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What Does Built After Aug 14 Mean?

What Does Built After Aug 14 Mean?

Chevy Silverado has 3 variants according to payload capacity, including light-duty 1500 and heavy-duty 2500 and 3500 models. Moreover, Chevrolet and GMC introduced mid-year upgrades in 2500/3500 HD models for 2015.

What Does Built After Aug 14 Mean? Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500/3500 HD after August 14th, 2014, have several upgraded features. These upgrades include new tow mirrors for camper trailers with heated and power-adjustable features. In addition, they have new 18″ and 20″ chrome wheel designs available. Other upgrades are USB ports with front bench seats, 4G LTE Wi-Fi capabilities, new brake rotors, and new exterior paints like Stone Blue and Emerald Green. It also has a driver information screen to display off-road information. It also has 150 amp and 200 amp alternators available with 6.6L V8 diesel engine models.

August 14th upgrade is applicable to which model years trucks?

The built after August 14th term applies to 2500 and 3500 HD models of GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado.

The manufacturer introduced third-generation truck models in mid-2014 and sold them as 2015 models.

However, they have almost the same features as the previous generation. Therefore, it introduced several upgrades in the 2015 model and relaunched them after August 14th.

To differentiate between two variants of the same model years, dealers advertised it as built after august 14th.

Therefore, 2015 model year Silverado and Sierra, including 2500/3500 HD built after August 14th, come under this category.

Upgrades in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra models after August 14th

There have been about a dozen changes in Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2015 models built after August 14th.

It includes adding new features, upgrading a few, and deleting some components. Here is a brief description regarding each modification to give the truck a unique look:

Tow mirrors

Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra have upgraded DQS camper trailer tow mirrors built after August 14th. They are power foldable, power-adjustable, and heated.

They have Chrome/black color, auto-dimming, and are manually extendable. Moreover, they have red turn signals in glass and amber park lamps.

It also has additional white cargo lamps to assist drivers in better visibility while backing up with trailers.

It consists of a more oversized 50-52 square-inch flat mirror over a 24-25 square inches convex glass and convex spotter glass on its lower part.


Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra built after August 14th trucks have new wheels available in two sizes. First, they have an 18″ diameter with chrome alloy and a 10-spoke pattern.

They are PVY and have 8-lug nuts. Furthermore, the second option is 20″ X8.5″ chrome aluminum wheels with code PVS. They are available with LT and LTZ models.

Moreover, it has a 5-spoke pattern and is different from PVY wheels. Both wheels have an 8-lug nut design with chrome aluminum nuts.

USB ports with bench seats

2015 Chevy Silverado 2500/3500 HD models have a new USB port in the gloves compartment.

However, this option is available only in models with bench seats.

Other variants with bucket seats do not have this feature. It allows you to charge your mobile phone or any other relevant function during the journey.

Radio antenna upgrades

Built after August 14th, Silverado and Sierra models also have an upgraded radio antenna for better radio communications.

The External antenna has a larger size, and it is an improved or next-generation Onstar version. It has the same color as the truck body on Silverado’s High Country trim level.

While the rest of the models have black-colored antennas, it gives better navigation and AM/FM radio services for users from rural areas.

Multiple Color shades

Chevrolet and GMC have introduced new exterior colors and discontinued a few shades after the August 14th models.

Deleted colors are Blue granite having code G56 and Blue Topaz metallic exterior color having code GTS.

Newly added shades are Deep Ocean Blue having code G1K, and Rain Forest Green G7J. After introducing it as an option, G7J was a promo color in previous model years.

The purpose of the added exterior paint options is to give a new look to the truck from the last generation.

4G Wi-Fi

Mid-year upgrades in 2015 Silverado and Sierra include upgraded OnStar communication modules with next-generation specifications.

Therefore, these trucks have 4G Wi-Fi internet services and better communications. It also gives you the capability to create a hotspot and have better mobile connectivity for internet usage.


Before upgrade 2015 model 2500/3500 HD Silverado had a 150 amperes (amps) dual alternator to fulfill its electric power requirements. They removed that option and introduced an upgraded alternator in 6.6L V8 Duramax diesel engines. 

It is also a dual option with a current rating of 150 amps and 200 amps. It produces more power to fulfill the requirements of added electric and electronics parts.

Brake rotors

Duralife is a particular brand of GM producing brake rotors having enhanced life and efficient operation.

Chevy Silverado, built after August 14th, has these rotors with hardened surfaces. As a result, it has a quieter operation with less vibration.

Moreover, its specially treated surface protects it from corrosion and gives it a longer life. It benefits you from saving a few hundred dollars by less frequency of rotor replacement.

Driver Information Screen

It is a part of 4X4 models of Silverado and Sierra with off-road capabilities. In addition, the driver information screen already available on the instrumentation cluster has some added features.

For example, it gives you an option to view outside the truck for better visibility.

Therefore, drivers can prevent stepping on some rocks or obstacles and holes on the way. However, it is available with trucks having the Z71 package.

Bi-Fuel option

Silverado and Sierra, built after August 14th models, have bi-fuel options in trucks with 6.0L V8 gasoline engines.

It has an up-gradation to run on two fuels stored in separate tanks, using one of them at a time. The second fuel option is using compressed natural gas (CNG).

Radio System

Upgraded Silverado models have the latest radio system with an 8″ touchscreen for infotainment. 

They have IO5 and IO6 radio systems instead of IO3 and IO4. It is available on regular-cab models of LT variants. However, they have removed the HD radio option in these infotainment systems.

Rear Differential

All 2015 Silverado models with Z71 off-road package have a G80 rear locking differential, a standard option.

It provides traction and helps to maintain road grip on sloppy surfaces or slippery terrains like snow.

Pricing for models after August 14th

There are minor differences in pricing in both pre and post-August 14th models of Silverado and Sierra.

It can vary according to the optional features and packages like Z71, paint colors, and bi-fuel configuration. The base price for crew cab 4WD and LT trim is $26,000-$28,000.

Why do dealers advertise models built after August 14th?

Chevrolet and GMC launched the third-generation models of 2500/3500 HD models of Silverado and Sierra in 2015.

However, they introduced upgraded variants of same model year trucks during the mid-year.

To differentiate between the two same year trucks, dealers advertise the later models built after August 14th. In addition, it is a marketing strategy to attract customers by announcing a special edition or upgraded version of the same truck.

Critical system components of both versions, including engine, transmission, ECM, and cab configurations, are the same.

The only difference is in a few auxiliary systems like radio, infotainment, wheels, brakes, and alternators.

Therefore, it is up to customers to select the 2015 model Silverado and Sierra variant according to their preferences.

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