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Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

Tesla Model 3 Paint Issues

Tesla Model 3 paint issues are common, and it comes due to flaws in manufacturing processes. People are worried because degrading or chipping paint reduces the car’s resale value and makes them look bad.

Tesla Model 3 paint issues include chipping and paint degradation on the lower ends, especially wheel wells and chassis structure. The problems include prominent scratches, poor drying of clear coats, greyish and milky appearance, and cracks.

You should fix it as soon as possible because rust can eat the metal parts. In addition, the proper car wash is an inexpensive and protective technique to get rid of road salts, dust, debris, and mud.

Chipping of paint

Paint chipping is common that people face in Tesla Model 3 cars. It means that clear coat layers start to peel off easily.

The issue comes when you clean the dust and dirt with a dry towel because of the use of low-quality and thin layers.

Moreover, the peeling-off problem also comes due to poor surface preparation. The application of the coat on the dirty and poorly cleaned surface causes this issue.

In addition, you can also face this due to the absence of primer or the use of low-quality ones for surface preparation.

It becomes difficult for a clear coat to stick on the metal surface without using a primer. The parking of cars in direct sunlight causes this problem.

The ultraviolet radiations and heat come in contact with this layer and can easily peel off. Many people use abrasive cleaners for cleaning purposes.

Exposure to moisture and hitting of stones while driving on roads cause this issue. You can fix it by applying the paint protectant layer to increase the original layer’s durability.

You can also buff their surface with wax to protect them from exposure to heat and temperature fluctuations.

Greyish and milky appearance

Many people complain that paint on the exterior surface gives a cloudy appearance after some time. You can see the greyish and dirty patches in some areas.

The cloudiness or white patches come due to the oxidation process. The exposure of the clear coat to harmful elements can cause an oxidation reaction.

Moreover, it can also come due to the manufacturing fault and the wrong method to paint the Tesla surface.

The application of multiple layers and varnished with incorrect viscosity cause this problem. You can fix it by buffing or waxing the exterior of the car.

The buffing or waxing sprays are also available in the market, and you can purchase them. In addition, you can also apply this in homes because it is easy to do the procedure.


The prominent scratches in these vehicles can affect their resale value and original finished appearance.

It does not look new or luxurious due to the presence of these lines. Moreover, the lines are more visible in light-colored automobiles and give a bad appearance.

The scratches on the Tesla Model 3 are due to the use of inappropriate washing techniques. The problem mostly comes when you go to cheap dealerships for washing purposes.

The exposure to road debris and stone chips also produces scratches on the lower end. You can fix this problem using a cover or tarp while parking your cars.

Throw the tarp if you have opened garages in your homes.

Paint degradation

The term degradation means the paint layers lose their furnished appearance and become dull when the light comes in contact with them.

It can also make your Tesla Model 3 look dull and old because of the degradation problems. The issue is common on the rear side and near the wheels.

These areas are more exposed to moisture and mud from the roads. In addition, the exposure to road slats during driving on winter days also causes the degradation issue.

It increases the risk of corrosion because the metal layer is exposed to the environment, and free radicals can easily approach them.

You can use a ceramic coating to fix this issue. The ceramic coating protects the clear coat from dust, grime, moisture, and road salts.

Moreover, these are hydrophobic, act as a water repellent, and reduce the risk of moisture-related damage.

Absence of mud flaps and paint problems under the trunk lid

The paint of the lower chassis structure is more exposed to degradation, chipping, and cracking. The mud flaps are not present on the lower side to protect the rear end.

The road salts and mud from the road directly come on these parts. In addition, driving on muddy roads during rain is problematic.

The issue becomes worse when you do not quickly wash the lower parts after coming from outside. Moreover, many people also complain that varnish coat is not present under the trunk lid, making it rusty.

It is better to install splash guards to protect the lower end, including tires.

The installation is an easy process and takes less time. In addition, it is a cost-effective method to protect the paint from erosion and moisture.

Cracking issues

Many people complain that they can easily see the clear lines on the paints of their cars.

The cracking of the clear coat occurs because of poor practices during its application. The use of inappropriate methods and inexperienced persons cause this problem.

The poor surface preparation before varnishing produces lines after some time. In addition, the presence of dust and dirt causes poor sticking of paint and cracking problems.

You can also face this because of low-quality sealants to seal the exterior varnish layer. You can see the clear lines due to inappropriate sanding, cleaning, and priming.

The company can fix the issue by properly cleaning and sanding the surface before applying the coat. In addition, it is also necessary to use good quality sealants to prevent cracking.

Poor drying of paint

Many people face the problem due to improper drying practices. The dust particles and other small chemicals can easily stick to the surface when it is not dried correctly.

You can quickly feel the texture rough when you rub your fingers on them. The completely dried paint is smooth and soft without impurities or dust particles.

You cannot feel the sandy texture when you touch it with your hand. The inappropriate drying techniques also cause cracking problems.

You can fix Tesla Model 3 paint issue by properly drying the clear coat in a controlled environment. Do not launch them in the market because dust particles stick to their surface and disturb their smooth texture.

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