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What Does VSC Trac Mean on a Toyota 4Runner?

What Does VSC Trac Mean on a Toyota 4Runner?

The VSC Trac is a safety feature in the Toyota 4Runner to drive through bad weather conditions. It is necessary to install these updated features to prevent accidents, and it also provides better traction with the roads.

What Does VSC Trac Mean on a Toyota 4Runner? The vehicle stability control and traction control system maintain the Toyota 4Runner on its level. However, the blinking sign on the meter indicates some problems with the gas cap, paddles, and brake system.

You can fix the issue by closing the gas cap to its position, applying lubricant, and replacing the old parts with the new ones.

You can see these signs with blinking lights on the meter beside or beneath the steering. It is only visible when there is something wrong with this system.

Many people do not know about it even if they see it under the dashboard while sitting in the driver’s seat. The drivers should know this system thoroughly for a safe journey.

What causes the VSC Trac Off lights to come On in Toyota 4Runner?

Many people do not notice the gas cap and turn on the engine to start driving. However, there is still a blinking light on the meter that will show that you did not close the gas cap properly.

Moreover, some riders complain about the blinking lights of this system when there is an issue with the O2 sensor. This sensor checks the oxygen level and delivers the oxygen with fuel to the engine.

Another issue with the system is when the wheel speed and vehicle speed sensors are not working correctly.

In this condition, it will confuse you about any problem in your SUV. Sometimes the faulty pedals also alert the drivers to take some positive action in fixing the problem.

The malfunctioning of the sensors and dirty sensors cause the VSC Trac lights to turn on the meter beside the fuel and speed meter.

The switches can get stuck in the ON position and turn up the lights. You can solve this issue by reading the following method.

The traction off indicator will prevent the vehicle from wheel spinning and down streaming, but sometimes it can turn on due to other issues.

The battery sends the voltage directly without any resistance and causes the sensor to remain ON all time. Therefore, it is better to know about the other reasons for the loss of traction control.

How do you fix a VSC Trac light on a Toyota 4Runner?

You can fix the blinking issue of the light through different methods depending on the type of problem. The first thing that often occurs is the gas cap.

The traction indicator comes on when you sit on the driving seat and turn on the engine. You should turn off the engine by turning the key in the ignition in the opposite direction.

Open the front driver side door and come out. You will see that the gas cap is not closed correctly. The vehicle stability control system can recognize minor modifications and give notification to the driver.

Hold the upper side of the gas cap with your fingers and turn it around until you hear the click sound. Otherwise, it can waste the gas filled in the cylinder through the small opening in the gas cap.

It is dangerous to drive with gas leaking as it can extinguish the fire and damage the SUV. After closing the gas cap, cover it with the upper lid and go inside the vehicle to turn the engine ON.

You will not see the indication again if it was the main issue. Sometimes there is another problem with the cap gas; hold the cap, turn it to open it, and separate the lid from the cylinder.

First, clean the metal rim with a dry, clean, and soft microfiber cloth. Next, apply the cleaner with the soft sponge and again rub it with a dry fabric to remove the dust. It is better to check the weight of the Toyota 4Runner.

You should see from the lower side for proper investigation about the main reason. For example, sometimes, you can see the cap with a cracked lid and a damaged rubber sealer.

If only the rubber sealer is damaged, you can change the rubber sealer. For this purpose, you should buy a premium quality round rubber that fits with the gas cap.

Replace the old rubber sealer with the new one and close it. Again turn on the vehicle, and you will not see the blinking lights on the screen.

Sometimes the sensor will only work when there is dryness around the gas cap. Take motor oil and lubricant from the market and apply around the lid.

Place the cap in its position and check the indicator signs on the meter. Some drivers also complained about the issue after following this procedure.

You do not need to worry about it; another effective method will help you eliminate this problem through zero calibration without any auto scanner. First part Toyota 4Runner on the levels surface and turn it off.

The leveling is an essential step in this procedure. Second, open the hood, disconnect the positive and negative terminal of the wires, and leave it for 6 to 7 minutes.

After 6 to 7 minutes, reconnect the wires on suitable terminals according to the negative and positive poles.

Then open the front side door from the driver’s side and look beneath the dashboard. There will be an OBD (Onboard Diagnostic) connection port underneath the dashboard. It turns on the auto scanner in the vehicles.

Find the terminal connection CG (Charlie Gorge) and TS (Top Sam) on the OBD connection port. Then, take two medium-size paper clips that will fix in this terminal.

Elongate the paper clips and insert the one end on the one paper clip into the CG terminal and the other paper clip into the TS terminal. The other end of both pins does not touch any other thing.

Now bend both paper clips in opposite directions to make an arch. Hold both ends with hand and touch with each other rapidly about eight times within 10 seconds.

Leave it and come out of the Toyota 4Runner and check the position of the front wheels. They should be straight, and the steering should be in the center.

Coming toward the next step, place the key in the ignition and turn it without turning on the engine. You should ensure that the shift lever is in the park if your vehicle has an automatic transmission.

On the other hand, apply the parking brake if it has a manual transmission. You will see the VSC and ABS lights blinking on the meter slowly as ABS, VSC, and traction work together.

Rotate the key in the ignition in the opposite direction and turn off the engine. Touch the two paper clips again about 8 to 10 times and turn on them again.

Its indicator will start blinking rapidly as before. Turn off the SUV and remove the paper clips from the OBD connection.

The final step in the zero calibration is to start the SUV, and the indicator will disappear. It means that you have done calibration.

Is It Safe to Drive Toyota 4Runner with the VSC Trac Light On?

Many people fear when they see the indication, but it is a safety system to protect you from accidents on slippery roads.

When the tires’ traction starts losing on the road, the sensor will activate, and you will see the alarming sign on the meter.

It also protects your vehicle from spinning out and sliding on the slippery road. You can drive with the VSC Trac lights On without any fear.

Sometimes it remains ON because of the reasons mentioned above with their solution. It also alerts the driver before a tire blowout and evasive maneuver.

The traction system is mandatory in vehicles for the proper control system, especially for the drivers who live in a snowy, hilly, and rocky area.

The government did not make it compulsory for everyone, but the NHTSA required it to maintain tires’ traction with roads.

After that, the government made its essential features in 2012 for safe driving. 

When should you turn off VSC TRAC?

There is only a condition to turn off this system when your vehicle sticks in the sand or mud. It will enable the wheels to get rid of the soil quickly.

When you turn it on, the system will not transfer the power from engine to wheel. Instead, press on the button present on the dashboard, and it will pop on the screen.

Press again for a few seconds and leave it gently to turn off the system. Then, take the SUV out of the mud and run smoothly on the road.

How to reset the VSC Trac lights of the Toyota 4Runner?

Press the button on the dashboard for nine seconds when the indicator is ON. It will turn OFF the sign, but it will again appear on the screen.

It is better to press the button for 10 seconds again and leave when you hear the little beep. This sound will indicate that you have calibrated the connection.

You have reset the system, and it will be ON automatically when you drive through the slippery roads. You can also use this system according to your will by using the manual method.

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