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Tesla Model 3 Easy Entry Not Working

Tesla Model 3 Easy Entry Not Working

Easy entry is the latest system that is present in the Tesla Model 3 to adjust the steering wheel and seats when you come in the car and get out of it. For example, it can move the seat to the rear side and lower the steering wheel so you can easily get out while taking the handbags.

Tesla Model 3 easy entry does not work when you update the software to v10, add more than one profile, the car is in valet mode, damaged fuse, and use third-party apps.

It provides extra space for legroom and reduces the chances of hitting the leg with the steering wheel while coming in and out of the car. In addition, it can also provide a better driving experience according to the height of the people.

Updated software

The specific software is needed for the functioning of the easy entry and making the driver’s profile. You cannot connect them with the various system of your car without this software.

These are the computerized system, and bugs are reported in them often. For example, it becomes difficult for the system to adjust the seat and steering wheel position when the bug is in the software.

It cannot provide any signal to the specific system for their functioning. Many times, the issue also comes when you update their latest versions.

Most people who use this car complain that their seats and steering wheels do not adjust their position after upgrading the software to v10.

The v10 is the latest update, and the system cannot recognize and stop functioning. However, people complain that they did not have any issues with the old version of this software.

You need to reboot the system to fix the issue. The two buttons are on the steering wheel, press and hold this button for a few seconds until the screen becomes off.

Profile not saved

You need to save the driver profile in the system to adjust the steering wheel and seats according to your height and comfort level.

Add your name and save the steering position according to your requirement and driving habits.

Now move towards the setting of the seats, add the data after selecting the proper position of the seats and then click the save button.

These settings are saved in your computerized system, which uses this data whenever you press the brake pedal to start your car.

It also makes an exit easy by repositioning the seats and steering wheel and unbuckling the seat belts. Sometimes the driver’s profile gets corrupted, and the system cannot work well.

You cannot feel any changes when coming in and out of the vehicle. People often do not complete the procedure of making a profile because they are unaware of it.

Tesla screen cannot show any data when the profile is not saved on the screen.

You can fix the issue by re-saving the driver’s profile. Sometimes you cannot complete the process correctly, and the data is not saved in the system.

You should complete all the steps to make your profile on the computerized system.

Multiple profiles in Easy Entry

You can save the data for up to 10 drivers in the easy entry system. Many times, the vehicle is in use by more than one person.

It is common in large families that cars are in use by more than one person. Each of these persons has different heights and different adjustment angles.

Everyone adds the information according to their height and driving habits. The addition of more than one position sometimes interrupts the functioning.

The system gets overloaded and cannot work well. Moreover, it can also make people confused when they want to select their specific identity from the touch screen.

You can fix the issue by deleting all the driver’s profiles to remove the errors and bugs in these files. Then, read the data of all the family members to make the new profiles.

The clearance of cache and data is necessary to minimize the risk of errors in your Tesla car.

Tesla in valet mode

Tesla cars are high-performing automobiles and are at more risk for accidents due to increased speed.

The manufacturers add the valet mode in their cars to limit their speed and other feature. This model uses software to limit the different features like the easy entry.

The driver’s profile is also not accessible when you put them in valet mode for safe driving and to reduce the risk of accidents due to their high speed.

In addition, you cannot see the feature on the screen after activating this mode. Moreover, the navigation systems and connecting functions like USB and Bluetooth stopped working.

You can cancel the valet mode if you want to re-activate the profile settings. Then, open the valet mode by touching the driver profile icon present on the control screen.

Enter the 4-digit pin to cancel this feature and fix the issue in your Tesla Model 3.

Blown out fuse

The seats and column control also contain the fuses for their functioning. The seats are power adjustable and need fuses for the power supply.

The steering wheel also needs it for its movement in different directions. However, most of the time, the steering column and seats do not change their position because they are not calibrated.

You cannot adjust their height and front or rear movement due to poor recalibration and a blown-out fuse. The issue in the circuit breaker also causes this problem.

You should open the hood and find the fuse for the seats and steering column to replace them. You can also fix problems in the easy entry feature by resetting the circuit breakers.

Turn off all the components of the vehicles and let them sit overnight for 24 to 48 hours.

Use of third-party apps

Most of the time, the issue in the computerized system of your Tesla automobile comes due to the use of 3rd party apps.

These are not recognized apps and contain a bug that can damage the whole software and its system.

Using 3rd party apps also corrupts the file of the driver’s profile and automatically removes it from the screen.

You should turn off all the features and apps of the cars and delete the third-party apps. Close the powered doors and windows and turn off the ignition switch.

Wait about 3 to 5 hours, then turn on the ignition again to fix issues in the Tesla Model 3 easy entry.

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