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List of Trucking Companies That Only Do Urine Test

List of Trucking Companies That Only Do Urine Test

Several trucking companies do urine tests to evaluate the drug content in the three preceding days. With urinalysis, they secure the DNA information of a driver. 

List of Trucking Companies That Only Do Urine Test include Dayton freight, Jacobson transportation company, TransWood carriers, Inc., Prime Inc., Oak harbor freight lines, Celadon Group, Mercer transportation, and R E Garrison Trucking Inc. The companies do urinalysis to prevent rule violations, reduction of accidents, drug detection, identify recent drug use, pass governmental inspections, safety of road traffic, and separation of drugs from medicines.

It secures drivers, saves time, keeps the business intact, and provides clean results. They do it after an accident and before hiring the drivers, and a negative report last on the license for 4 to 6 years. 

The screening takes 2-3 days and provides detailed data. The laboratory experts check the prescription and medications. 

What is a trucking company, and how does it work? 

It is a unit that provides trucks, trailers, and Lorries to transport goods from one location to another. Primarily, these facilitate the services of full truckloads across the USA. 

Their representatives connect with the freight brokers and use load boards. They charge a specific fee for the damage-free transportation of heavy and fragile material. 

They are responsible for the safe shipment of hazardous and confidential material. The company has different warehouses to store the material for months. They have parking spots, driving lanes, and storage units.

What trucking companies only do a urine test?

Following trucking companies perform the urine screening by connecting with an authentic testing laboratory. I have explained their work patterns and validity for the evaluation activity. 

Dayton Freight Lines Inc. 

It is a private less-than-truckload service with more than 55 service centers, located in Ohio and founded in 1981.

It works across 14 states of the USA by facilitating the truck transportation facility and works for the people’s comfort.

In addition, it performs the urine screening of all the new, trained, skilled, and empowered employees. 

Jacobson transportation company Inc. 

 It is a trucking company founded in 1986 with 12 to 52 employees and based in the USA. They do this screening to maintain the reliability of the business.

It facilitates freight transportation across the states of the USA with drug-free employees. 

TransWood carriers, Inc

It has been working since 1928 and provides truck transportation, customized shipment, and freight delivery with about 502 to 1002 employees.

In addition, it checks the ratio of alcohol, heroin, and other addictive material in the employees to transport the hazardous material.

Prime Inc. 

It has headquarters in North America and works as a renowned flatbed, tanker, and refrigerated transportation service across the states.

It takes a urine screening before hiring the workers for a secure shipment procedure.

Oak harbor freight lines

OHFL is a famous LTL in the USA, transporting the material in Arizona and California with hundreds of trucks.

It has been working since 1916 and performs urinalysis in the pre-employment phase. 

The authorities reject the people who depend on tranquilizers and sedatives.

Celadon Group Inc.

It is a truckload shipment unit that was founded in 1985 and with more than 4200 trucks in ten operating units.

It does not hire workers without screening their urine, evaluating the drug ratio, and rejecting the addicted applicants. 

Mercer Transportation

Since 1977, Mercer has been a famous truck service in North America. Due to urinalysis, it has passed all the drug inspections in the past several years. 

It has had several fleets, trailers, and flatbed units for the past 37 years. 

R E Garrison Trucking Inc.

It is famous in Alabama for its coast-to-coast shipment and reliable trucking services.

However, it does not hire workers without using urinalysis and evaluation of addictive material. 

Why do the trucking companies only do the urine test?

They confirm the drug content in the urine of their drivers to save accidents. It is the standard policy against the utilization of addictive substitutes. 

Prevent violation of rules

The Federal government prohibits the consumption of alcohol by truck drivers. They carry out the transportation of heavy and confidential material across the USA.

Urine tests facilitate correct information about the Blood alcohol content. The penalties for drunk drivers according to the state policies. 

Truckers cannot be influenced by any particular drug while driving freight or a massive trailer. Through urinalysis, the companies prevent the violation of state rules. 

In case of violation, the federal authorities involve a hauling company with the driving person.

Prevention of accidents

The alcohol-influenced person cannot handle the medium to heavy trucks on different roads. The inappropriate control leads to sudden bumping into other traffic.

It causes life-threatening incidents, and the surrounding people lose their lives.

To prevent such activities, the representatives perform the test to evaluate the ratio of addictive material in the worker’s body.

To detect drugs

The test can detect and evaluate the presence of marijuana in the blood of a driver. The federal laws have prohibited the consumption of cannabis by workers.

The urinalysis can find the content of heroin and oxycodone. In addition, the laboratory checks the level of methamphetamine and hydrocodone in the human urine.

Phencyclidine is illegal for drivers, and the screening can determine its ratio. It can identify the content of nicotine, opioids, and barbiturates in the blood. 

Better identification of recent drug use

The employees consume the illegal addictive material and involve in transportation activities. The urinalysis can find the utilization of recent liquid or solid drugs. 

Nothing can hide from this precise screening procedure due to its complex strategies. 

Passing the governmental inspections

They prefer these procedures to find drunk and addictive employees immediately. As a result, the authorities separate them from the list of efficient workers.

The company passes the governmental inspections by showing clean workers.

The federal authorities provide a certificate to the trucking companies for their continuous performance without restriction. 

Safety of road traffic

The pre-testing before a journey can save road traffic from fatal accidents. This is because the vehicles remain stable at different speed conditions.

Drug-free drivers remain firm during their driving on highways and busy road conditions.

Separation of drugs from medicines

Several medicines have a slight ratio of alcohol and other drugs to relax the human body and central nervous systems. A few drivers take sedatives that have barbiturates and opioids.

The urinalysis can find the excessive ratio of the addictive material and separate it from regular consumption.

The Federal traffic administration has made significant rules for drug-containing medicines.

They restrict the utilization of sedatives before 12 hours of a working operation. 

Security of skilled drivers

The companies never want to lose skilled and experienced drivers because it affects their business. To avoid such problems, they carry out a urinalysis every month.

They maintain a record of an experienced worker to regulate the transportation without a problem.

Less time consuming

It is a less time-consuming activity than other detection procedures. For example, identifying alcohol takes about 8 to 13 hours and depends on the condition of the human stomach.

The laboratory workers can evaluate the benzodiazepines in 2 to 6 days.

They can find the content of heroin within 2 to 4 days. Finally, they provide results of methadone and oxycodone in about 2 to 5 days.

Keep the business intact

The drunk drivers damage the trucks and affect the credibility of a trucking company.

With urinalysis, the authorities protect the integrity of their business. They maintain a clean and non-addictive staff for constant development. 

Better and clear results

The screening provides better results than other procedures due to detailed evaluation. It facilitates error-free results with a clear report. 

When do the trucking companies perform the urine test?

They can perform the screening anytime due to the suspicious behavior of a driver. But, it varies according to the policies of a shipment unit. 

Right after a road accident

The authorities perform the urine screening right after an accident to follow federal laws. Moreover, it is essential for the insurance of a business and its employees.

Before the results, the worker cannot drive a trailer, truck, or another vehicle.

The accidents make the owners suspicious about the behavior of an employee. The loss of equipment intrigues a screening process within 10 to 15 hours of the accident. 

Before employment 

60% to 70% of mid-age people apply for truck driving positions. The shipment units perform the screening according to the policies of the business.

They never hire drivers without identifying the levels of drugs in their urine. Instead, they check them in the pre-employment period to evaluate their pattern for addiction.

A few units provide margin according to the health and ratios of utilization, but it is a rare condition. 

What is a urine test for trucking companies, and how does it work?

The representative sends the applicant’s details to the testing laboratory. The laboratory facilitates the forms and plastic containers. 

  • The sampling takes place at the screening spots to prevent errors. 
  • The applicants prepare for the screening procedure by following the below guidelines.
  • Drink a lot of water before sampling to produce clean and maximum urine.
  • Fill the container according to the marked spots and cover their tops.
  • On the sampling day, avoid the regular medication because it can change the results. 
  • Provide the prescription of your doctor to the lab assistant. 
  • On the urinalysis day, avoid drugs and read the Performa before signing it.

The Transportation units confirm the results and inform the applicants through calls and emails. Then, they hire the applicants with clean urine results and reject the others. 

How long can the urine test last for the truck drivers?

The negative test report can stay on the license of commercial drivers for about 4 to 6 years. After that, they exist on the record until the return-to-duty period completes.

These companies use the CDL clearinghouse technique to provide an online record of the violation to the governmental agencies and other shipment units.

The drivers can hide the reports, but the agencies keep the data for a long time. Avoiding the drugs and re-screening can revalidate the CDL for skilled drivers. 

What happens when the truck driver fails a urine test?

The company never fires the drivers after a failed urinalysis. Instead, they suspend them with a warning notice, remove their driving licenses and punish them with additional penalties.

On the returning day, the employees undergo different screenings and urinalysis. They have to work under the guidance of a Substance abuse professional.

Defensive behaviors and continuous drug usage lead to license suspension for the whole life.

They send the name of the addictive person to the Federal road traffic administration. He cannot get work in any trucking company due to an abusive record.

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