mode stops working in your Tesla Model 3 because of an issue with the USB port. You cannot play any music with a faulty port because of the poor connection of the connected device.

The connected device cannot connect properly with the ports and provide signals for playing music.

The insufficient charging of the battery also causes issues. You can fix the problem by checking the connections of the USB ports.

Connect the devices correctly with ports for an accurate supply of signals. Ensure the connection between them so you can hear the music from embedded external speakers.

Check the battery and its functioning if you are facing any issues with this app.

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