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Why Are Nissan Cars So Cheap?

Why Are Nissan Cars So Cheap?

Nissan is an automobile company, and its headquarter is located in Japan. Their cars are cheap with low-quality parts and do not last long.

Why Are Nissan Cars So Cheap? Nissan cars are so cheap because they use cheaper parts to cut the costs to manufacture their vehicles. In addition, the exterior body of these automobiles is made up of plastic material. Furthermore, their sedans also have outdated technologies which can reduce their price. Due to poor-quality parts, these automobiles are not reliable and have many issues.

You should not prefer the price when you want to purchase a vehicle. Instead, you should buy from a well-known brand that uses high-quality material during manufacturing.

What Makes Nissan Cars Cheap?

Nissan is famous for its low prices and poor design. Their cars do not have good quality and are considered cheap. Here are the reasons.

Change of ownership

The different companies have different price ranges for their vehicles according to their exterior and interior material quality.

From 1999 to 2000, Renault became part of Nissan and owned this company. The change in ownership affects the company in many ways.

First of all the price of cars is increasing in the market day by day. This change also affects the automobile industry, and they have to make changes accordingly.

The company then tends to decrease the price of the sedans to increase their sale value in the market.

Low-quality interior

The company takes multiple steps to decrease the price of the cars in the market.

The use of better quality materials in the interior things, including dashboard material and seat leather, becomes costly.

They start to decrease the price of these things by using low-quality material on the interior side. They also use low-quality leather for seats which start to scrap after some time.

The low-quality interior will cut down the vehicle’s manufacturing cost, and they are available at cheaper rates.

Rental companies

Rental companies are also present in the USA, and they take automobiles from different companies and use them as a fleet vehicle.

Nissan also sold their cars to these rental companies as a fleet vehicle. These companies always want to upgrade their fleets according to the market’s demand.

When these rental companies upgrade their fleets to modern ones, they sell out the old ones.

People always tend to buy second-hand products from the market because they are available at low prices.

In this way, the used Nissan sedans are available at low prices.

Faster depreciation 

These are available at a low price because of their faster depreciation rate. However, the depreciation rate directly depends upon the quality of material and reliability of the cars.

They have a faster depreciation rate that they lose their 50% value after five to six years which is not economical for you.

When you want to purchase a new automobile, it is also necessary to check its depreciation rate.

The rapid change in this rate will also decrease the resale value in the market and disturbs your economy.

Increase affordability

Every people want to buy a car for the sake of their comfort and enjoyment of a long trip in a safe environment.

Due to the high price of automobiles, people cannot buy the vehicles because they are not affordable according to their current budget.

Nissan came into the market with a specific mission to make cars cheaper for people so everyone could afford them.

They want to increase people’s affordability and increase their market value. On average, the price of these cars ranges from $40450 to $59,380.

These prices vary in a wide range depending upon the taxes and the models of the vehicles.

For example, the Nissan Versa Subcompact, launched in about 2020, has the lowest price range from $13,335 to $13450.

Cheaper parts

When a company uses high-quality parts during manufacturing, it will automatically make costly automobiles.

The use of low-quality parts will cut down the overall manufacturing cost and increase competition.

Nissan uses low-quality parts that are not costly during manufacturing to reduce the overall price.

These cheaper parts reduce their reliability, and people become reluctant to buy them.

Due to poor quality materials, rust most commonly comes on the. Many of my friends who used this sedan complain that its parts become rust early.

Do Nissan cars last long?

The durability of Nissan is less than other brands, including Hyundai and Toyota. As a result, Nissan cannot provide more incredible mileage on the road.

They can last for about 10 years with proper maintenance and care while driving. The average mileage they can provide is about 145,000 miles to 150,000 miles.

It is the less mileage, and it is also considered the maximum one that Nissan cars will provide. You cannot drive them continuously on the roads for a longer time.

Doing this will increase the maintenance cost, and you have to spend more money on their parts.

In addition, you can also increase their life with regular maintenance of its parts. After this, they can last up to 290,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

Do Nissan cars have a lot of problems?

Many people do not like Nissan cars due to these problems. Here are the details:

Transmission problem

It is a critical system in cars because they transmit the power from the engine to the tires.

Therefore, any problem in this system will disturb the driving condition, and people feel difficulty while driving.

The primary issue with its transmission system is that it starts to overheat after some time and does not last long.

The overheating in this system will produce a burning smell that can irritate the drivers and other people sitting in them.

This problem also causes issues while starting the cars and you feel delayed acceleration. In addition, you can also feel the jerking while starting the vehicles.

Stalling issues, fluid leaks, and uneven noises are common due to faulty transmission systems.

Poor engine seal

The engines have seals on the gaskets to prevent unnecessary leakage from their parts.

They add the low-quality seals to cover the gaskets that become out of function after some time. They cannot cover the considerable mileage because of their less durability.

In addition, the slight overheating in engine compartments while on high speed will also damage these seals.

When these seals start to wear out, the fluid will leak and damage other engine parts. After accumulating the fluid, the parts will become rusty and uneven noises start to come from these parts.

Problem with fuel pump

The fuel pump is the necessary component to transfer the gas or diesel from the tank to the engine for its appropriate functioning.

These pumps start to fail and cannot perform their function when the impeller swells and binds with the module.

It will block their passage, and they cannot supply the gas to the engine. It will cause issues and start to produce a whining sound.

Due to this problem, you feel difficulty starting the engine, and fuel efficiency will also decrease.

However, on average, the fuel pump in Nissan will last about 100000 miles with proper maintenance.

Issues with catalytic converter

It is a vital part present in the exhaust system to decrease the pollutants. In addition, they help convert pollutants to less harmful gasses.

When this part becomes out of function and cannot convert the pollutants gasses to less toxic ones, it can cause a problem.

These gases start to accumulate and cause an issue in the engine’s working. When you start the cars, they will jerk forward due to blockage.

Are Nissan Cars reliable?

The reliability score of any vehicle depends upon its market demand and customer rating. For example, Nissan cars are not reliable because of different vehicle issues.

Outdated technologies

The Nissan are not reliable and are available in the market at cheaper rates because of the outdated technologies in their cars.

People always select the ones with new and modern features for their safety and enjoy multimedia technology.

They cannot buy the ones that have poor and outdated safety systems. The people cannot compromise on safety because it is their primary demand from the company.

In addition, modern technologies also make their journey more comfortable and safer.

Plastic material on exterior

The reliability of these cars also decreases because they use plastic material during the manufacturing of the exterior body.

The use of plastic material on the exterior side will decrease the cost of the cars.

The disadvantage of using cheap plastic is that it will make the vehicle lightweight, and they are at greater risk of damage during collisions.

The life of plastic material is also less than the other alloys, including aluminum. Moreover, the plastic ones will also bend, and more scratches will produce on them when they hit road hurdles and other things.

The sudden cracks in the roof will also increase the risk of leakage and decrease their reliability.

Poor design

The poor design of Nissan vehicles also decreases their reliability in the market. The changing of design will cost more, and they want to make their sedans cheaper for people.

People want to purchase those with a modern design and sporty look. They are also unreliable because of the lack of brand power.

Some brands like Toyota have more power, and their sale value is more; hence their products are most costly.

They are not making luxurious cars because they will cost more, and therefore their reliability is decreasing rapidly in the market.

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