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Who Makes Open Range Travel Trailers?

Who Makes Open Range Travel Trailers?

Many people prefer Open Range travel trailers when looking for a smooth and stable traveling vehicle at an affordable cost.

Who Makes Open Range Travel Trailers? Open Range travel trailers are made in their own factories as they have a management team and production facilities to manufacture RVs. It operates under Jayco and is headquartered in Indiana. These trailers are packed with luxurious amenities and Range between 25 to 39 feet.

It has earned reliability and developed brand identity in the industry by efficiently managing all the operations from manufacturing to sales.

Who manufactures Open Range travel trailers?

Open Range RV is an American vehicle brand serving the automobile industry since 2007 and changed its name in 2014 after becoming a subsidiary of Jayco.

Moreover, it produced many motorhomes and RVs to facilitate customers with high-end automobiles with its warranty teams and leadership groups.

Advanced technologies are considered to manufacture their versatile product line, making it easy for the customer to choose their desired vehicle that suits their budget and requirement.

After 7 years of success and gaining popularity in the automobile market, it became a part of Jayco but managed all the production-related tasks.

It became a subsidiary of Jayco in 2014 and is currently known as Highland Ridge RV. It is based in an American state, Indiana, where they have suitable production facilities.

Furthermore, Thor industries manufacture recreational vehicles in North America that purchased Jayco in 2016, so Highland Ridge became its subsidiary ultimately.

Therefore, this company has its own production facilities and leadership teams, making it an independent company, but it operates under Jayco and Thor.

What are the features of Open Range travel trailers?

You can find affordable RVs with impressive features as they are equipped with advanced technologies, comfort, and luxuries.

Many models of these trailers are stuffed with varying facilities and available in different price ranges.

It aims to improve your experience when you plan an adventurous journey and make you feel at home as you can find a theatre seating and tri-fold sofa in their new 2022 models.

Moreover, furnished bedrooms are present on these RVs, having a queen bed, nightstands, storage spaces, closets, washers, and a small bathroom attached to them.

There is a dining setup, sink area, pantry, entertainment center, and fireplace to make your journey lively. In addition, all essential appliances are present to facilitate the owners, like refrigerators.

Most of its bedrooms have USB ports, power awnings, insulated baggage doors, and a SMART system for better control of heating, cooling, and lighting.

Furthermore, they provide a few optional things that can be added per the owner’s choice, like a heat pump, WiFi router, BBQ grill, dual pane windows, rear storage trays, and observation cameras.

Power vents can be installed in the bathroom, folding dinette chairs and stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and king beds can be added in the bedroom.

So, you can enjoy luxurious camping in these travel trailers as they ensure a smooth and stable ride when you do not feel any bumps and jerks on an uneven road.

Are Open Range travel trailers good?

Many people are satisfied with the quality, livability, towing capacity, and factory warranty of the Open Range trailers.

They have different series of products with different lengths and weights, like Journeyer, Light, Mesa Ridge, and Roamer.

The Journeyer T337 and Light 305BHS provide good head space and floor plan that is perfect for large families. In addition, you can easily haul or tow without worrying about its towing capacity.

The Roamer RT316RLS looks like a small compartment from the interior side as there are many small rooms like a living area, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Its island kitchen and electric fireplace in the living area look impressive as you can sit on bar stools close to a person preparing meals and enjoy a cozy environment on cold nights.

One of my friends purchased Roamer 316RLS in 2015 after reading satisfying reviews on different platforms, but his experience was not so good as the wood framing material came out.

However, it had a better floor plan and livability, and most of the issues were covered under warranty, so it was not considered a big issue.

Therefore, it is better to look at all the internal and external features when you pay for the vehicle and ask for a warranty if you find any problem in its structure after buying.

All of their models look good as they provide luxurious amenities, comfort, coziness, and safety for the owner when you are exploring the city alone.

What is the size and weight of Open Range travel trailers?

You can get a variety of sizes in Open Range RVs as they have different options for small, medium, and large vehicles.

On average, their size is almost 30 to 32 feet, while the lowest length is around 25 to 28 feet, and the maximum length is up to 37 to 39 feet.

One of the smallest travel trailers is from the light series that is M-216RBS weighing almost 6000 pounds and is 26 feet and 2 inches in length and 8 feet 4 inches in width.

After that, M-246RBS is the second smallest RV in their light series, weighing around 6500 pounds. It is almost 28 feet 6 inches long and 8 feet 4 inches wide.

However, their longest RV is M-359FKS which is around 37 to 38 feet long having the same width. This model weighs around 9400 pounds.

Most of them have the same width of 8 feet and 4 inches, while their length varies from smaller to larger ones.

In addition, their weights also change with variations in size, but the average weight lies between 7000 to 8000 pounds. Therefore, you can consider a lightweight and smaller option that fits your budget.

How much do Open Range travel trailers cost?

Their trailers are advanced technologically and are more comfortable and luxurious; that’s why they are more expensive than the older ones.

The average price of Open Range trailers is almost $40,000 to $60,000, which gets lower for smaller models and reaches nearly $80,000 for bigger structures.

Moreover, OT322RLS has 4 sleepers and 3 slides and extends up to 37 feet 8 inches in length. It can cost you around $55,000 to $60,000 due to its weight and size.

In addition, the 2022 model OT330BHS has 7 sleepers and 4 slides and is 39 feet 2 inches long. It will cost you more than the smaller one and is available at almost $70,000 to $75,000.

So, they provide affordable options for people on a low budget by reducing the overall size of the trailer. However, you can shift to luxurious options if you can afford a huge investment.

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