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Tesla Model S Autopilot Not Working

Tesla Model S Autopilot Not Working

Autopilot feature is present in the Tesla Model S for driver assistance while driving on the road. It contains various functionalities, including speed adjustment, acceleration, and auto steer.

Tesla Model S autopilot stops working due to changes in climatic conditions, including foggy, rainy, and snowy weather. The problem with this feature comes due to faded lanes of road, exposure to bright light, exceeding from minimum speed limit, damaged or misaligned bumpers, outdated software, and use of third-party apps. It also happens due to adding stickers, wraps, rubber protectors, and the installation of bike racks.

It is necessary to wash your Tesla cars to remove residues of mud and snow from the exterior body panels for the proper functioning of autopilot mode.

Climatic conditions

Autopilot mode in Tesla cars contains various sensors and cameras highly sensitive to outside temperatures and environmental conditions.

Driving in the rain affects the cameras’ visibility and interferes with their functioning. The water droplets of rain block the view, and cameras cannot recognize the vehicles in their surroundings.

Furthermore, the foggy weather in the winter season is also problematic and decreases visibility. Therefore, the sensors are embedded in the outside body panel to identify nearby objects.

TheseThese sensors are sensitive to temperature and cannot perform their function when the temperature is high or low.

These embedded sensors do not respond well when the outside temperature is high in the summer and low during cold days.

It is necessary to clean the lens of the cameras during the rainy season to remove the water droplets and residues of snow during winter.

Take a soft microfiber cloth and carefully wipe off the moisture droplets from the lens of the cameras.

Faded lines of roads

The autopilot feature in Model S cannot work, and you cannot see its icon on the dashboard screen. The issue comes due to faded lines of the road.

It assists the drivers and controls the various feature during driving, including speed, steering function, and acceleration in the specific lane.

The feature does not perform its function if the specific lines are not clear. This is because the sensors and cameras cannot recognize the road’s faded and invisible lines and markings.

The lanes on the roads are painted with a specific color for easy driving and safe parking without any trouble.

The marked lanes become fade due to continuous driving on them. In addition, the visibility decreases due to the rubbing of tires due to the application of brakes.

The exposure to high temperatures during summer days fades the color of these road markings or lanes.

The respective organizations have to check the condition of the road and improve it for safe driving.

Exposure to light

Exposure to extremely bright lights affects the functionality of the cameras.

For example, the cameras do not respond to the surrounding objects and vehicles clearly when there is obstruction through the bright light.

Cameras’ exposure to lights comes due to other cars or heavy traffic on the road. The bright headlights of traffic cause problems for cameras and sensors.

In addition, the bright light during day time is also problematic and stops the functioning of this feature.

Many people complain that autopilot in their Tesla cars stops functioning, and they cannot see an icon on the screen during sunny days.

The bright sunlight of the sun causes obstruction and disables this system. In addition, halogen headlights during the night produce more reflection and are more problematic.

There is no proper method to fix this issue, and you have to face it until the specific situation last. You should avoid driving during extremely sunny days if you want to enjoy this feature.

Exceed minimum speed range

This driver assistance feature works at a specific speed limit and does not perform its function when you exceed this speed limit.

The speed limit for the auto steer feature is 150km/h, and you can engage the autosteer at this speed limit.

Many people complain that autopilot does not provide the steering function when driving at high speed.

Maintaining the speed of your Tesla cars to enjoy this feature on the road for safe driving is necessary. Therefore, you should check the speed on the front screen before engaging this system in your vehicles.

Obstruction due to stickers

Many people add stickers on the front bumper and on the exterior body panels of their cars to give them a cool appearance.

Adding stickers to change the overall exterior look is cheaper than repainting because it is costly and time-consuming.

These stickers and adhesive products cause obstruction and disable the functioning of the mounted cameras and sensors.

Sometimes the cameras are covered with snow when you drive them on snowy roads during winter. The problem also comes due to dust on the cameras and sensors.

It is better to carefully repaint your Tesla cars if you want to give them a unique and new appearance rather than using stickers, adhesive products, wraps, and rubber coatings.

Moreover, add the stickers after taking help from the professionals to resolve this issue.

Damaged bumper

The damaged and misaligned front bumpers of the Tesla Model S cause hindrances in the functioning of cameras and make them challenging to detect surrounding vehicles.

The bumpers get misaligned or damaged during accidental cases. The alignment problem comes from hitting hard objects or road hurdles during driving.

The hitting of the front bumper with road hurdles and other automobiles also damages the hardware of the mounted sensors and cameras.

It is necessary to repair the bumpers when it gets damaged to enjoy the standard driver assistance feature.

Outdated software

The autopilot feature in the cars works through the programmed software to perform its various functions, including self-braking, autosteer, acceleration, and declaration.

It is essential to update the specific software, so all functions work effectively during driving. You can face issues in one or more functions in Tesla Model S when the software is not updated.

The problem is when you ignore the updates and avoid updating the system.

Faulty GPS

This driver assistance feature is interconnected with the GPS to navigate your car correctly. It takes data from the navigation system and automatically moves your vehicle on the road.

It assists turn signals, and you can use it on highways for on and off-ramps. However, many people complain that they cannot engage the navigate feature on autopilot because of the issue with GPS.

The faulty GPS is unable to identify real-time locations. The failure of GPS occurs due to outside weather and satellite issues that it cannot receive signals for its functioning.

You can fix the problem by resetting the system using the steering wheel button. Press the button and hold it for a few seconds until the screen becomes black.

Installation of third-party apps

Tesla Model S has the latest operating system; you can install different apps, including official and third parties.

Sometimes the installation of third-party apps becomes challenging for your operating system and interrupts its functionality.

The autopilot stops working when it detects any inconsistency in the operating system due to the installation of third-party apps.

Uninstall all other apps if it is not working in your vehicle. Moreover, you can also disable them if these apps are causing a disturbance.

Installation of bike racks

Many people attach bike racks on the backside of their Tesla Model S to transport dirt bikes. It is a safe and cheap method of transportation for bikes when you are going on trips.

People also do this when they purchase new bikes from the market to take them to their homes. The incorrect installation of these racks or stands blocks the view of the autopilot cameras.

You should take help from professionals for the installation of bike racks.

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