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What Does 116T Mean on a Tire?

What Does 116T Mean on a Tire?

There are different digits and alphabets like 116t on the tires representing their size, material, maximum weight carrying capacity, and speed limit.

What Does 116T Mean on a Tire? The 116T is the digit mentioned on the side wall of the tires, where the T alphabet represents the maximum speed limit a tire can sustain without overheating or damage. The T-rated wheels show that you can drive them at a top speed of 119 mph. Moreover, the numerical numbers present right after the size depicts its maximum weight carrying capacity. For example, the 116 figures show that it has a load carrying capacity of 2750 pounds.

Read the owner’s manual to get information about the load index. Moreover, checking this number when you want to purchase new wheels for your vehicle is necessary.

What is the meaning of 116t on a tire?

The tires of the cars and SUVs are labeled with different digits and alphabets that represent various information.

You must know how to read this label to collect enough information about the specific wheel. For example, 1116T tells about the load index and speed index, respectively.

116t is the load index which shows that these wheels can beat the maximum weight of 2530 pounds to 2535 pounds.

You can double this weight limit because of the presence of front and rear side wheels. The letter T depicts the speed index, which shows the safe speed limit.

T represents that these tires can easily withstand 118 mph to 119 mph. 

This information can make your selection easy according to your requirement.

For example, you should check this information when you want to add new wheels to your vehicles to increase their weight carrying capacity.

Why are load index and maximum speed necessary to mention on tires?

It is the best information for people who want to change the tires of their automobiles for upgradation and advancement of features.

Decrease wear and tear of tires

The wheels are at less risk of wear and tear when you know their maximum weight carrying capacity and velocity.

It means that you should not be heavyweight in them, which can damage their tread surface and cause their explosion.

Moreover, the risk of low air pressure also decreases when you add the weight according to its specified limit.

Therefore, you should use this information to decrease the risk of damage and increase the longevity of wheels for safe and comfortable driving on highways.

Know about the Maximum range of weight

Many people add too much luggage to the cargo area, which harms the durability of tires. The inexperienced people do this because of not have enough information.

You should read these digits and numbers to collect enough information about the weight-bearing capacity.

The excessive loading of cargo space can cause the bouncing of the vehicle because the wheels cannot bear the weight of the luggage.

Safe driving

It is necessary to drive safely on the road for the safety of passengers and drivers. The load and speed indexes mentioned on tires increase the security of your car.

You do not add excessive load, which can provide safe and comfortable driving. In addition, people also drive their automobiles according to a specific speed limit.

You do not feel the swaying or bouncing issue due to overloading.

What are T and H on the tires?

The different alphabets on the tires depict the various speed limits. So you can change your car’s wheels according to the range.

The T represents the speed index of 118 mph to 119 mph. The H rate is better than the T because of its higher quality.

You can add them if you want to make your automobile racing and for off-roading. These have a limit of 125 mph to 130 mph, which is best for driving on highways.

You can cover the greater mileage in a short time and save fuel economy.

Where are the load index and speed limit mentioned on the tires?

You can only read this information if you know about their location. You have to find it on tires before purchasing them as an aftermarket addition to your cars.

This information is mentioned on the side walls, and you can see them. For example, the load index is next to the size and mentioned with numerical digits like 116, 118, 122, and 124.

Each of these numerical numbers depicts the different load carrying capacities, and you can purchase them according to your requirement.

The speed index is given on the last of this information bar and represented by capital alphabets like H, T, V, S, etc.

Do all tires have the same load index and speed limit?

All of the vehicles do not have the same load and speed index. So it depends on your car’s weight and the wheels’ quality to sustain the maximum speed range.

Tires must have the same speed limit and load index in the same cars. You cannot add the different types because they can disturb stability during driving.

In addition, one of them also wears out early because of its low weight carrying capacity.

Chart for tire load index and its maxim weight capacity in Kg and pounds 

Load index Weight capacity in pounds Weight capacity in kg Weight capacity in tons
110 2340 pounds 5158 kg 2.57 tons
111 2400 pounds 5291 kg 2.64 tons
112 2473 pounds 5452 kg 2.72 tons
113 2533 pounds 5584 kg 2.79 tons
114 2604 pounds 5740 kg 2.87 tons
115 2674 pounds 5895 kg 2.94 tons
116 2750 pounds 6062 kg 3.03 tons
117 2830 pounds 6239 kg 3.11 tons
118 2912 pounds 6419 kg 3.20 tons
119 2996 pounds 6605 kg 3.30 tons
120 3088 pounds 6807 kg 3.40 tons
121 3195 pounds 7043 kg 3.52 tons
122 3305 pounds 7286 kg 3.64 tons
123 3515 pounds 7749 kg 3.87 tons
124 3525 pounds 7771 kg 3.88 tons
125 3635 pounds 8013 kg 4.01 tons
126 3746 pounds 8258 kg 4.12 tons

When did the speed rating marking system on tires come into the market?

All of the new and latest tires come into the market with mentioned speed limit and load index on their side walls.

In the 1980s, the USA introduced the European symbols to mention the specific speed range of the wheels for the ease of dealerships and customers.

The system is necessary because people do not know about this and cause damage to their wheels by adding excessive weight and continuously driving at high speed.

In addition, it also increases their longevity and decreases the damage to the tread surface. The load index is also present on its sides to represent the specific weight limit that it can carry when fully inflated.

Is 116t high-speed rating?

116T has a higher speed rating and is best for automobiles. You can carry heavy loads in the cargo space because it can carry 2750 pounds which is a safe limit.

The T alphabet is best to provide better mileage in a short time. 

The alphabets rating less than H is best for city driving because people drive at less speed on these roads.

Is a higher load index tire better?

The higher load index wheels are better, and you can add them to your cars if you want to increase their maximum weight-bearing capacity.

The tires of greater than 120 index are best for larger automobiles. The higher load index ranges from 120 to 126, providing a load capacity of 3000 pounds to 3700 pounds.

It is best for driving on highways while carrying excessive luggage in the cargo area. It can also help to improve the quality of ride if you want to haul the boats and trailers for trips.

People add the wheel with a higher load index to upgrade their vehicles.

Chart for tire speed index and speed in km/h or mph

Speed index Speed in mph Speed in km/h
P 95 mph 152 km/h
Q 101 mph 162 km/h
R 108 mph 173 km/h
S 114 mph 183 km/h
T 119 mph 193 km/h
U 126 mph 202 km/h
H 132 mph 212 km/h
V 151 mph 243 km/h
W 170 mph 273 km/h
Y 188 mph 302 km/h
Z 152 mph 244 km/h

What are the benefits of mentioning speed ratings on the tire?

There are several benefits of mentioning speed rating on the wheels of automobiles.

More traction

It can make your ride stable and increase their grip on the roads.

When you add a heavyweight, it becomes difficult for wheels to maintain traction with road surfaces.

It starts to shake, and you feel vibration during driving due to instability issues. In addition, z-rated tires can go beyond 150 mph.

Better driving at a slow speed

It provides better control and stability for fast and slow driving. However, the low-rated tires are suitable for driving at a slow rate means city driving.

The high rates ones are best for high ways and on wide roads. 

Less overheating

The overheating in these parts comes when you drive at high speed on highways. 

The overheating cannot cause the melting of rubber material when you drive fast. As a result, the risk of damage to tread surfaces also becomes less and increases their longevity.

What happens if you exceed a tire speed rating and load index?

It is problematic when you exceed the speed limit and load index than their standard capacity. It can compromise safety and also affects the performance of your cars.

The ride quality also decreases because of this issue, and it can cause a risk of accidents. In addition, it can cause complete damage to tires, and you must replace them for a safe ride.

It can also decrease the comfort level because you feel swaying, bouncing, and shaking issues during driving.

The suspension systems and axle are also at risk of damage.

What type of vehicles can use 116T tires?

116T tires are best for small cars, minivans, and SUVs because of their less weight. However, you can increase this number if you want to haul heavy objects with it like trailers and boats.

You also need heavy tires with more speed and load index because of their more gross weight. You cannot attach the 116T wheels to your semi or pickup trucks.

In addition, these vehicles are also used for heavy hauling and need large or more powerful wheels.

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