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What are the Worst Trucking Companies to Work for?

What are the Worst Trucking Companies to Work for?

Companies with sub-standard work policies and inferior management are the worst trucking companies.

According to our research, the worst trucking companies to work for includes Werner Enterprises, Inc, Prime Inc, J.B Hunt Transport, Southeastern Freight Lines, Landstar trucking, Hub group, and TransX group. They are worst due to poor management, abusive behavior, low salaries, long duty hours, sudden policy changes, unnecessary blame over workers, sudden vehicle breakdown, lack of communication, no insurance, and inappropriate response. You can identify these companies by checking their job type, accident history, payment patterns, work categories, and the number of vehicles. 

Ill-treatment of management with the drivers, banned bonuses, and low increments reduce the credibility of a trucking unit. In addition, delayed salaries and refusal to pay the remaining amounts cause negative remarks.

Werner Enterprises, Inc

Werner Enterprises, Inc is a transportation and logistics company. The business is delivery goods in North America since 1956.

It is a starter trucking company with a balanced transportation facility and an adequate number of trucks.

They lie about their legal policies, change the duty schedules and never inform the employees about their plans. The hierarchy believes in favoritism, and it annoys the employees. 

They require a work experience of 2 to 4 years with a commercial driving license. According to its 20% workers, the management is biased, and the higher staff misbehaves with new employees.

The firm only prefers qualified drivers and prioritizes friends and known applicants. According to their unofficial rules, drivers cannot quit their jobs before four years. 

The company provides training for 7 to 8 months. Then, it delays the span of permanent jobs and does not offer a job. 

Prime Inc.

It is a freight and transportation trucking business that provides CDL in the earlier stages. Prime Inc is worst for the truckers, provides horrible job experience, and mistreats the employees.

The higher officers support and appreciate new workers. The company never increases the startup salaries. 

They abuse the lower staff, drivers, and administration employees. Sometimes, their fleet managers mismanage the job schedule and blame the workers and other staff.

They manipulate the new employees by frightening them about long duty hours. They keep the drivers unaware of the dispatchers, distributors, and other delivery units.

The firm does not provide medical facilities to its employees. It has insurance policies with no validation. The authorities skip the funding and treatment expenses due to internal mismanagement.

The company sends workers to lease the transportation trucks. The authorities starve their worker for hundreds of miles. 

In a week, they call 80 to 90 drivers for training. Their job process is like a training mill that consumes multiple hours with no remarkable results.

J.B Hunt Transport

It is a transport service that has been a part of the transportation industry since 1961. Drivers quit their jobs at this firm within 8 to 9 months due to the non-professional behavior of the authorities.

Due to personal problems, the management suddenly suspends qualified and experienced employees. They have manipulated and false policies.

They only care about their dispatching vehicles and neglect the employees. The company and its policies contradict the payments. 

They reduce their salaries without notification and blame their employees for poor management. The terminal managers do not maintain the job decorum. 

They have unprofessional behavior, mistreat the trainees, insult them without reason and threaten them about their jobs. Due to their ill-treatment, they always need extra workers. 

They put extra loads on their employees and follow the anti-driver policies. They blame the drivers for the truck damages, restrict the insurance facilities, and do not provide medical treatments. 

Southeastern Freight Lines

It is a private, less than truckload, freight line that covers the western and eastern USA. This trucking business has remarkable job policies with horrible salaries. 

The official authorities have no control over their managers and higher staff. The officers do not offer lunch breaks and offer insufficient sitting space.

They extend the duty hours without notifying their employees. They do not offer extra duty hours that reduce salaries and insult their workers.

Years ago, it started and stabilized its financial credibility in this duration. But, they offer minimum salaries for long-distance dispatching conditions. 

They starve the driving person, do not facilitate medical treatments, and confront the employees for vehicle damages. 

With their low payment policies, a driver cannot facilitate a family of 3 to 4 people. Moreover, they always need new workers because the authorities suspend the employees without notice. 

Landstar trucking

It is a specialized trucking and logistics company that operates with third parties. It has the worst reputation due to abusive distributors and offensive brokers.

Its authorities delay the operations of freight which leads to mismanagement. Late dispatching, broken vehicles, and starved workers are a few significant problems. 

The managers change the consistent transportation schedules and alter the passages. They offer minimum salaries for long-distance deliveries. 

One of their employees told us, that they insult the workers and blame them for their inefficiency. Then, they call the workers at the unit and cancel the shifts after a wait of long hours. 

The authorities change the vehicles, trailers, and trucks on the spot. It affects the dispatching speed and affects the performance of the driver.

But, they blame the staffers for their negligence and offend them about their standard operations. 

Hub Group

It is a North American logistic and truck brokerage unit that provides a transportation facility. It offers minimum pay with long duty hours. 

The business does not provide insurance for the driver or his family members. The duty hours prolong for up to 15 hours. They call the employees for 4 to 6 weeks.

They never appreciate the work performance and avoid experienced workers. They pay around $20 to $30 for one shipment. 

They have early duty hours with alternative schedules. The company has a misleading lease plan and carries out heavy-weight transportation.

The duty hours extend from 13 to 15 hours. The administration authorities do not keep a stable connection between the drivers and dispatchers. 

The delivery containers break due to mismanagement, reduced control, and lack of coordination. In addition, the staff has ill-treatment towards the old and experienced workers. 

Due to heavy loads, its trucks break in the middle of a road. The company does not provide emergency facilities and insults the driving person. Internal corruption leads to reduced salaries, tax deductions, and manipulative operations.

TransX Group

It is a logistics company in North America with a single-stop service. It has the lowest dispatching patterns with low-quality packaging.

For beginners, they pay the lowest amount for extensive mileage. The authorities avoid the new staff, drivers, and new applicants. 

The long work duration disturbs the balance of work and routine life. As a result, its drivers have low living standards than many other workers. 

It is notorious for late payments and delayed salaries. The officers provide the remaining amounts after thousands of calls, requests, and emails.

The firm does not pay according to the workload, performance, and extra efficiencies. Therefore, the low compensations are insufficient to fulfill the basic needs of employees.

They bring the closure without notification and never facilitate bonuses. They have long-distance transportation activities with insufficient communication and the worst response. 

The company keeps the active drivers away from their cities and homes. The night shifts, prolonged stays, and inadequate salaries annoy the workers.

How do you identify the worst trucking companies?

It is challenging to identify the worst transportation firm. However, I have explained a few significant factors that make the identification feasible. 

Work policies

Check the work policies, dispatching units, passages, and average miles per week. Get your training before permanent employment and ask questions about the internal laws.

Identify the operational activities, the type of distributors, and the total number of stops.

Recognize the work pattern of the company, do comprehensive research through the official websites, and consult the experts. The manipulative policies indicate the low reputation of a trucking business. 

Type of jobs

Identify the type of job and duty hours. Check the timing of shift; find the external tours and surrounding benefits.

Recognize the number of night shifts, stays in other cities, and behavior of managers and higher staff. The number rod work hours determine the reputation and credibility of the company. 

History of accidents

Accidents in commercial automobiles are more crucial than in regular vehicles. More than 60% to 70% of accidents indicate malfunctioning vehicles. 

The drivers lose their lives due to a lack of repair and insufficient control. In addition, an increased number of accidents reduce the credibility of a trucking business. 

Categories of the company

Check their work categories, vehicles, and distance. Multiple categories indicate extensive workload. Identify the count for their employees because reduced workers determine a massive workload. 

The drivers work continuously for around fifteen hours with logistics, freight, and goods delivery. Multi-layered work patterns complicate the dispatching procedures. 

As a result, the workers quit their jobs in the initial months. It affects the reputation of these units. 

Number of delivery vehicles

A good company has more trucks, trailers, freight liners, and other delivery vehicles. A reduced number of trucks increases the work span and prolongs the operative hours. 

Frustrated employees delay the dispatching activities, and it affects the business. The worst company never resolves the complaints of its workers. 

Low salaries

Find the salaries of a trucking company in the last 3 to 4 years. Then, check the payment patterns in your application center. Also, assess the chances of growth, bonus, and increments. 

Poor management

The behavior of management with lower staff, drivers, administration and other workers shows the reputation of a trucking company. Consider the reviews and complaints of their team on their official portals. 

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