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What Causes a Headlight Socket to Melt on a Silverado?

What Causes a Headlight Socket to Melt on a Silverado?

The melting of the headlight socket is a common problem in a few models of Silverado. The company uses a plastic material to make the socket as it provides insulation to the internal connections.

What causes a headlight socket to melt on a Silverado? The use of an OE wire gauge, high voltage bulb, bad electrical contact, and DOT headlights melt the headlight socket on a Silverado. Moreover, the improper air ventilation, loose connection with the battery, and low-quality bulb soften the plastic material. You should replace it when you see any signs and overheating of this compartment.

Every truck has a headlight and can change the intensity of the beam according to the requirement. In addition, you can add or replace the new bulbs that can handle the power coming from the battery.

You should select the high resistance wires, which can bear the high current and go through emergency conditions.

OE wire gauge

Many people use an OE wire gauge in the headlights for proper functioning. Sometimes it also causes the socket to melt because it is thin.

The thinness of the wire gauge is too small, and it does not hold the current passing through the bulb.

In addition, sometimes it contains other materials such as aluminum instead of copper. Therefore, it is not better for long time use and damages the inner parts.

Use of high voltage bulb

You use the high voltage bulb by replacing the default with it. Then, it starts heating the bulb when you turn on the lights.

Overheating of the bulb spreads the heat in the surroundings and melts the socket. It also damages the wiring insulation and softens them.

Any jerk will easily break it and disconnect the connection. 

Bad electrical contact

The mechanic connects the front light with the battery to supply power. Sometimes the battery does not work according to the required current.

The poor electrical contact also causes the socket to burn because it damages the internal wire. It occurs due to the improper or low intense charges throughout the system.

This problem occurs in cold weather when humidity affects the normal function of the power supply. It starts the process of rusting and softens the wiring and sockets.

DOT headlamps

DOT headlamps require more current to glow and impart luminous in the targeted region. Therefore, it will be better to change the internal supply when you change the default lights with the DOT headlamps.

Many people change it without making any changes. As a result, it limits the supply and does not reach the bulb.

The continuous emission of electrical current from the battery will pass the heat in the nearby region and starts damaging the socket.

Loose connection

It happens that the professional does not connect the electrical supply to the lights properly. As a result, the loose terminal connection causes resistance in the flow of current.

Some charges waste through this loose junction, and the blinking of the bulb starts. 

You should tighten the junction if you check it on time; otherwise, it will go into an irreversible process and turn of the headlights.

Use of low-quality bulb

Silverado is famous for its pickup trucks, but you should be very careful when taking them to the repair and maintenance workshop.

You should select a high-quality bulb for headlights to run for a long time. The low-quality bulb contains a filament that is not able to handle the power coming from the battery.

It will fuse the light suddenly and spark in the surrounding. It also melts the socket when the spark reaches that area and increases the temperature.

Improper air ventilation

There should be a hole in the backside of the headlight portion for air ventilation. Some models of Silverado lack this feature, and the company receives many complaints from the customers regarding the melting of headlight sockets.

The heat will remain in the internal region when there is no point of exit. The accumulation of excessive heat will melt the socket and turn off the headlamps.

Although the holes in this area allow the moisture to come inside, and as a result, it can get rust. 

Bad ground connection

Many people have the wrong image about the ground wire as it does not conduct electricity. It also does not supply electrical current to the headlights.

It attaches to the chassis of the vehicle near the headlight. When there is a short circuit or sudden spark in the system, it will flow towards the ground wire.

When the vehicle does not have proper ground connections, the spark will remain in this region and soften the insulation of wires and sockets.

How do you fix a melted headlight socket on a Silverado?

You can fix this problem in the vehicle when you recognize it. However, it is better to check the sockets timely and solve the issue on time.

The only solution is the replacement of the socket with the new one. It is an irreversible process and can also damage the nearby parts.

The melting does not occur at once; first, it gets softened and then starts melting. The insulation of the sockets also becomes soft when there is excessive heat.

In addition, you can fix the reason for melting by tightening the connections, using suitable headlamps, and creating holes for proper ventilation.

Signs of a faulty headlight socket in Silverado

Few signs will able to recognize this problem in the vehicle. The first one is the burning smell of insulation and place material of socket.

In addition, the burning of wires also spread smell on the front side. You will sense the smell when you come to the front side of the pickup truck.

Some people mention that there comes a minor spark in the headlights. However, it can also burn the whole setup of the power supply if there is a lot of heat trapped inside.

The intensity of the light beam lowers when there is some problem in the socket. For example, the blinking of headlights and the bulb fuse is the indication of a melting socket.

Sometimes the excessive moisture goes through the ventilation in the rainy season. It also damages the wires and can cause a short circuit.

If the circuit gets a small fire, it will melt the socket. Moreover, it also damages the nearby connections and walls if the spark increases to some extent. 

Do all Silverado have the same size headlight sockets?

These vary in size from model to model according to the size of the vehicle. It also depends on the manufacturer and company.

Many companies do not change their size when the truck size increases or decreases. Moreover, the pattern is the same for all lights as there are three wires.

One is for ground, the second is for the low light beam, and the third is for the bright light beam. All the manufacturer follows it, but if there are two wires, these are for light and bright beam.

It is better to choose it with a ground wire connection, as it prevents sudden spark and fuses of bulbs.

How much does it cost to replace a headlight socket of Silverado?

The cost of replacing it with a new one ranges from $80 to $120 when you change it yourself. You will spend more money on this process if you call a professional for this purpose.

An experienced man will cost more than a new worker. The mechanic will demand according to the time and work.

Generally, it demands $45 per hour or more. It also depends on the showroom and workshop. When you take your truck to the famous workshop for repair, it will cost more than the other small shops.

Depending on the quality and company, you can get the headlight socket from the market for $15 to $70. Moreover, you can get its best quality for $30 with copper wiring.

If you take your Silverado to its company, it will offer you some discount. Sometimes it melts in the new vehicle due to poor conductivity.

When you take it to the showroom, the employees will replace it without any cost, but you will only pay the labor cost in this case.

It is better to take your pickup truck to a suitable place for proper maintenance; otherwise, you need to gather the specific tools.

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