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Chevy Silverado Won’t Go Into 4 Low

Chevy Silverado Won’t Go Into 4 Low

Many people love to do adventure, and therefore, they drive their trucks on different types of roads. The 4 Low feature is present in the latest models of Silverado to make the ride better on these roads.

Chevy Silverado won’t go into 4 low when the button of the 4L becomes faulty and cannot work accurately. The problem with engaging the 4L happens when the truck is not in a neutral position and the transfer case becomes defective. The seized differentials due to poor lubrication will also cause issues while shifting gears. The shifting problem will also occur due to dirty and low transfer case fluid. The corroded wires and low voltage to the power relay will also cause difficulty putting the truck in 4L. The faulty 4WD actuator and wear and tear in tires will also put the pickups in 4L at the wrong time. 

It provides better traction on uneven roads while engaging all four wheels.

What is the meaning of 4 low in Chevy Silverado?

The 4 low is a common term in pickup trucks, which means that you are driving at high speed but with more torque production.

It means that all four wheels are fully engaged for the vehicle’s movement. It is necessary when moving on uneven terrains and poor roads.

You should put your truck into this position when driving off-roads, which needs the low-speed but full torque for driving.

Furthermore, it is also beneficial for movement on sandy areas and snowy roads because you have to move slowly in these areas to prevent slipperiness.

Why won’t my Chevy Silverado go into 4 low?

The following reasons can cause your vehicle to be stuck in a specific gear, and you cannot change them.

Problem with push button

Silverado has buttons to change the 2WD to 4WD according to the situation of the roads.

You have to press this button to put your vehicle in 4 low while driving on sandy and unpaved roads.

Sometimes this button becomes faulty, and you cannot change and shift the position of your truck. In addition, the button becomes defective when you are using them for a longer time.

In addition, physical stress like pressing them frequently and with more pressure can also make them faulty and out of function.

You can fix it by changing the buttons and pressing them carefully to increase their life and durability.

Silverado not in neutral

When you want to put your Chevy Silverado into a 4-wheel low engagement, it is necessary to put the vehicle in a neutral position.

You cannot change them into 4 low if they are in a moving position. Many people complain that they face this issue with their pickups; the main reason is that they do not change the gear to neutral.

Engaging the 4WD feature while moving can also damage the other parts of the vehicle and stress the engine.

You can fix it by putting your truck into neutral gear before engaging this feature.

Problem with the transfer case

The transfer case is the basic component of the latest models of the Silverado. It is mainly present in trucks that have 4WD systems.

The main function of the transfer case is to transfer the power from the transmission system to all of the vehicle’s four wheels.

The problem with these transfer cases will affect the 4-wheel drive, and you can face issues while engaging and disengaging this feature.

Some people also complain that it will engage and disengage at the wrong time.

You can fix this issue by properly maintaining and caring for the transfer case and checking them while driving.

It is also necessary to check the fluid of the transfer case for its proper working.

Corroded wires

The electrical system is also necessary to transfer the power to all the 4 wheels of the pickups. When there is an issue in the wires and the circuits, they cannot transfer the appropriate power.

Most of the time, the copper wires become corroded when moisture comes in contact with their surface.

The presence of rust on the electrical wires can easily interrupt the power supply to the different components of the vehicles.

The problem also comes due to rust on the wires and other electrical circuits because of insufficient power supply from the transmission system.

Reduce the moisture entry and change the wires when they are completely damaged.

Moreover, you can also apply electrical cleaners to prevent corrosion.

Issues with brakes

The brake system is also present in the latest models of pickup trucks. Sometimes the issues with the brake system will also cause problems while driving.

When brakes are applied and the truck is not neutral, you cannot put your vehicle into 4 low for driving on off roads.

You can fix this problem by first disengaging the brakes and clutch while pushing the 4WD button.

Less lubrication

The two differentials are present in the 4WD and help in changing the gear. The primary function of the differentials is to lubricate the gears.

The lubrication is necessary to engage and disengage the 4 low in your trucks. When these differentials are not lubricated properly, they become seized and cause the problem.

Due to less lubrication and seized differentials, you can hear the whining and grinding noise while changing the position.

Problem with actuator

The 4-wheel drive actuator is the major component in the pickup trucks. These are helpful to engage all four wheels, including front and rear while driving.

Sometimes the actuators become bad due to less lubrication and general wear and tear. The faulty actuators will cause the vehicle to get stuck in one position.

You can only resolve this issue by replacing the actuator with new ones for their accurate functioning.

Low transfer case fluid levels

The fluid is present in the transfer case and differentials for lubrication of the gear components.

When the transfer case fluid level becomes low, it will cause issues while changing the gear due to more friction between the parts.

Moreover, the dirty transfer case fluid will also produce a grinding noise.

Check the transfer case fluid while driving and change them when they become dirty.

Low voltage to relay

The maximum supply of voltage is necessary to change the gears in your vehicle while traveling on uneven terrains where you need to change the gears frequently.

When there is less voltage to the relay, they cannot provide sufficient power to put the vehicle into this gear, so you cannot drive them at slow speed with full traction.

The voltage problem will occur when there is an issue with the battery that cannot supply enough power. In addition, the problem with the electrical system will also cause the low voltage to relay.

When you face the issue, you should check the electrical system and battery that they are giving sufficient voltage to the power relay.

Wear and tear in tires

The trucks will go into 4 low at the wrong time when tires are uneven and damaged. In addition, the poor tread surfaces of tires will also cause the differentials to engage at the wrong times.

For appropriate working of differentials, it is necessary to prevent the wheels of your vehicle from wear and tires.

When their thread surfaces become damaged completely, you should change the tires and purchase the new ones according to the accurate size.

How do you put Chevy Silverado in 4 low?

When you have to shift your Silverado into 4 low, you have to change the gear position to the neutral.

Putting them in a neutral position is necessary because it can produce less damage in a transfer case.

After putting the vehicle in neutral, reduce the speed of the vehicle. The speed reduction is necessary to decrease the chances of gear to stuck.

You have to decrease the speed 2mph to 3mph for appropriate gear shifting. Then, press the 4L button in the Chevy Silverado, and the light will appear on the dashboard screen.

Press the button at one time and wait for the light to disappear from the screen. When the light stops blinking and disappears, it shows that your truck is in 4L mode.

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