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What Do Car Dealers Use to Hide Scratches?

What Do Car Dealers Use to Hide Scratches?

The presence of scratches on cars is the most common problem nowadays. Some new vehicles also have this issue which can occur when something hits their surface during shipment from the dealerships.

What Do Car Dealers Use to Hide Scratches? Car dealers hide scratches by using buffing compounds, applying different stickers, and making the creative arts. The dealerships also apply toothpaste on small scratches to smoothen the surface. Moreover, duct tape, shoe polish, and a scratch removal kit are also helpful. In addition, they also use spray and touch-up paint to hide the deeper scratches. Car dealers also polish them with carnauba wax to give the aesthetic shine.

You can also decrease the scraping issue by carefully loading them with help from experienced persons.

Do car dealerships fix paint chips?

The formation of paint chips is a common problem in automobiles, and it gives them a bad look.

The chipping most commonly occurs due to harsh weather because paint starts to contract in hot weather.

Moreover, accidental damage during the loading and unloading of vehicles can also cause this issue. The dealers will fix this problem if it is already present in your cars while purchasing.

They will cover this issue and fix them under warranty, and you do not have to pay them.

However, if these scratches and chipping occur after purchasing, then the company will not fix this free of cost.

You have to pay them according to the condition of the damage.

What things do car dealers use to hide scratches?

The cars dealership uses different methods and things to hide the scratches and maintain their look. If any line appears on their surface, the customers will not buy them.

Buffing compounds

Many people who deal in cars prefer the buffing compounds to hide the dents and maintain the new and furnished look of their vehicles.

During the shipment process, minor lines come on their surface while loading and unloading, which can cause a problem.

They cover this issue by applying the buffing compounds to the affected area.

These compounds are available on the market in different shades, and you can purchase them by matching them with your sedan.

It is necessary to match the color exactly for a furnished and new look.

You can apply these rubbing compounds to the affected area and then buff the surface in a circular motion using a soft cloth.

Use stickers

Sometimes, the company uses tricky ideas to fix these scratches and make the cars more attractive.

The different stickers are available in the market; they can place these stickers on the affected surface. In addition, the stickers are specifically used if the lines are present on the bumper area.

These stickers on the bumper area will eventually give your vehicle a cool and sporty look.

Use a scratch repair kit

The scratch repair kits are also essential things that dealerships use to hide the marks on the surface.

Before using this kit, they clean the surface by using a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt present on the surface.

After that, apply the scratch removal on the affected area and then buff the surface using a cotton pad. It will help to fill up the damaged surface and make them smooth.

Make creative design

The car dealers have another method to make a creative design on the scratched area to hide them.

When people see creative designs, they are also more attracted to these vehicles because of their unique design and look.

They hire different designers that can make creative designs by using paints on the surface of sedans.

The creative designs will also give your vehicle a different and luxurious appearance. In addition, it is also a cost-effective and less time-consuming process to increase the market value of cars.

Use of toothpaste

The use of toothpaste is the easiest and quick method to hide the marks on the vehicles.

Toothpaste is primarily known as a light and softer form of sandpaper that helps to smoothen surfaces.

When dealers see any scrape on the surface of cars, they apply toothpaste there and rub the surface using a damp and soft cloth.

The use of toothpaste will help cover the marks by making the surface smooth from all sides.

Moreover, you can rub them in a circular motion and check after 5 minutes if the spots are disappeared.

Use of duct tape

The application of duct tape is common practice to hide scratches on vehicles. However, these tapes can cover shorter lengths, and they cannot cover large lines.

It will also be helpful to cover the marks that are also less deep on the surfaces. Then, the dealers can purchase them by matching their colors with the affected vehicle.

It is the easiest way because duct tape is available in various colors on the market. You can select any shades from them, either dark, light, or contrasting.

Moreover, it needs some tactics to apply because air bubbles start to appear during their application.

Shoe polish

The dealerships sometimes also use shoe polish to cover the scratches on the cars because they contain the shining material.

The shining material and presence of wax in these polishes give a shiny and new appearance to your automobile.

It is necessary to know that they can only use this process for cars that are darker in colors like dark brown and jet black.

They apply shoe polish and then rub the surface with light grit sandpaper to smooth the whole surface for a better and furnished look.

Scratch removal products

Different scratch removal products are also available in the market that is useful to cover the scrapes on the cars.

Many dealers prefer products if any scratches appear on the cars before their use. These removal products are available in different varieties depending upon the extent of the damage.

Proper washing

Sometimes, the scratches on cars are from dust and dirt that comes during their shipment procedure.

They remove them by proper washing to remove the mud and dust residues from their surface. Some can also use a mixture of soap and water for deep washing the outside surface.

Some dealerships only wash the vehicles by using simple water to remove the marks of dust and mud.

What is the fastest way to hide scratches on a car?

Some methods can repair the damage in a short time. However, these methods can take 20 to 30 minutes to do the whole procedure.

Spray painting

Spray painting is the quick and easiest method to fix scratches on automobiles.

In addition, it is also less costly and takes less time to repair the damaged surfaces. They spray the affected area with the matched colors, and the surface becomes smooth and shiny again.

It will also give a new and gorgeous appearance to your automobile.

Touch up paints

Touch-up paints are also widely used in markets to cover the scraped surfaces of your vehicles. These are also available in various colors, and you can also order the required color.

The dealership primarily uses this method because it is reliable and fastest. This procedure will only take a total of 10 minutes to 20 minutes.

In this process, the dealerships have to apply the thin coat of this type of paint on the marked area and wait for the area to become dry.

What polish do car dealers use?

Various polishes are available in the market to make the cars look shiner and new.

Moreover, most of them also use carnauba wax extracted from carnauba palm trees. Finally, they apply this wax and buff them by using a clean cloth to give a shiny appearance.

This wax is beneficial because it gives a deeper and original shine to your vehicle and makes them look new.

Why do car dealers hide the car scratches?

It is necessary to cover up the scratches by using different materials. These marks commonly occur when they ship automobiles from other companies.

Increase resale value

The hiding of scratches is vital to increase the resale value of your cars. When the marks are present, it will decrease their price in the market.

Some people always buy new cars after some time because they want to enjoy the latest technologies.

It became necessary for them to maintain it properly so you can sell them at a reasonable price tag.

Prevent rusting

The scratches on automobiles are a major cause of corrosion on their surfaces.

The scrapes can damage the paint, and metal part becomes visible, which is at more risk of rust.

When moisture from outside comes in contact with this metal part, the chances of corrosion will also increase.

The presence of corrosion will make these parts weak and increase the chances of damage.

Maintain original look

It is necessary to maintain the original look of vehicles when you want to sell them in a market.

You can hide the scratches and lines from the surface because the chipping of paint looks bad.

You can make your sedans look new by polishing them after a few months. In addition, the spray paint will also maintain their shine and give them a luxurious appearance.

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