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What Year Did GM Fix the AFM Issues?

What Year Did GM Fix the AFM Issues?

The AFM system is present in many models of Silverado for decreasing fuel consumption and helps regulate the power coming from the cylinders of the engine. 

What Year Did GM Fix the AFM Issues? GM introduced AFM in 2005 to reduce fuel consumption and save half of the fuel by using fuel from half-engine cylinders. The issues with this part came in 2007 and caused more fuel consumption which also damaged the engine. The problem occurs due to poor lubrication, general wear and tears, and less oil level in the system. The GM fixed these AFM issues in 2014 by completely redesigning the engine’s style and giving the option to deactivate or uninstall it whenever you do not need it.

It is necessary to check them when you face any difficulty in driving. Suppose it cannot work correctly, then it will increase the fuel economy and make it costly for people.

You should also service your trucks after every 2 to 3 weeks to if there is an issue, you will recognize them early.

What is AFM and its function in Silverado?

GM stands for General Motors; they are the most significant motor manufacturer in America and have worked since the 20th century.

AFM is present in the engine compartments of the Silverado to decrease fuel efficiency. Many people complain that their engines consume more oil or gas during driving.

GM took notice and introduced a new AFM system in about 2006 known as active fuel management to resolve this fault. It works on the partition principle and converts the V8 engine to V4.

It will work in both the V8 and V6 engine. It shuts off the four cylinders of the V8 engine and three cylinders of the V6 engine to work on half power to provide better mileage.

It will cut down half of the power supply of the engine so it can consume half the power supply, it will reduce the fuel capacity.

Your vehicle will only consume half of the oil, and it also reduces the fuel cost because of running on low fuel.

The biggest issue that GM is facing in AFM is that suddenly it leads to higher oil consumption which is very problematic for people.

Some people say that it was due to a fault in the V8 engine, while others say it was expected after every 10,000 miles.

Silverado users reject all of these statements and find that the AFM system causes this issue by accumulating oil in the piston for their entry into the combustion chamber.

The steady accumulation of the oil burning there and making a hardened mass will also damage the engine or piston.

After this, Silverado recalled their pickup trucks and removed the damaged parts or active fuel management filters causing this issue.

In which year did the AFM issue come, and what are the reasons?

The AFM issues in the Silverado came in 2008-2012. Several reasons cause this problem in vehicles.

One of the primary reasons is a low level of oil which can cause the failure of the lifters. In addition, it also needs proper lubrication on its excellent working.

The low levels of oils cannot provide proper lubrication and increase the friction among its parts, making this system faulty.

Some people also use low-quality oils and fuels to save fuel costs. However, the continuous use of low-quality fuels for a longer time will damage the AFM lifter and suddenly collapse and affect the engine and cylinders.

Sometimes the regular wear and tear will also cause their failure. You should resolve this problem by using high-quality means of high octane oil so it cannot damage them.

You should also check the levels of oils repeatedly and refill them when the levels are low. In addition, if the issue occurs, disable the system to prevent the engine and its parts.

In what year did GM fix this issue?

The complaints from different Silverado and Chevy pickup trucks were coming till 2011 after this GM noticed this issue but could not recall to resolve it.

Moreover, GM did not provide any warranty recall to fix this fault. Instead, after 2011 the company resolved this issue by giving several measures.

It is better that you should not buy the old models of the Chevy Silverado because they have faulty AFM, especially the model of the year 2010-2013.

You should also resolve the fault by regularly maintaining the vehicle and preventing its lifters from damage.

How did GM fix the AFM issues in Silverado?

In 2014 the GM properly fixed this fault by changing the V8 engines in different pickup trucks.

The change in engine capacity will enhance the working they will make the V8 engines of 6.2L oil capacity consume less fuel and produce better torque.

The GM also redesigned the engines in the new modes after 2014, which have fewer AFM-related issues.

Sometimes people who have old models of these pickups also disable or deactivate this system to prevent their engine.

This part is easy to install, deactivate, reinstall and uninstall from the OBD2 port.

The disabling of the AFM system will prevent excessive oil consumption due to their fault. It will also reduce the damage of the lifter, which is primarily important for their efficient working.

You can disable them in V6 and V8 engines by plugging out the module used to turn this system ON.

This process is reversible; you can also plug in the module when you want to activate this system when fuel capacity is low while on long tours.

The repairing of this system takes a lot of time and money; it is a cost-effective and better option to repair them for better exhaust sound and activation of V8 mode all the time.

What happens due to issues in AFM?

When there is some fault, and you are driving them continuously, it will cause serious problems, so it is necessary to recognize the spot early.

Due to their fault, it can cause difficulty in downshifting during driving. Moreover, people face problems starting their vehicles when the oil is low.

If you are still driving with this faulty part, it can damage the clutch and the whole transmission system.

Sometimes, it will also cause engine failure and misfiring, leading to a low power supply. Due to the low power supply, it is difficult to ignite the trucks.

When there is no adequate ignition power, people face jerks while starting the Silverado, which is uncomfortable.

If your vehicle starts jerking while accelerating them, you should disable the AFM as soon as possible because it will cause further issues.

It will also cause stalling, increasing the risk of accidents due to loss of control.

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