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What Are Spread Fingers on Brake Calipers?

What Are Spread Fingers on Brake Calipers?

The brake calipers include the pistons and brake pads and slow the speed of wheels on your vehicle while producing friction with the rotors. 

However, the spread fingers are slightly moveable hardware clips with quick adjustment. The single-piston brake system with the back disc layout uses these parts.

What Are Spread Fingers on Brake Calipers? Spread fingers on brake calipers are metal clips with reduction properties and adjust inside the brake with slide compressions. Also, they pull the pads from the disc, reduce the brake dragging and keep the padding away from rotors while the driver releases the brake pedals. They have no adverse effect on brake pedals, are available for around $4 to $6, and installation takes 7 to 10 minutes. 

You can get these calipers with or without spreading fingers according to the layout of your vehicle and brake assembly. 

It is the part number of the calipers, and the owners of auto part stores can provide identical metal clips for better adjustment. 

What are spread fingers, and how do they work on brake calipers?

These are metallic reduction clips that adjust inside the brake while pulling the pads.

These can pull these pads away from the disc of the system. 

Moreover, these spread fingers can push the pads away from the rotors. It happens while the driver releases the pedal. 

These gadgets work with spring action and produce a dragging and pulling force. 

In addition, they appear as vulnerable and flexible springs. So the manufacturers make them move inside the caliper for the dragging of rotors, discs, and pads.

In addition, they are safe components because they cannot push the piston backward. However, they have a weak composition and cannot compete with solid hardware. 

Also, they have no negative impact on the braking mechanism. Moreover, they reduce their performance due to old age, internal damages, and excessive usage. 

What is the location of spread fingers on brake calipers?

These are available with or without the spread fingers. However, they are more efficient with these hardware clips.

These are present inside the brake near the piston. 

They are adjustable clips that settle on the flat surface of the caliper without any problem. They are like flexible springs and make their position inside the compressed slides. 

How to install the spread finger clips on a brake caliper?

The finger clips are vulnerable to damage due to their composition. However, they are metallic components and face corrosion problems often.

Excessive usage of these parts results in their damage and requires immediate replacement. 

Leaving a broken clip inside the caliper leads to the inappropriate performance of the caliper and brake system. 

I have explained a method to install these metallic clips inside the brake. In addition, make sure the caliper is outside the vehicle, and you can access it from all directions.

Access the slides of your caliper and hold it with your fingers. Compress them towards each other and reduce the distance between them. 

In addition, find the middle space to adjust the metal clip.

Hold it horizontally and access the position of the piston for better adjustment of the spread finger hardware. 

Then, shift its position and turn it into a vertical state. 

The clip’s position is upside down, and you should confirm that the coil spring is in the top direction.

Keep the flat surface of the clip on the left side and adjust the parts for the brake pads.

Insert it in the corner of the brake and align it firmly. The flat portion adjusts on the flat caliper’s edge, and you can slightly press it for better adjustment. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the spread fingers on brake calipers?

I have mentioned its multiple benefits for the brake system, pads, rotors, and vehicle disc. However, a few disadvantages are as follows. 


These are part of a single-piston brake system and are less complicated. 

They have easy installation and replacement procedures and take around 7 to 10 minutes.

They are available online, and auto part stores offer them cost-effective prices of around $4 to $6. 

They are free-floating components and reduce the chances of friction and brake temperatures during the squeezing of pads. 


The high heat production affects the performance of spread finger clips. It happens during long-distance traveling at high speed.

They have a weak structure and require multiple replacements.

They are available with the rear disc vehicles and single-piston. 

What do people say about the spreading fingers on brake calipers?

I have surveyed around 327 truck drivers and asked them about the spreading fingers on the brake.

People have mixed comments about the usage and management of these reduction clips on the calipers.

Around (47%) 154 people consider it a non-complicated part with convenient replacement across the USA. They prefer it for non-dual piston vehicles with a rear disc system. 

However, around (50%) 163 people consider them complex equipment with multiple replacements and internal damages.

But, around (3%) 10 of these people did not know about this part.

They said they could not differentiate the calipers with or without these spread fingers due to a lack of knowledge about the automobiles.

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