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What Cars Have a 5×108 Bolt Pattern?

What Cars Have a 5×108 Bolt Pattern?

Several high-performance cars have 5×108 bolt patterns with five studs and hole circumference of 108 mm. It is a 5×4.2 inches bolt alignment to facilitate maximum strength and frame weight stability.

What Cars Have a 5×108 Bolt Pattern? Cars with 5×108 bolt pattern include Volvo C70, S90, and 164, Ford Focus and Fusion, Ferrari F355 spider and 512 TR, Nissan GT-R, Dodge Monaco, Lincoln Mark VIII, and Jaguar XF.

Many vehicles have this pattern with one extra stud and an additional hole. Due to this tire style, automobile stability increases on all roads. 

Volvo cars

Volvo cars have different variants according to their specific layouts and built properties. It has various models which comprise this bolt pattern for optimized vehicle stability. 

Volvo C70 is a 2DR, compact vehicle with accommodation space for four adults and has 5×108 patterns. Its 1997 to 2013 models have tire dimensions of 205/55ZR16 (24.9 inches) and 225/50ZR19 (29.1 inches). 

However, Volvo 164 has this pattern on 1968 to 1975 models with wheels of 195/70SR15 (25.8 inches) and 195/65SR16 (26 inches). In addition, the extra lug nut provides maximum stability on Volvo S90 variants from 2016 to 2021. 

They have a 5×4.2 inches pattern with 195/65 R15 91V (25 inches) tires. These are efficient automobiles with heavyweight steel-based frames.

To handle the load pressure, the makers add additional lug nuts in the tire to improve their stability and balance. The extra lug nut provides greater strength to tires which can handle the steel-based frames with minimum vibrations.

Ford cars

Ford Focus is a reliable, appealing, and compact automobile with 4DR properties. In addition, it has alloy stock wheels to enhance the aesthetic looks of the frame. 

Also, the five lug nuts of the tires are compatible with handling and supporting this vehicle. Due to manufacturing criteria, it’s 2005 to 2022 models have this pattern of tires. 

The 2005 to 2007 models have alloy wheels of P195/60R15 (24.2 inches), and the 2011 model has similar wheel dimensions. Its 2008 variant has P205/50R16 (24.1 inches) alloy tires, and the 2009 to 2010 Ford Focus has P215/45R17 (24.6 inches) alloy wheels with 5.43 inches pattern.

The 2012 and 2015 models have 215/55/R16 (25.3 inches) tires with identical nuts alignment. 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017 versions have 215/50R17 (25.5 inches) wheels, and the 2018 model has 235/40ZR18 (25.4 inches) alloy-based wheels with extra nuts and holes. 

2019 to 2022 Ford Focus has 205/60R16 92H (25.7 inches) rims. Ford Fusion has 5×4.3 inches wheel assembly in 2013 to 2021 variants. 

However, these models come in different tire sizes. According to measurement, you can find 235/45R18 (26.3 inches), 235/50R17 (26.3 inches), and 215/60R16 (26.1 inches) tires with 5×108. 

The latest versions have 235/40R19 (26.4 inches) or 215/60R16 95H (26.1 inches) tires with 5×4.3 inches lug design. 


The Ferrari F355 spider is a super vehicle with a high-quality engine. It has a V8 3.5-liter motor that produces high power. 

In addition, its alloy-based tires with this nut adjustment pattern can stabilize the vehicle at fast-running conditions. 

Its rims are appealing due to this lug adjustment, significant calipers, and different rotors. It’s 1994 to 1999 models have 5×4.2 inches bolt adjustment in an alloy containing rims. 

On the front side, these variants have 225/40R18 (25.1 inches) wheels, and the rear has 265/40R18 (26.3 inches rims with five holes for studs. Moreover, Ferrari 512 TR is a desirable model with sportier accelerations. 

It has a heavier body, and additional studs provide maximum strength to rims due to these alignments. As a result, the vehicle remains stable with optimized momentum and stability. 

1992 to 1994 Ferrari 512 TR has 235/40R18 (25.4 inches) rims to support front side frames and comprises 295/35R18 (26.1 inches) tires on the rear with identical bolt adjustment. 


Nissan GT-R is a fast vehicle with the highest acceleration range of 190 mph. It has boosted acceleration due to a v6 engine with a capacity of about 3.8 liters.

Due to six cylinders, it can produce a horsepower of 563 hp to support the boosted speed. The company added alloy comprising durable wheels in the 2009 GT-R with a 5×4.25 inches pattern of bolts and stud holes.

With this lug pattern, the tires can support the entire car exterior at boosted acceleration with minimum vibrational damage. Moreover, its 2009 GT-R has distinct wheel dimensions on the rear and front edges. 

The front portion has 255/40R20 (28 inches) five stud rims with five holes and a diameter of around 108 mm. The rear side comprises wheels of about 285/35R20 (27.9 inches) with identical hole alignment for studs and matching hole circumference.

Dodge cars

Dodge car manufacturers facilitated the 1990 to 1992 variants with a 5×108 lug nut pattern, five distinct holes in the alloy-based frame, and a specific rim design. 

It is an appealing automobile with a traditional exterior and comprises four entry doors. It has a traverse motor that mounts on the front hood. 

With ABS, it has appealing handling of passenger areas and cargo. However, its 1990 to 1992 variants have alloy-specific stock wheels, and their OEM-compatible parts are available conveniently. 

Due to additional nuts, the rims can spin at aligned rotations, which stabilize the steering wheel. As a result, the overall control and handling increases. 

The variants have 195/70SR14 (24.8 inches) rims with optimized stability. Also, they have 205/55HR16 (24.9 inches) and 195/65HR15 (25 inches) wheels with 4.25 inches stud hole diameter and five bolts. 

Lincoln Mark VIII

Lincoln cars have a Mark VIII model with touring properties. It is a luxurious, desirable, and attractive coupe. It has a V8 motor with a 4.6-liter capacity. 

With more than 30 valves, the motor can produce enough power to stabilize the fox-style frame of the automobile. The Mark VIII is a replacement variant of older models. 

It has a four inches extended frame, which increases its weight. However, the rims with alloy material and adjustment styles can handle the weight pressure and facilitate balance. 

The variant comes with stock 5×4.3 inches nut adjustment of the rims. 1993 to 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII model has 225/60R16 (26.6 inches) and 255/50ZR16 (26.1 inches) rims which have five symmetrical holes for bolts and make a diameter of 108 mm (4.25 or 4.3 inches).

Also, it has an option of 244/60ZR16 (26.6 inches) tires with similar bolt symmetry. 

Jaguar Cars

Jaguar cars have an XF model with 4DRs and accommodation space for five adults. It is a luxurious vehicle with an upgraded cabin and several desirable features. 

Due to extraordinary specs, it has a turbocharged motor that can produce more energy due to the turbine. However, the engine is a V4 with a 2-liter capacity.

Due to a specific motor system, it can produce a power of nearly 245 hp to 295 hp. Its latest variants from 2020 to 2022 have the 5×108 lug nut symmetry due to stock wheels with alloy rims.

Also, the spare options are conveniently available. They can stabilize the car at different driving stages. 

Moreover, they work at stabilized level with the turbocharged motor. The Lincoln XF has three distinct rim options with identical lug holes and symmetry.

The variants from 2020 to 2022 have 245/40R19 (26.7 inches), 245/45R18 (26.7 inches), and 255/35R20 (27 inches) rims with five studs, similar holes, and a circumference of 5×4 inches. 

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